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Found 8,231 results

  1. Hi everyone I live in California, where the weather is mild and generally dry. A couple years ago, I had intensely bad acne but it has since subsided but is still there. On the average day, I have a couple small cysts and little to no whiteheads on my back chest and face. When I eat junk food, I suddenly get 4-5 cysts and dozens of whiteheads, but still not too severe. I will be travelling to South India in two days, and the weather there has been hotter and more humid than anything in California (midday temperatures above 105 F for 10 days in a row sort of thing). Will my acne get a lot worse, or does weather not play as big of a role in causing acne as other things? What have you guys experienced?
  2. First off..I didn't put this in the " hormonal acne" section because I truly do not believe I even HAVE hormonal acne. My acne isn't really on my jawline or lower cheeks at all. Right now its awful on my forehead and some every where else too... and their mostly cysts or " mini cysts" which hurt A LOT, are very red and never come to a head. What I can't seem to figure out is why all of a sudden this is happening to me... I was on Alesse for most of my teenage years- while I did have very oily skin, I didn't have too many breakouts. I then changed to Seasonale in January 2013...and my oily skin got worse, and so did some back acne and chest acne. After thinking it was because Alesse/Seasonale both have awful androgenic effects, I switched to Ortho Cylcen. It's been almost 2 months and my face is just awful ... My question is, it seems the estrogen level has increased in each new BC I started...and maybe thats the issues. Too much bad estrogen causes acne as well. Alesse- ethinyl estradiol- 0.02 Seasonale - 0.03 Ortho Cyclen- 0.035 HELP?! Has anyone had just plain bad experiences on birth control in general..and just can't take them because they mess with hormones too much?
  3. So I started on accutane just over 3 months ago and the effects were amazing. I had no new cysts by 2 weeks and only mild - moderate acne up until about month 2. For a couple weeks after month 2 everything was clear, but about 3 weeks ago I started breaking out in mild acne on several different areas of my face, which has still continued until now. And this morning I wake up to find a big cyst forming on my nose (which is where I used to get the worst of my acne). So if anyone has an answer to why this may be happening I would like to hear it. I've been on 40mg a day from the start and that's what my doctor plans to keep me on for the entire 6 month course. The side effects have taken a pretty bad toll on my skin but should I ask to up the dose? I have been on a perfect schedule, missing no doses. There haven't been any drastic changes to my diet, and I haven't been stressed out. It's really frustrating because now the past 3 months almost seem like a waste. Every new cyst that I get seems to last for a month or longer and leaves a nasty mark for ages. Any knowledge you have on the subject would be great. Is this normal? Will it continue to get better? Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  4. I've had bad acne down the sides of my face which started about 5 months ago and has been getting worse since then. My dermatologist recently prescibed me isotrex to use in the morning and epiduo to use in the evening, along with tetralycil antibiotics. I've been using these for 4 days and my skin has gotten really red and irritated. Is it too much to use isotrex and epiduo every day?
  5. Hi iam 14 years old and i have been facing acne since i was 12 . at first it was just a little but now its just too much , i have lots of red acne on my cheeks and necks , i also got a few on my back . I started using bioderma global intensive purifying skin and the cleanser,iam using it now for about 3 months and i have less breakouts than usual and the acne redness is decreasing , but i sometimes get those yellow headed pimples on my cheeks . Any thoughts of what shall i do to stop this . no one in my class or someone i know who is my age has that much acne . and if it is possible can you suggest any other acne caring products . any specific diet to get less acne would be appreciated also . Thank you . (btw i used to masturbate and had a kind of sex addiction but i stopped that cuz i thought my acne might be related to that , i stopped since about 3 weeks ) .
  6. I just wanna start this off by saying: UGHHHHHHASFGAYUGFYUAGFYFYUAGFEYTY FG ABFAFB GUAYG UAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am literally at my wits end with acne. It has never been this bad before and in the past I have always been fairly calm about the whole acne situation and when something didn't work I would suck it up and keep positive thoughts about how the next thing would work however, every "next thing" I tried never worked. (Yes, even the regimen!) (And yes, I gave it time (a year) and followed all the directions extremely carefully!) The weirdest part about all of this is that my acne is not cystic which I think would be the hardest to get rid of. In fact, I don't even get whiteheads that often. Maybe 2 a month? Sometimes not even that! I am 17 and I've had the same acne since I was 11. I actually don't even know what to call it. Along with blackheads along my lipline and forehead, I have red bumps that always leave a bright red mark, no head to them, last about a week sometimes more, and are never in one place, pretty much I never know where one will pop up. But in the last 8 months or so I saw a lot more on the side of my face and cheeks and around my mouth than on my temples or forehead where I used to get the most! I still will get one or so on my forehead a week sometimes none which is strange. I have bacne as well and I know it seems like nothing to people who