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Found 500 results

  1. Hi everyone! I actually posted here last week about considering a second course of accutane for my acne. I first took it 7 years ago (Age 16) and had clear skin up until 6 months ago (now age 23)! I have been thinking about it more, and thought that perhaps I should try another method before jumping back into it. However, I honestly just don't know what's best considering everything seems to have terrible potential side effects. My dermatologist was super unhelpful when I asked for advice, she
  2. I'm 26 years old and I've been suffering from acne since 14 when I first got my period . I've tryed everything from over the counter washes, proactive , Mary Kay, antibiotics, and nothing has worked. It's gentetic my mother had it like my brothers as well. But there's went away after high school and me nothing . Some days are better then other when it comes to my acne one day I can have a few , and another day full face of acne. So I tried going to a few dermatologist until my last one that put
  3. Hi all, I need some suggestions on hair removal please. Waxing obviously not an option. I've been warned off threading (which I'd normally use) and hair removal cream veet etc. Plucking will take too long & I'm not going to shave. Only thing I can think of is bleaching, but is that even safe? I'm about 6 wks through first (and hopefully last) course of treatment. Main side effects, lips swollen and absorbing all the lanolin I can get. Eyes dry & sensitivity on the face. I really wo
  4. Acne since around 14 years of age. Im now 29. Visited my GP about my acne when 16 and was told it's not bad enough for prescription and to continue working towards finding a OTC routine that works. This is is why I assumed a doctor couldn't help my acne and it wasn't until 29 years old I decided to bring it up again with a Doctor. GP prescribed Doxycycline 50mg once daily. I am documenting progress as by day two I have notable results!!! I'm counting days as 24 hours post Doxy. So this
  5. I always have or wake up to tiny bumps under my skin mostly on my forehead. They aren't often white heads. You can't see it that well but I have a ton of blackheads. So I don't know what to do. I used to use benzoyl peroxide but my skin is too dry now and they're under the skin. I've just been using baby soap now. I am starting to get lines as well so what product should I use? I can't afford to see a dermatologist.
  6. Hi everyone, I really need some advice from people on this board. I am completely lost and do not know what to do, and the acne is affecting my social and work life (as I need to present a lot!). Background: Male, 31 years old. Since my early 20s I have had pretty much clear skin with a pimple occasionally due to a big night out or a messed up diet for that week. But generally I had great skin that got complimented a lot, and I hardly used any products if any at all. I am relative hea
  7. Lamasil works. I'm 29, always had acne prone skin but under control for 6 years. Then suddenly all hell broke loose. Condition: angry red acne along jaw, sides of forehead, nose, checks, upper neck, chest. Every day more even when I used methods that had worked in the past. A number of small pin pick whiteheads and darker spots. History : 4th month on birth control. No new products or foods. Treatment: nothing else was working and it was a bit itchy so I used lamasil. The next m
  8. I got a cortisone shot for a cystic pimple on the side of my nose yesterday. After 24 hours, I noticed a small head on the cyst when I woke up and I tried to pop it but not much happened. It's still there and now I just hope I didn't ruin the effectiveness of the cortisone shot. Has anyone ever popped a pimple after getting an injection and did it still go away fast or did I mess up?
  9. Hi all! New user here I recently turned 26 and started to break out along my jaw line and my upper neck. I never have broken out like this before and I am looking for any advice to treat it. Also, does this warrant a trip to a dermatologist? Or should I be able to control it over the counter? Thanks!
  10. I haven't written in a chat forum since middle school, so bear with me... In July of 2016, I switched from my birth control patch to Mirena, the IUD. I had ZERO problems with the patch, it was just kind of unsightly and annoying. Almost immediately after insertion of the IUD I started noticing my forehead breaking out. I was also in the middle of moving to a new state and starting a graduate program, so I attributed it to that stress. It's now been 4 months and I'm all settled in, but the bre
  11. I'm a 32 year old Asian male who had severe cystic acne in the late teens and early 20's. I developed some large keloid scars (abnormal scars that keep on growing beyond the original wounds) on the chest and shoulders. I took accutane, which worsened my acne initially but cleared me up for a few years and I remained mostly clear until my late 20s and my acne started worsening again. In december 2015, I noticed some of my "jawline cysts" seemed very persistent and have been their for mo
  12. Hi guys, This past year I started breaking out only on my chin. They are usually cysts and I may have 1 or two. They usually leave a scar, which really bums me at the moment. Any treatment ideas? I'm 34 and never broke out in this area before. Any ideas why? Not sure if it's an age thing. I'm female. Thanks!
