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Found 138 results

  1. Ok, so I haven't posted in a while as nothing much has been going on. I have kind of lost track of the days and weeks but I am in month 5 now and would say up until now I had no real noticeable improvement. I woke up the other morning and it seemed overnight things have significantly got better. My forehead is amazing seriously. The red marks I have have faded slightly and my skin seems smoother in general. Still some stubborn bits on my jawline and I had a bigish spot on my cheek that is just h
  2. I have completed my second month of 40mg a day Claravis. I still struggle with dry skin, however there seems to be a balance going on. I can keep it somewhat under control as long as I drink a lot of water each day (100-120 ounces). I keep track either on a note pad at home or using my phone. I try to get 50 ounces in by lunch. It can be hard on busy days, and it makes for frequent trips to the restroom which is also an inconvenience. I truly dislike using public restrooms! My scalp dry
  3. So I feel like things have improved a little in the last week. I have some new pictures. The fresh red marks are where I extracted some spots the other day. I feel the old red marks have improved a bit. The only really active areas now are on my jaw line and just under on my neck, which has always been a problem area and especially when I am due on which is now. I have put the new pictures next to last weeks ones. My skin is a little red at the mo, just a bit sensitive.
  4. I can't believe it has almost been four months! Thank you for the comments and direct messages I have received, by the way!! So I am still on 100mg of Spiro. Now, I am taking it right before bed with my birth control and I am finding that none of the side affects are bothering me anymore. I was taking it right with dinner and sometimes I would get a little light-headed by the time I drove home from work (around 11pm-midnight). My skin has still remained fairly clear. I did get a really random
  5. The Dermatologist I saw today was really nice. He is my named one, but not who I saw last time. He gave me quite a lot of useful information. I mentioned first the red scars. He said it isn't scarring but actually the skin redness described in the information leaflet, a listed side effect. I assumed that would be full face redness but apparently this is what it refers to. He said when I finish the medication it will fully go and fairly quick. I showed him my face and told him that it has just
  6. So, I start week 12 tomorrow and I feel like my skin is staring to get the Accutane dry that everyone talks about. There is certainly an increase in dryness on my face now. I do have loads of red marks that are bad but at least some of the lumpiness has gone down a bit. It is my cheeks that are still the worst area and I am still getting new spots daily. I see the Derm on Tuesday.
  7. I feel like I am constantly moaning so have decided I am not going to post another update until I see an improvement. Things are still the same, bad. I have like this three headed huge cyst thing in between my eyes and still have fresh things appearing every day, some of which are huge painful and under the skin. I still have to pop them due to how nasty they look. My make-up is now going on worse and my hair is dry. I actually think this is the worst I have ever looked and am starting to get p
  8. When I said my skin was the worst it has been in years, it's worse now. The cheek that wasn't as bad has started up. I have a massive thing in between my eyebrows and one on the side of my forehead. There is nothing to do but carry on.
  9. Just when I think things might be looking up, I come out in about five massive, huge, painful, under the skin lumps. Seriously now, I will be amazed if this actually does work for me. I will be honest, the doubt is creeping in.
  10. I have decided to update a little less often due to the fact that it will be really long if I keep doing updates every day. Things are still the same as the other day, no improvements, fresh spots as others are clearing up. That huge lump on my chin seems to want to stay there. Can't believe there has been no improvement at all in that one. Just a waiting game really.
  11. The dryness on my nose has gone, in fact, most of my dryness has gone but I don't feel oily like I used to. The flaky skin has stopped. My eyes feel dry when I wake up but a few drops of eye drops and they are fine for the day. My skin has got progressively worse over the time I have been on Roaccutane so far. The majority of spots/pimples are the huge painful cysts that come from deep down under the skin. There has been a reduction on the closed comedones and clogged pores, I do spent quite a b
  12. I have been on a healthy eating kick since about January and have lost about 30lbs since then. That being said, I was on a mini vacation this last Thurs-Monday and I was NOT good at all lol.. between eating JUNK and drinking a lot of alcohol my body freaked out. Not only did I run into stomach issues but my chin broke out too. It affected me more than I thought it would! I had these five huuuuge cyst/nodules on my face in the MIDDLE of a bachelorette weekend. And of course I was picking at them
  13. Today my skin is much drier. I have a sore eczema type patch all down my right arm which I have read is common. My hands have got better now though. My face is very dry but I am happy it feels like the breakouts are drying out a lot. There are a few new spots but they don't feel as big, painful and angry as they have been. I got some Estee Lauder double wear foundation (shade bone) yesterday as I have heard some fantastic reviews on it, and a lady whose YouTube videos I watched who was als
  14. No changes here, my skin is still disgusting and crap and shameful. Spots seem to be taking ages to heal so that's rubbish too.