have had to deal with actually cysts that leave actual scars not just red marks that do eventually fade. But to me, this is huge. I have a ton of marks and makeup doesn't really do that much but I still wear makeup (I've tried 4 months wearing no makeup and no change in acne.) The worst part of acne, no matter what kind you have, and something I think everyone with acne can relate to is, the emotional affect of it. I am a junior in high school and I feel like I've missed out on so much. I can't even begin to tell you all the opportunities I've missed out on because of it. I will be getting ready for college and my move to NYC next year and I honestly cannot bear the thought of still having acne in a year when I will be going through such an exciting time but not being able to enjoy it because of acne. I guess I'm just asking for help one last time before I just give up and be depressed and live with my acne. Finally, I just want to say that obviously I haven't tried everything, that's why I'm posting this to see if I've missed anything and yes, somethings have worked but never to a 100% clear point, or really even 90%. And I've found that while a lot of these things I've tried have helped and treated the acne on my face none of them have prevented new acne from forming which kinda defeats the purpose.I will list everything I've ever done and my current routine with products. Thanks for reading this, Valentina. Everything I've tried: Proactive, Neutrogena, Clinique (All the systems and big name skincare brands, you name it) Chemical exfoliators, AHA, BHA, Sulfur, etc The regimen (At first worked, then skin got used to BP and like I said above, the regimen didn't prevent new acne, at least for me) Dermatologist (I literally cringe when I think of how much my parents have spent over all these years ) Antibiotics Retinoids, Topicals, (went to 4 derms and none would give me accutane?!) Hollistic/ Natural (My mother is big on this so I've tried this many times over the last few years and what I'm currently doing) Lemon juice, ACV, Vitamins, honey, tea tree oil, witch hazel, argan oil, aloe vera, coconut oil, etc.. Toothpaste and deodorant are natural And finally diet- I have been vegan for 6 months and haven't noticed a big difference. Current routine- 3 times a week exfoliate with baking soda morning- wash face (olay sensitive skin) witch hazel on a cotton ball neutrogena oil free moisturizer sensitive skin cetaphil sunscreen laura mercier silk cream foundation (I use a beautyblender to apply) nars creamy concealer tarte blush nars luminzer nars bronzer jouer lip gloss mac paint pot smashbox mascara rimmel eyeliner night- bioderma makeup remover (if I don't have this I use a random cheapy from the drugstore!) then I lightly use a washcloth wash face (olay sensitive skin) witch hazel neutrogena SA pads and finally 100% argan oil by josie maran. Now tell me what I'm doing wrong and if any of the products I use could be making my skin worse. Thank you so much
  7. Hey everyone! I haven't posted on these boards much, but now that I've found something that controls my acne I wanted to share for others out there struggling with stubborn/long-term acne. I'm a 23 year old female. I have very sensitive oily/combination skin. I've had acne since I was 12 and I've tried a lot of different treatments through all the years including over the counter, prescription topical retinoids/benzol, birth control, anti-biotics and chemical peels. I've struggled with controlling this problem for over 10 years and tried almost every regimen including the Acne.org treatment which worked for a while, but sooner or later my skin would begin to get worse again no matter what I tried. I finally decided to try a 'less is more' approach and it's worked out really well for me. I was prescribed a topical clindamacin gel by my doctor about 6 months ago and changed my face washing methods. In the Morning and night I wash my face with cetaphyl and then do a baking soda scrub. The baking soda exfoliates, but doesn't dry out my skin or irritate it. For a few months I also used the topical clindamacin gel as well, but in the last three months have taken myself off of it to find that my skin is remaining really clear! (You can premix baking soda and water before hand or you can just put a little dry baking soda in your hand and massage it onto your wet skin) I've found this method to be so much more cost effective and more effective than anything else i've tried. Last month I thought maybe I should try to use acne controlling washes again and found that washing my face with salicylic acid treatment washes actually made my acne flare back up. Since then I have just been using baking soda and it's back to being clear! I would suggest that anyone out there that can't seem to clear their acne with other methods try this immediately!
  8. Hi everyone!! So a few months ago I posted that I was having a spinal fusion and wouldn't be able to wash my face for a little bit and someone on here suggested these glycolic face wipes, which ended up working miracles on my skin and made it SO CLEAR. So I used the wipes from January-about two week ago. But at the end of March I went back on my birth control (I had to stop it for my surgery) and the whole month of April my skin started to get bad again along my jaw line, which was never a problem for me before. I went to the dermatologist and he gave me a sodium sulfacetamide sulfur face wash to use. I started using that instead of my glycolic wipes and my skin has gotten any better and just stayed the Same/if not worse. I'm not sure if this is all happening because of my birth control or if the sodium sulfacetamide sulfur wash isn't helping? Im on minastrin 24 fe for my birth control... I've read mixed reviews but if anyone has any suggestions for what I should do or not do, please help!! THANK YOU!
  9. princess12

