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Found 34 results

  1. I’m in acutane and in my 6 month and breaking out I been having severe acne since I was 13 I’m now 18 and it has held me back in life and I was my face with 10% benzyol peroxide morning and night with warm water and I dap my face dry and I splash my face in the middle of the day my acutane been working on my cheeks etc but my forehead I get new pimples and some of them don’t have a a head there under the skin my blood work is perfect I exercise I drink tons of water I eat healthy and I talked
  2. I said that I would post my current skin after showing you how bad my acne was in my last blog post. Anyways here’s my skin on month two! It’s a huge improvement from the pictures I posted the other day❤️ Does anyone know how I can get rid of my acne scars or help them fade while on acutane????
  3. I've been having much trouble for my skin for the past 15 months. It has been a nightmare, I stopped going out with my friends and completely have stopped my social life. In the past 15 months I have been seeing a dermatologist who has prescribed topicals such as acne zone for night and clindamycin phosphate gel for the morning. He also prescribed me an oral pill that I took everyday. After 6 months of no improvement he upped the size of the pill. After 35 more months he then got rid of the acne
  4. Hi guys I'm new to this forum, and hopefully you guys have a lot of experience and can enlighten me with the proper way to apply my acne regimen. Background In highschool I had very bad acne I went from medicine to medicine, but nothing would work. The dermatologist finally took me off and made me get on acutane. I was on actuane for 6 months and I was acne free. It left a lot of scars unfortunately, but that didn't bother me that much. Skip forward 2 years later Present Acne wasn't a pr
  5. I am on about near the end of my fourth month of Accutane. For the first Two months it was 30mg twice a day now its 40mg twice a day. Essentially i have noticed zero difference in my acne. Sure it has fluctuated like it normally does but has I have never really noticed much of a difference. The only difference I have noticed is that the left side of my face is pretty clear but the right is a night mare and i'm not sure why. Although the drug has essentially been melting off my face. I am peeling
  6. I took every antibiotic for acne that I could, even attempted birth control, Some antibiotics gave me lasting side effects like heartburn, some creams caused me to get chemical burns. But I kept trying, Unfortunatley last summer my body created a mutated strain of acne that was immune to all antibiotics, including Retin-a and Benzil peroxide. And this strain of acne went haywire and covered my face, chest and back. So the only choice we had was to put me on acutane. I have been on it for three m
  7. Hey I'm on day 4 of Clarvis 60mg per day. I have this annoying throbbing feeling on my face. It feels like a sunburn. It like pulsates and throbbs but doesnt hurt. When I look in the mirror my face is all red and theres a bunch of dead skin all over it. What should I do? Thanks
  8. So I've been taking acutane for 2 months and the dryness is so annoying, as I'm sure everyone has noticed. Especially the chapped lips. I am chugging water to the point where I constantly have to pee, and I think I apply chapstick every 10 minutes - but my lips are still chapped and dry. I'm starting to think I might have a vitamin B deficiency as well, so I'm going to get the multivitamins. But this is becoming a problem because I enjoy kissing my boyfriend, but now I don't think it's as muc
  9. I take 80mg a day, I have been having a extreme Migraine that has lasted 5 days now. I went to the ER today because I heard it could be a serious side effect from acutane. But they didn't do anything. So what do I do. Does anyone have any tips for migraines. I can not concentrate, and I have 3 AP classes for school that I need to do home work for I also cannot sleep because of it.
  10. Hi everyone! I am 22 years old and have a had cystic acne from age 12. It's really been hard for me and i've been through so many different types of medications and ointments from retin-a, epiduo, differen, benzyol, acutane, minocyclin, solodyn, essential oils, BB creams, derma rollers, ect… and have very little to no relief. The only thing that has helped my acne has been growing older and thankfully I don't have cystic beard as I did in high school. Now I tend to have about 2-4 consiste
  11. Hi, I was wondering wheter anyone has been prescribed Acutane for oily skin? Mine is really oily all over the body... Doctors told me that I have enlarged pores and acne usually develops there.. Lately I have been reading thru the Internet and I might have those bloody sebaceous filaments all over my body - its mostly on my chest which drives me nuts cos its in every hair on my chest... So I'd like to ask whether anyone used Acutane for that purpose. My doctor told me that Acutane is only for re
  12. I have done some research and everyone is saying all these terrible things will happen if you OD acutane. I have about 80 pills of 30mg and I took 15 at once (450mg) and nothing has happened. No stomach pain no headaches or anything. Tomorrow im going to take the 60ish that are left and hope for better results. My question is do you think 1800mg of acutane is enough to kill me if 450mg had no effect? P.S. im not looking for the suicide hotline or anything I have legitimate reasons for suicide.
  13. So it's been more or less 3 years since my last entry. Nothing new to report about my skin really. Never had any real bad breakouts (pimple here and there). Getting on Accutane was really the best thing I have ever done regarding my skin and I just wish I would have done it much earlier. I still have scars on my face from previous major acne and it blows a big one. Anyways, Life kinda sucks right now but no acne so atleast that's good. Have a good one for anyoine reading this....... Peace.
  14. Hi, this is a really bizarre question and I would appreciate if instead of patronising me, telling me off, telling me what's "best for me" etc people would either answer my question or just not say anything. Thank you. so basically I want to do mdma and/or ketamine but I don't know if the acutane/roacutane/isotretinoin im taking means that it will be dangerous. I know that ket and Mandy aren't exactly "risk free" anyway but you get the gist; more dangerous than normal. I can't really find any g
  15. I've been struggling with acne for about 15 years now. I' ve gone through just about every antibiotic; minocycline, doxycycline, tetracycline, and Septra DS sulfur pills. I stopped using those and my Dr. switched me to a topical Tazorac cream and a topical sodium sulfacetamide foam. That seemed to work quite well. Then they switched me to a sodium sulfacetamide face wash, Epiduo forte topical gel, and 90mg minocycline. My skin has not been this bad in a long time. I always had little Whit
  16. I want to get everyones thoughts on Accutane? My dermatologist says its the best solution for me to get rid of acne once and for all. I'm 21 and get mild acne, however in the last few months my acne is sadly leaving scars. I've never had to deal with scars and it really sucks. Anyways my Dermatologist thinks after 6 months on accutane I should be acne free for the rest of my life, I've been fighting acne since I was 12, almost 10 years.... Side notes I'm about 10 pounds over weight and thats
  17. My name is Allie and I've struggled with acne since I was about 8 years old. That sounds crazy, but it's true. I would get white heads and black heads, nothing too severe. When I was about 13 or 14 my acne started to become very severe. Since then I've been in and out of dermatologists and I haven't really gotten anything out of it. My new derm suggested acutane. I'm a little shakey on trying it. Has anyone used it and gotten success? My acne is so painful I cannot lay down on my cheeks. I'm des
  18. So I went to the dermatologist today for an emergency appointment due to my 6 day migraine and blurred vision. He told me to stop taking acutane and to get an appoint meant with the neurologist and make sure acutane isn't the cause, only problem is I cant get an appointment till may.. if i stop acutane now i will just go back to how I was... I dunno what to do, today's just a really crappy day..
  19. I'm new to this site so here is a quick breakdown of my battle with acne over the past 6 years: I'm 23, had severe acne in high school and did 7 months on Accutane my senior year, had 6 Fraxel treatments soon after )which i learned to have been a big mistake right after Accutane), I started breaking out again around college graduation so I did another 6 months of Accutane. This time I waited 6 months before having a very pricey CO2 Laser Resurfacing performed. It has now been about 2 months
  20. Hi everyone! I am 22 years old and have a had cystic acne from age 12. It's really been hard for me and i've been through so many different types of medications and ointments from retin-a, epiduo, differen, benzyol, acutane, minocyclin, solodyn, essential oils, BB creams, derma rollers, ect… and have very little to no relief. The only thing that has helped my acne has been growing older and thankfully I don't have cystic beard as I did in high school. Now I tend to have about 2-4 consiste
  21. rosybear

