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Found 605 results

  1. maplesyrupmama

    Week 7 (Day 42)

    From here on in, I am hoping to have very little to report as it's been 2 weeks since I've had a new spot and my skin appears to be getting clearer by the day. I have to admit that I am still living in a little bit of fear that that could change any day now.... but for the moment, all is good.
  2. maplesyrupmama

    Week 8

    Just a quick update but there really is nothing to tell. Still no new spots in 3 weeks... carrying on with using UltraClear (have not been using BP), plus vitamin D3 supplement and (what I think is the main reason I am staying clear)...very little dairy. Also, I am loving the AHA lotion, it makes my skin feel so smooth! Despite no new spots, I am still working on clearing the left side of my chin of hyperpigmentation and the last two spots I had are still a tiny bit inflamed, but thankfully
  3. maplesyrupmama

    Week 8 update

    Quick update here....On week 6 I began to get yet another spot in the same damn area so I started using BP again. I started using it very lightly to begin with because I wanted to avoid my skin getting red and flaky. It seemed to work and my skin has now adjusted to the daily use and not becoming overly dry and I haven't had another spot since. It's only been two weeks, but my skin doesn't really feel like it's "on the verge" of a breakout, like it has since I started the antibiotics. I've just
  4. maplesyrupmama

    Week 15 update

    No news is good news....2 weeks post antibiotic treatment and continued use of benzoyl peroxide and no new spots.
  5. Simo1

    How I Cured My Adult Acne

    I have had mild to moderate acne all my life. Im now 36 and thanks to my oliy skin still dont have any wrinkles yet. In january I had another bout of acne. I tried tretinoin for three months, but it made matters much worse due to the irritation. And my skin got superdry. I read about the Regimen, but I must say I feel worried about uslng BP in the long run. Esp. If you are over 30. So i worked my own anti ageing Regimen. I wash my face morning and night with cetaphil. In the evening I foliow wit
  6. I'm a 32 year old Asian male who had severe cystic acne in the late teens and early 20's. I developed some large keloid scars (abnormal scars that keep on growing beyond the original wounds) on the chest and shoulders. I took accutane, which worsened my acne initially but cleared me up for a few years and I remained mostly clear until my late 20s and my acne started worsening again. In december 2015, I noticed some of my "jawline cysts" seemed very persistent and have been their for mo
  7. SkittlesMM

    Week 13

    Week 13 - Just this week I started doing 20mg at night and 10 in the morning every other day and 10mg at night and 10mg in the morning the rest of the days. I hope to be at 30mg everyday within the next 2weeks. So this was the first month that I was cyst free! It felt amazing to go through Christmas and New Years holidays with a cyst free face! I am not sure if my antibiotics from my kidney infection and then for after my surgery helped bring cyst free cause after being off of them for a wee
  8. Here are current pictures of my bare skin. I’m trying to keep positive because I can see improvement but it’s definitely not flawless like so many other reviews I’ve read. Maybe my expectations are crazy but I seriously want my skin to not have any blemishes. I am still getting under the skin zits on my forehead that do not go away unless I pop them. Then I’m left with terrible scabs, as you can see in the pic. And I still have these deep blackheads or something down on my chin that will not pur
  9. SkittlesMM