    Vitamin D And Acne.

    I am 29, female. I had acne on scalp, face and hair fall from 2009. I went to dermatologist and tried all. But no change. I read in this forum that Vitamin D can reduce acne. I also found that I am VIt D deficiency. So I took Vit D sachets this way. Each sachet has 60,000 IU 1st month: 1 sachet each week. 2nd month: 1 sachets in 2 weeks, so 2 sachets in a month 3rd month: 1 sachet a month After 3rd month I am continuing taking 1 sachet each month. At the end of 2nd or 3rd month (dont remember for sure) I realized total reduction in acne and hair fall. But from few days acne and hair fall got resumed. I took Vit D test and found it is still in deficiency. Previously is was 15.35ng/dl. Now it is 18.14 ng/dl (Deficiency: <20 ng/dl) Is it possible that the first 2 months, when I took the sachets more frequently, my D levels went up and acne got reduced and now when I am taking 1 sachet per month, Vit D dropped and acne resumed again? Your help would be great.
  10. ice171

    Indestructible Skin

    Hi. I have tried many acne treatments to try to rid myself of this. I have used things as strong as 10% BP and 8% salicylic acid, not only did these things not effect my acne, but they didnt even effect my skin. I might as well have washed my face with water! So, a few days ago I tried using hydrogen peroxide right out of the bottle on my skin...it worked! ..but I read the long term effects of this and it causes scaring if used for a long peroid of time so this is obviously not my answer. Now to the point- what does this say about the cause for my acne? And what long term treatment can I use to finally get rid of it?
  11. I'm a 21 year old female and I still have acne! I tell my family how bad having excessive zits makes me feel, and they all say that I'm making too big of a deal out of it. But I would like to know what all of you think of my skin... would you feel the need to wear foundation if you were me? Is my skin moderate or severe? Lastly, if you have any golden tips for getting acne under control, lay 'um on me! Thanks!
  12. Do you know that Genetics is majorly responsible for adult ACNE? Research has shown that genetics is mostly responsible for adult acne(about 81%).Researchers at the ST. Thomas Hospital conducted a large study on the influence of genetics on twins' acne; 458 pairs of identical female twins and 1099 pairs of fraternal twins paricipated.They discovered that 81% of the difference in acne between pairs was attributed to Genetics.the remaining 19% was attributed to environmental factors such as diet and climate.more interesting is the fact that how easy one scars as a result of acne is also determined by genetics......now the puzzle is HOW DO YOU TELL GENETICS ACNE FROM OTHERS?.............................................................................................................................................
  13. ConorCoughlanMu

    What Type Of Acne Scars Have I Got?

    Hi guys. I've been researching scars and none of them seem to sound like mine. Would anyone seem to have any further info on what type of scarring I have and a possible solution? I have attached some images. Thanks!
  14. So I am a teen and I am currently suffering from acne and I was looking for advice. I have recently went to a doctor and she gave me a prescription for two types of acne meds. I have been taking 100MG of doxycycline Hyclate and trentinoin cream 0.1% once a day every other day because it dries up my skin, but im not sure if how to separate the acne from the scarring. I will upload photos of both sides of my face and hopefully you guys can give some advice. I am also looking for treatment options but I do have sensitive skin so please keep that in mind. I am open to prescription and organic remedy's. Any help will be appreciated Thank You
  15. Hi! Im new here and also 13. For the last year ive has such bad acne, its not deep cysts or anything like that but its lots of noticeable red painful bumps all over my forehead and cheeks. Occasionly my chin. On my nose I also have blackheads. Will the acne.org regime help me. Does it also ship to the uk? If so how much will it cost to ship here and how long will it take to get here? Thanks guys x
  16. Maybe this doesn't happen to everyone- but i get anxiety from my acne and i feel like people will judge me. My acne is less than moderate but i suffer with rosacea as well and for all my high school days I would get "why is your face so red?" i should of brushed it off but the words slowly engraved in my mind that i feel like it changed me in a negative way. And now with college in 2 weeks what do you to cope this complexion issues away?
  17. Jikstah

    How Do I Fix This?