  15. If you have chronic acne, you know that walking down the face care aisle can be a nightmare. There are only 12,000 choices when it comes to acne wash and so much conflicting information surrounding acne care and products. It can get really confusing and to be honest, I’m still not sure what’s “right” and “wrong” for my face. In high school, antibiotics did the trick, but I think they destroyed my stomach. In college, apparently lack of routine and living on pasta was working for a wh
  16. My chin under my bottom lip is the favourite place for these little beggars at the moment. They are big. I have noticed all these spots seem to be coming to a head around three times which is strange. My skin is a lot drier now and flaking most places, the creases around my nose are quite dry. My lips have the usual need for lipbalm 24/7. The Bare Minerals foundation came. The colour is a great match, Pure brightening serum foundation in Bare Linen. The coverage is nowhere near as full as I
  17. I've been on 50mg of Spiro for a month. Today, I take my 100mg dose for the first time. I haven't experienced any side effects really. My body is getting used to taking more water in. I take my Spiro at 5:45 pm with dinner or crackers everyday and haven't had any stomach upset. The one time I took it with a smoothie only I was pretty dizzy. I definitely see a HUGE difference. The deep lesions I had on my face are filling in and lightening up. I only got one new pimple this week (I am supposed to
  18. Okay so - I wanted to share some before pictures. This is when I had hit my breaking point... I would have seriously burned off my face if it meant a beautiful new one would magically appear. I had stopped going to the dermatologist because the one I was seeing wouldn't believe me when I said everything I was dealing with on my face was totally hormonal and none of the stuff I had was working. I had been seeing her for about a year and a half. LUCKILY I found someone else but anyway... here's th
  19. I was supposed to start taking spironolactone at the end of January per my dermatologist, but I had a cross-country road trip planned for that week. All I could imagine was having a negative reaction to medication and being trapped in Kansas with nothing in sight to help me except tumbleweeds. Seriously guys, there’s NOT A DAMN THING in Kansas. I had a follow-up visit scheduled with my dermatologist last week, but I pushed it back to May to give my spironolactone treatment more time
  20. I read billions upon billions of review on spiro. Okay, maybe I don’t have that much time in a day. Point is, I read to excess. I wanted to know the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let’s discuss some common side effects and my experience with them: Spiro tends to make you pee nonstop like a drunk college girl. I think this is mainly because spiro makes you thirsty and you need to/should drink more water than normal. My derma was smart and suggested I take it before bed. The
  21. At the age of 32 I have finally had enough and started on Roaccutane. I don't have severe acne at all, but man its tough. It leaves those red marks that mean I am forever in foundation. Nothing works and I have tried everything. This is the last resort. It started at 17 and now at 32, i think 15 years? It's not going anywhere! My derm has started me on 30mg a day and today I started off with 20mg. I have a long history of Anxiety and depression and I also have BPD for anyone who is familiar
  22. I have been dealing with acne since I was about 14, and I am 24 now. I tried every antibiotic, topical, pill, gel, cream, facials and even accutane at age 15. Accutane worked WONDERS. I had beautiful clear baby soft skin in a matter of months. I never wore a drop of makeup. Then somewhere around the age of 20-21 my skin got dramatically worse. I began getting stubborn cyst-like pimples that wouldn't go away no matter what I did. I cut out dairy, became a pescetarian, took tons of vitamins daily,
  23. I have been to countless dermatologists. I've tried the creams and pills (every-noin you can think of, another round of antibiotics, etc) and have tried nearly every natural remedy you’ve heard of: Apple cider vinegar? Yup! Smelled like a foot for months. Banana peels? You bet! I was sticky and craved a sundae. No makeup? Sure did and I wanted to cry every time I left the house. Around Thanksgiving this year, I began to break out in horrible cysts on my cheeks. This was an abnormally infl
  24. Hi guys, Another day, another dollar. I'm currently at work on a Friday afternoon and thought hmmm I haven't updated my "blog" in a while. Obviously when we have a breakout, we jump onto google/acne.org in the hopes of finding an answer. I'm just going to paste my skincare routine from my prev blog entry & then add some notes. This is less boring then reading paragraphs. Just to update you though, my acne has now shifted from my cheeks (relieved not to have to deal with constant cysts) -
  25. Today, my face looks like a pizza. Well, it always looks like a pizza but today there’s extra, extra pepperoni. My struggles with acne began in 2006. As a typical high school teenager, I wasn’t mindful of washing my face every day, eating healthy, or taking care of my skin. I cared about getting my license and who was on my AIM Buddy List. In fact, I only started to take notice of my skin once little red bumps started to appear on my forehead. In retrospect, these breakouts were harmless and