  13. I guess I'll start with a little background about my skin. I started breaking out in the 11th grade, and I would consider it moderate. By the time I started college, my skin was clear again and stayed that way until with the exception of occasional minor breakouts. Once I reached 24, however, my skin just started breaking out more and more. I sought the help of a dermatologist who prescribed Retin-A Micro .04%. I had a terrible initial breakout, but I was perfectly clear by the third month. It s
  14. Looking for some advice on accutane. I am a 27 year old male. Have mild acne 1-2 pimples a week at most, nothing cystic at all. However, it comes and it goes and all the other treatments do treat it and it gets better. However, it comes back. BP seems to work the best. I have tried everything though, you name it. I have had it for 10 years. But again it's mild. Sometimes I don't get a zit for a few weeks, I know it could be worse believe me, but it does really bother me like everyone else. I wen
  15. Attached are pictures of my skin from different angles, the first handful are without makeup, right after a shower and the last few are with makeup in bright lighting... these were super upsetting for me to see and realize even my makeup can't cover up this issue. Ive been struggling, and I mean STRUGGLING with acne since I've been 16 years old. I'm now 26, and it's STILL. HERE. In my teenage years, I tried every prescription medication/cream/gel you can imagine, except accutane (I was alw
  16. This is my first time posting on this site even though I have been reading user posts for years and it has always helped me. I'm 30 and still break out. I've had periods of being relatively clear here and there, but pretty much ever since I was 18 I've had really sensitive, acne-prone skin. It was doing pretty well until the fall, when my stress levels were through the roof for personal and professional reasons and I wasn't sleeping. It began getting so bad that I finally saw a dermatologist for
  17. I have been hovering in these boards but decided to take the plunge and join. Brief acne history- had acne since 15, now 31. Went on Dianette at 18 which worked for a few years then in mid 20s got really bad acne all over my chin and jawline. Went on Oxytetracycyline with Dianette which worked wonders very quickly. Took this for 4/5 years. Everytime I tried to stop, jaw would break out in cysts. Then when I hit 30 in 2013 I started to suddenly get cysts all over and around my nose. Never had thi
  18. This will be my first time posting here. I'm 37 years old, living in Arizona. Let's start at the beginning. I have had ongoing acne since I was 12 or 13, I was an early bloomer, so I got it pretty young. I have always had very oily skin. My acne got worse through Jr. High and High School and calmed a bit as I grew older, but it has still always been there, some days worse than others. When it was pretty bad in Jr. High, I remember trying a topical, that just burned my face, it was awful
  19. Hey guys! I'm new to this forum but before signing up I've been religiously going through a ton of these threads trying to find solutions for my cystic acne. Like many of you, I feel completely hopeless and I'm afraid that if I don't find a cure soon, my mouth is going to be an entirely darker color than the rest of my face due to the constant pimples and scarring. Yes, it's that severe. I used to have moderate acne. Now it's classified as severe. For the past 2 months I've been getting 2-3
  20. I am considering buying the Lightstim for acne. My skin texture is ruined from over-applying a product a few years ago. I am prematurely aging. It seems the Lightstim for acne helps with skin texture as well as acne. Has anyone found that the Lightstim for acne is drying at all? I read once that blue LED lights can dry skin, but I can't seem to find that information anymore.
  21. My questions is:how often should I use my clairisonic? Once a day (morning or night) or twice a day? Also how many time a week? Thanks for your help.
  22. The area looks inflamed, and kind of like a flat volcano with the red underneath and a semi think white cover. Please let me know, I did stop by the dermatologist for a facial extraction of whiteheads and blackheads and the dermatologist assistance said to make a appointment if I really wanted to ask the derm (very dumb and annoying since the derm was in the other room and would of taken 2 seconds of her day). Please help if you can....
  23. I am 42..... Never had acne until I had testosterone pellets inserted 3 1/2 months ago. I am currently taking: bactrim 400mg per day ( 1/2 a pill) Spirolatone 50 mg. saw palmetto, spearmint tea Topicals. Clindamycin/benzoyle peroxide Has any one ever experienced this??? If so does it, the acne, go away when pellets wear off????
  24. I'm about to start Roaccutane after having persistent moderate acne for 23 years. But what if I've just being doing everything wrong until now? I just had a look at The Regimen - I have been much rougher with my skin, even when I thought I was being gentle, and I also didn't allow time before or after putting on BP whenever I have used it. I have also realised that my daily face sunscreen has alcohol in it (Phenethyl Alcohol). Though I still get body acne, so this couldn't be the main ca
  25. Sorry back all after my long hiatus, been busy. I've tried it all in terms of the major things for acne. I don't want Accutane...have had too many health issues and fish oil has just proved to make me sick. It works...sorta. It makes my acne worse and I've been on it this summer for a while. But it makes me insanely tired/headaches/eye pain and I stay nonfunctional for university etc. so my assumption is that Accutane would do the same unless it's easier on the liver ( ha apparently not likely f