    Hey guys, I'm new here, but I've used this website to do some research on the Regimen and just acne in general. I need help classifying what my type of acne is, moderate or severe or maybe in between.. and with that, I want to know the best way to tackle this. I guess I'm sort of lucky, as I've only had acne for about ~6 months. I'm 17. I have a picture back in November where I barely have any acne, just a few pimples! And also a few photos I took this morning, for a comparison. And boy is it bad. Any help would be great!
  18. Hi there. I've been on Accutane for almost six months and it didn't cure my acne, at all! It just made my skin worse thanks to the red marks and scars (which I never had before). I still have a lot of closed comedones and blackheads and, as a plus, red marks and scars. What can I do? Will I ever cure? At least before my skin had closed comedones but not any scars and red marks. Im so angry with my derm, until the 5th month she kept telling me this would work and it didn't!
  19. Hey! Wondering whats your favorite concealer, foundation, powder, etc. to use on SEVERE acne? I know it's not the best to use, but not all of us can go out in this world without a little bit of hiding our inflammation. I currently have the follow lineup - Almay liquid foundation for acne, Neutrogena powder foundation for acne and I also have Clinique's acne prone liquid foundation which I RARELY use. It does cover the best out of all other foundations but I've noticed it dries my skin out around my lips and eyes and, also, my skin becomes itchier while some of my breakouts tend to get worse. I'm looking for stuff WORTH trying since it's the only makeup I do wear (otherwise I'd be au naturale!). I cant do the 5 step routine just to put makeup on (it feels way too heavy), but if that really is the best for severe acne with cysts....then I suppose.... Thanks
  20. On 150mg Minocycline per day (50 morning, 100 night) Regimen: Morning Spectro jel or Acne.org cleanser Cerave Moisturizer (when not going out into sun) KAVI SPF 30 (when going outside) Night Spectro jel or Acne.org cleanser Cerave Moisturizer Any help regarding clearing acne/fixing hyperpigmentation/scarring would be appreciated (diet, supplements, medication, topicals). Any help would be great Note: I'm already on a NO-DAIRY/LOW-GLYCEMIC diet and have been for about a year. I eat very healthy imo. I take 30mg Zinc Picolinate per day, fish oil, probiotic powder, vitamin D3. I drink a few cups of green tea (matcha) daily.
  21. Quetexan

    16 June 2015

    From the album: My Testimony

    Two more months into the treatment and the bumps had receded and the redness has gotten better. The acne around my forehead and temples had cleared up and scars are healing. This is when I started the red moisturizer, the acid one forget what it's called. Side View
  22. desy228


    From the album: my face with this condition

    here is my worst side. i always wear a mask everytime go out from home.
  23. PanickyActive

    Persistent acne

    Hey guys 21yrs old male I'm a vegan , no sweets , no dairy , full plant and low gi diet , i never experienced acne badly at all till February 2017 is when it started I was 20yrs led by that time and over the weeks and months went by I started to breakout on my forehead then down to my cheeks from their on I tried everythingfrom natural face cleanser/ exfoliates, to salycic acid and benzoyl peroxide, my diet is super clean I am taking enough vitamins and also to support immune system to heal my gut ,I'm Just at the point where really I don't know what's is going on with my acne , I don't have a acne under my chin only cheeks and forehead , temple ,
  24. I've been trying to be more diligent about working out and eating right and just overall being healthier, but I feel like every time I work out and break a sweat, I wake up with acne around my hairline and some on my back. IS there anything I can do to help prevent this?!
  25. Hi. I need your help! What should I do when there is a pimple that starts breaking out but still inside the skin? I can feel that there's a pimple right under my nose, but I can't actually see it yet and the area is just a little bit red. Since it hurts when I touch it, I want to remove it, but it doesn't seem that I can pop it now. How can I relieve this pimple?