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Found 8,218 results

  1. Hello, well I’m not an acne type of guy and well I haven’t really had a problem with spots till the past year really. I got these spots on my face and we’ll I’m not exactly sure what they are or how to get rid of them. I’ve had them for a long time maybe over a year or something. One side is worse than the other. Any idea on how I can get rid of them? Any help below on identifying them or treating them is much appreciated. Sorry in advance I need to shave
  2. MasterDriver

    Really need advice

    23, Female Acne type: larger red pimples along jawline and cheeks. At least one new breakout a day. Also have blackheads on nose and milia (maybe just deep white heads) on my chin and cheeks and in between my eyebrows. Medications: birth control. And I take a vitamin A supplement every night I started getting acne when I was in grade school and I’ve and it ever since. I used Proactive in jr high and then quit it and started using over the counter products for about 3-4 years. I went to
  3. A little bit about me: I'm about to turn 21 and I have been battling/dealing with acne for 3 years now. I have mild to moderate acne however I have had some cases where it has been severe. I struggle with acne everyday and it has defiantly affected my life in a big way. Not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. It has changed the way I think about myself and others, and the way I live my life. Im slowly getting my acne under control and finding the right products and routine that
  4. hello friends! holistic living and healthy diet is known to have a positive effect on us,acne sufferers. so having a balanced diet and having an active life(both physically and mentally) is important. also eliminating food items that cause u problem is a must.(different people seems to have different intolerance..so don't go by what others are following.check for yourselves what suits you and what doesn't but make it a point to share your unique experiences and ideas/concepts.it'll not onl
  5. Maybe this doesn't happen to everyone- but i get anxiety from my acne and i feel like people will judge me. My acne is less than moderate but i suffer with rosacea as well and for all my high school days I would get "why is your face so red?" i should of brushed it off but the words slowly engraved in my mind that i feel like it changed me in a negative way. And now with college in 2 weeks what do you to cope this complexion issues away?
  6. So I'm currently a sophomore in college and had managed to get through high school and my first year of college with pretty clear skin. But last semester, my skin broke out like crazy all of a sudden. I got on ortho tri cyclen birth control and it managed to clear up my forehead after a few months pretty well, but left red marks everywhere. The area around my mouth also got some pretty big red marks that don't seem to go away or even fade! I just started Differin about a month ago, and it caused
  7. What products are good to substitute for hormonal acne & scars. I have acne all over my neck.
  8. I am an athlete that gets up early in the morning to shave (using jojoba oil and the Regimen Cleanser and a two bladed razor recommended by this site) prior to going to our first workout of the day. After the workout, I come home and shower and complete the Regimen as prescribed. After that, I head to class. During lunch we usually conduct our second workout. This is the question I have. Usually I have another set of classes and/or meetings until nighttime (where I do the Regimen at night), s
  9. Hi I was wondering if these are red marks or scars, and if i just leave them as they be will they fade overtime? Should I stay away from the sun? What can I do to reduce redness on my cheeks? Also would you also recommend to never squeeze a pimple or blackhead again because this is how I got them Some girl told me to get AHA acid, would you recommend it? Walgreens probably has it. Ive been scrubbing my face with sugar and trying to exfoliate frequently to get rid of these spots. Ive tried using
  10. Courtsney

    Spray Tan On Regimen?

    Hello, I'm new to the regimen and about 5-6 weeks in, so far its great. My skin is at its best in the last two years and the red marks and active acne are slowly diminishing. Before I had acne, I was so self-conscious about my pale skin and I would use spray tanner, I used this for two years and then stopped when I started getting acne on my face. Even without the tanner, my skin was horrible and I caked on makeup everyday. All that aside, my main question is can I start to use my tanner again,
  11. I have beautiful skin tone. but then when i started to go on college suddenly pimples pops out. and have zits. so i pop them always. until i realize is it bad. so i try many products. and ended having a severe acne. right now i'm 18 yrs old. I dont want anybody to see me like this. I broke up with my girlfriend because of the severe acne on my face. i lost all my hope. and my face now have zit on it. i don't look at the mirror. and i dont want to go outside anymore. i tried many products too. b
  12. Where my left cheek meets the side of my nose is where I know have a whopping cyst. It started about a week ago as just an irritated part of my skin with no bump, however now it is a full blown cyst which makes my nose look very swollen. Normally I would have had a cortisone shot as I was able to schedule multiple derm appointments, however it just so happens that I had to get a new insurance plan and I am still waiting for my id card to be mailed, therefore there is nothing I can do. Insura
  13. My first month on Accutane I was on 40 mg. Now I am on my second month on day 35 on 60 mg. I have a few questions can you guys please help me. 1. I don't have dry lips yet. They are just a little bit dry. They don't hurt is that normal. 2. I have pimple under the skin. Will they come up to the surface?
  14. I've had these for a month or 2, but I'm not sure how to get rid of them or what they are. These little bumps and pimples.. that'd be amazing if you guys could thanks!
  15. I've been using differin cream for about 17 weeks and I don't have an improvement. In fact I think it's made it worse. My skin always has at least 6 cysts on my right cheek and 1 or 2 on my left cheek. I get blackheads on my chin too. Also when I put on makeup to cover all the scars you'd think that all that would be shown on my cheeks then would just be the cysts and smoothness. That is not the case. Around the cysts and all along my cheeks are a bunch of tiny little bumps and uneven surface. M
  16. I am going to be starting Accutane in a day or two and my dermatologist told me to eat foods that are high in fat when I take my pill. I am a vegan and I am just wondering what some good foods are that are high in fat. So far I can think of olive oil, nuts (like peanut butter), and avocados. Would vegan butter be a food that is high in fat? Or can you tell me any other foods that would be good to eat?
  17. nicolels97

