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Found 14 results

  1. Skin Condition The acne marks on my cheeks still improving, but today they seem to have taken a slight step back The discoloration on my lip is looking better than ever though My chin looking the most inflammed this morning with some new pimples popping up around my mouth. this is where i focused most of yesterdays exfoliation. So i think it was to blame. No dry skin this morning but my skin feels a little irritated. my forehead has lots of little red bu
  2. Skin Condition Per usual, my skin looks the least red in the morning Lots of acne marks still on my cheeks, no surprise The pimples on my lip continue to shrink and dry out The three tiny whiteheads on my chin have reappeared despite popping them so I guess thats a sign not to do that again I actually woke up with what i would describe as slightly OILY skin. Wow. Thats the first time that has happened since I started this treatment. It wasnt gross oily, but like, he
  3. Skin Condition Skin redness seems to be minimal like it usually is Lots of acne marks still on my cheeks, no more whiteheads two small red pimples emereged on my upper lip. Nooo. No whiteheads on my chin Just like yesterday my skin was quite dry and flakey. Dryness around my pimples Not as dry around my eyes as yesterday (improvement!) Not as dry around my mouth, But this is still the dryest area of my face my forehead look
  4. After 4 months of trying to battle my persistent mild acne with no success, I went to the dermatologist. My prescription is BenzePro emollient foam (5.3%) and 0.1% Adapelene gel. I was advised to use BenzePro in the morning and Adapelene at night. I currently do not have much of a skincare routine. I wash my face at night with CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser and moisturize with Clinique Dramatically Different lotion (which I haven't been to impressed by lately). I am wondering what products, su
  5. Please answer the week 1 poll! WEEK 1 RECAP My skin got super dry around day 3 and is still dry on day 7. Im using lots and lots of moisturizer to try and combat it. Over the past week the overall redness of my face has become signifigantly better Im still getting pimples at a regular rate, but they go away faster and dont get as inflamed I got a cystic pimple (something ive only had one of before) but i believe its coincidence and not because of the treatment, and its s
  6. Skin Condition Really minimal redness. less than ever. Also my skin texture is looking better. The acne marks on my cheeks (Especially my right) seem to have drastically reduced overnight?? The pimples on my lip are completely gone and have only left small marks of discoloration (not too noticable) My chin had 2 whiteheads on it when i woke up, but they drained after washing my face by the end of the day one of the whiteheads had "refilled"? and becom
  7. Skin Condition today I woke up with skin that wasnt all that red at all. Even my acne seemed to be less red. My cheeks dont seem to have much acne on them anymore, just lots and lots of old acne marks my chin has a few dry scablike spots from where some whiteheads popped the night before last. my forehead is looking pretty good. Its really smooth aside from a few pink bumps and 1 whitehead. otherwise my skin texture looks good. The deep "underground" painful pimple ju
  8. I am in need of some help. Last week I was prescribed by my dermatologist Adapelene 0.3% gel. I used it as she suggested, every other night, and put moisturizer on and even bought a gentle cleanser. It was fine the first four days, but three days ago the skin under my eyes started to burn. Even when I put on sunscreen, used makeup remover, it stung. The next day the stinging had moved to my cheeks, and my skin around my eyes and cheeks stung. Yesterday I woke up with the same stinging and my und
  9. Skin Condition Unlike yesterday, my skin was much less red when I woke up this morning Lots of acne marks still on my cheeks The pimples on my lip are all no longer active,but still have a mark I plan to pop the 3 tiny whiteheads on my chin (Bad, I know, more on that later) Skin feels tight but not as flakey The one pimple on my forehead is also no longer active The deep "underground" pimple is smaller, dryer and less painful than yesterday Applic
  10. In an effort to go gentle on my skin, for the last 10 days I have used the sulfacleanse every other night and I have taken the doxycycline once a day. This was to allow my skin to adjust to these products before introducing the adapelene gel, the strongest of the medications. Today will be day 1 of my FULL regemen inculding the adapelene. So far, over the past 10 days I havent really noticed my acne reducing in amount, but mostly a reduction in the overall redness of my skin. So thats what
  11. Skin Condition The acne marks on my cheeks look a little better these days but are still very much there The discoloration from the pimples on my lip remain The whitehead on my chin seems to be healing up now, but of course seems to be leaving a mark No dy skin this morning for all practical purposes! Maybe a little flake here or there but that was easily handled witha washcloth. Unlike the last few days, my forehead seems to be having
  12. Skin Condition As per usual redness was to a minimum when I woke up All the acne on my cheeks are gone, im left with many prominent marks though My chin is still a whitehead factory, but the whiteheads sorta just.....fell off? flaked off?.... this morning The area around my mouth looked a little flakey when i first woke up.....and once I washed my face and let it dry I saw my entire face was a flake fest. There was dryness surrounding each of the little marks/pimples
  13. Skin Condition I woke up with skin that looked just as red as yesterday if not more red My cheeks are still covered with deep red acne and acne marks, theres an additional whitehead or two the whiteheads on my chin seemed to have popped while i was sleeping (ew) and are kinda scabbed over now last night my forehead had lots of little bumps and that seems to have condensed down into 4 or 5 whiteheads.....i think thats a good thing?? my forehead looks smoother overall T
  14. Hi My name is Nina and I am 16 years old and a junior in high school. I used to be the girl with the clear skin until the end of my freshman year, and even then it wasn't that serious. Of course because I had clear skin before then I thought it was the end of the world . I started to use a lot of different products like tea tree oil and zap it! but none of it really worked. At the beginning of my sophomore year, I begged my mom to take me to the dermatologist so she finally made the app