    Week 10

    Week 10- 20mg split dose, dianne 35 birth control, and antibiotics. I've had to add some antibiotics this week as I have another kidney infection. I go for surgery next week on my kidney but they say there should be no interaction with Accutane and I can continue on it as is. Despite skin being dry and fragile, it is doing really good; no cysts, but the next 2 weeks will be the true test. Only other symptoms this week are lips and eyes continue to be very dry.
  10. Acne since around 14 years of age. Im now 29. Visited my GP about my acne when 16 and was told it's not bad enough for prescription and to continue working towards finding a OTC routine that works. This is is why I assumed a doctor couldn't help my acne and it wasn't until 29 years old I decided to bring it up again with a Doctor. GP prescribed Doxycycline 50mg once daily. I am documenting progress as by day two I have notable results!!! I'm counting days as 24 hours post Doxy. So this
  11. I FINALLY had clear skin last year for the first time in 5 years. However, due to amenorrhea I quit taking Yaz in December 2012. My face was amazing for about two months, then I started getting very tiny white bumps all over the jawline on my chin. In April I developed cysts on my chin and cheeks. Derm said it was probably hormone related and put me on doxycycline. After about a month, the cysts were much better but I had the little white bumps all along my jaw and each one was turning into
  12. Sorry back all after my long hiatus, been busy. I've tried it all in terms of the major things for acne. I don't want Accutane...have had too many health issues and fish oil has just proved to make me sick. It works...sorta. It makes my acne worse and I've been on it this summer for a while. But it makes me insanely tired/headaches/eye pain and I stay nonfunctional for university etc. so my assumption is that Accutane would do the same unless it's easier on the liver ( ha apparently not likely f
  13. Hi I am a 37 year old female suffering from adult acne! !!!! I never had a spot on my face till I was 35. I did have some on my back but it never really bothered me. Anyway I am taking tetralysal 300 once a day and dianette once a day for 9months. No break and my skin is perfect. Not one spot. I am coming off it in a month to give my body a break and I am just wondering if there is any success storys? I've had no side affects and would happily stay on them. Just worried about the internal aff
  14. I have decided to update a little less often due to the fact that it will be really long if I keep doing updates every day. Things are still the same as the other day, no improvements, fresh spots as others are clearing up. That huge lump on my chin seems to want to stay there. Can't believe there has been no improvement at all in that one. Just a waiting game really.
  15. Hi everyone, This is my first post on the message boards, although I've been reading for the past couple of months. Alot of your stories are inspriational, and I enjoy the posts alot. I just turned 25 and have been dealing with persistent breakouts the past 7 months, ever since my dad passed away. He was sick with cancer for a year and we saw him through right to the end. I am just starting to pick up the pieces and feel better, but my skin is a mess. I am attributing it to stress? Not sure.
  16. Day 1: So to give you all an overview of my situation, I just turned 25 and have been dealing with persistent breakouts on my face (mostly around my chin, lip/mouth and nose area), which are large and hurt and take forever to go away, for the past 8 months. Previously, my skin was perfect...literally I could go months without wearing foundation or concealer and barely used any acne meds at all. In fact, I hadn't been to a dermatologist in almost 6 years. I started breaking out on my chest as
  17. This is my very first time posting here. A little background on me is that I have always had pretty good, clear skin. It's very oily & I do have those tiny blackheads on my nose. But, other than that I have never had any problems with my skin other than a hormonal break out a few years ago as a result from switching birth control. I just turned 30 in March & I noticed that my skin has just stopped behaving. Lately I have been experiencing small breakouts of tiny acne bumps on the left si
  18. Hello!! I did a 6 month course of Roaccutane in 2015 and all my acne and scars cleared up beautifully and I had never been so happy and confident as I have been back then. Roll on 18 months and my acne is returning and I am sad, unconfident and starting to realise at 28 years old is this what I'm just going to have to deal with?? Has anyone had to have a second treatment of Roaccutane and has it worked permanently or did the acne return again?? Need some answers and help! Thanks.
  19. Hello fellow accutaners! So after my last visit to a very good derm, who I waited for a month to get into, I am throwing up after taking the antibiotic he prescribed me. So i have decided that its time to take the plunge to accutane. Im 26 y/o female. I have done some research on the derms in my area that prescribe accutane and i am going to be making an appt asap. My question is for those females that are on accutane - i want to try to avoid the 3 month wait period that I have h
  20. This may be a stupid question, but before I got on the regimen I did a lot of research on BP. And I stumbled upon a page that suggested BP for teens and younger adults, and that older adults especially with dry skin should stay away. I hit my 1 month mark on the regimen and I am so far happy with the results. My mom, age 41 dry to normal skin, also still dealing with acne... I want to recommend the regimen to her, but I wanted to know if anyone in her age range and skin type use the regimen w
  21. Hello, I'm almost 40 and STILL have acne. I think I've tried every cream, prescription, makeup, etc. available. I've been to three dermatologists and no one has been able to help me. I've also cut our sugar, carbs, dairy, processed/fast foods. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  22. Has anyone tried this US import of bp 10% gel....the make is rugby...it comes in a purple box..anyone tried it...ive orders some as I cant get hold of panoxyl gel anywhere...since its the Same strength I'm hoping it works the same....any reviews would be helpful..thanks xxx
  23. Hi all! This is my first time posting any of my acne concerns to the wide world of the internet, but after losing hope in dermatologists and estheticians, I'm hoping to garner some practical advice from people that actually are going through what I'm going through. I'm 26 years old, and my first bout with acne was a mild case when I was 14 years old. After about a year of using a retinol creme, it disappeared and I had pretty flawless skin for the next 7-8 years or so. Occasionally, I wou
  24. xXMarkesiaXx


    Hello everyone... Like many of you here, I have been lurking in these boards for quite a long time but just today I decided to create an account and hop into the ''fun''. The reason is probably that it seems to be one of the low days... I recently stopped antibiotics (after my derm's advice in order to put me in a course of ro-accutane) and even though it's been only a week, my skin has gone crazy. Especially during the weekend. So, I guess, unable to control all of this ''happiness'' alone,
  25. So I've lurked the site for some time now, however I this is my first time posting. Bear with me, this might be long. I'm 26 and am losing my mind due to my skin. I had perfect skin all throughout my teen years. Once I hit 21-22, it was like all hell broke loose on my face. Granted, it is not as bad as some, but I have made it worse. Compulsive picking and trying to "fix" my face have left my face scarred and red-marked all over. I have anxiety and I know that it doesn't help my picking proble