    Hormonal Acne Triggers?

    So..for the past month and a half my skin has been going downhill progressively. It's driving me crazy as I have been trying everything I can think of but nothing is helping! All through highschool i would get the odd pimple but nothing crazy. During my final few months of highschool however, I broke out the worst I ever had and I'm pretty sure it was due to stress ( I had also had my mirena IUD for six months) Now a year and a half later, my skin has gone on a roller coaster of okay (never as
  18. Hey, heads up that Clear Skin Weekend is giving away free boxes of the Clear Skin Weekend kit, which is an educational acne kit that gives people with a step-by-step checklist to eliminate acne. From the company blog: With the kit, you get a copy of the Clear Skin Weekend Guidebook, one honey facial wash and one moisturizing tea tree oil. As an extra bonus, the Clear Skin Weekend kit comes with a free aloe vera plant (the acne guidebook teaches you how to use the plant for acne scars and do-it
  19. Hi, I'm new and I was wondering if I could get help about my issue. I didn't have any major breakouts on my cheeks and forehead except this year, and honestly my acne is diminishing the confidence I once had in myself, and I hate being outside and socialising (I was totally opposite prior to all the breakouts). I always gets anxious when people talk to me up close because they don't have eye contact, instead they look at everything around my face I've researched, but I've been inundated wit
  20. acnegoawayasap

    Hormonal Acne with low tesosterone

    Hi Everyone, So I typed up a long message, but the site refreshed and deleted everything... In summary: 24 year old asian male acne since teen years (used ProActiv and worked but trying to go holistic route) tried many things: vitamins, Probiotics, cleanses strict diet: no dairy, no sugar, low-carb, lots of veges, fruits, omega 3s acne in face (jawline, chin, upper lip), chest, neck (cystic type), back (though recently has started to disappear but check acne still t
  21. Hello!!! I've decided to join this forum because I'm currently suffering from acne & I need to get rid of it My mom has told me that underneath I have VERY good skin but whenever she sees how bad it is, she's completely shocked! First off, I first started getting acne sometime in my teens(don't know the exact age) & at the time it was never really that bad... I was normally getting it on my forehead & under my eyes near my nose since the type of skin that I have is very OILY sk
  22. Though this may be my first post on acne.org I've been on here numerous times to make myself feel better on the days where I can't bear to leave the house or look in the mirror...recently I've hit a new plateau of minor depression and realized how much acne has actually killed my confidence. I know there are tons of stories on the site so I don't blame you if you stop reading, but for those of you who want to know the acne story of a 21 year old girl you've never met before...here it is: I've d
  23. Hello community! I'm a French student who have suffered from acne for a very long time. I have tried all the treatments imposed by my doctors: dozens of creams and three months on antibiotics. I felt very ugly and I was on the brink of depression, I remember looking at me in the mirror trying to reassure me all the time! It was crazy Last year, after a long search on the internet, I have developed an anti-acne diet. I have completely stopped all dairy products (and I am not intolerant!) , eggs
  24. Justjoshftw

    Acne Marks Help

    I was wondering if it was a good idea to apply the body shop cocoa body butter after applying AHA+ (10% glycolic acid) on to my back. Any advice is good advice.
  25. Recently, a family member bought me Clean and Clear Advantage Oil Absorbing Cream Cleanser and Clean and Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions Reviving Cleanser as a gift. I had a bad experience in the past with Clean and Clear, because I used it about a year ago, my skin always burned and I had marks/rashes on parts of my face. I imagine that it was an allergic reaction. So I was a bit apprehensive when my family member bought this for me. But I didn't want to be rude and not use it. I used it, a