    Day Four

    Day 4, Let me just start out by saying EWWWWWW my face was hella F**king gross today...seriously just beyond. Maybe I put on too much moisturizer or something because my face was the kind of pizza oily that would look gross even on a pizza; I literally felt like the oil on my skin added legit weight to my face. The make up Ive been using usually sucks up any and all oil I would naturally accumulate on my skin during the day...but NOT TODAYYYYYY. I was sitting at my desk (at work=nasty flor
  22. Hi there, First off I just want to say this last year has been the worst 365 days of my life. I developed really bad back acne and let it be. One day it became really painful so i visited a family physician and got myself checked out. He told me I had pretty bad nodular acne. He then gave me some general antibiotic to try and combat my acne. He also recommended me to try different acne creams and to visit a dermatologist. The pills didn't do anything and the creams didn't help either. Up
  23. Hello, I'm a 26 yr old female with mostly closed comodone acne and large red angry white heads. In march of 2017 my acne came back so I decided to do professional facials with extractions which caused a huge purge. It's been since the beginning of may since I got a facial (so around 2.5 months). For about 3.5 weeks I've been taking 50 mg of doxycycline and 50 mg of spironolactone. My acne has gotten increasingly worse so my dermatologist wants me to be on 50mg of spironactone, 200 mg of mino
  24. About 3 years ago I took accutane and my acne cleaned up nicely. I decided to live a healthier lifestyle, eat fruits and veggies, and I now drink 6 cups of water per day. I change my pillow covers daily. I'm also working out daily. My acne keeps getting worse and worse. I'm not sure why. I bought the regimen and I'm waiting for it to arrive