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Found 60 results

  1. Hello everyone. New to these forums (I've visited them in the past but never posted.) 27 year old female with moderate acne (including cysts) on my face and back. X-posted most of this on the personal regimen logs but I know that's not the right place to ask questions, so that's why I'm posting here...My new regimen for Week 2 (2/21 - 2/27): Morning1. Cleanse2. Tone (I know most toners are a waste of $$, but she actually sells good toners with antioxidants and adds skin hydration, and I like th
  2. Hi! I just want to share my journey and ask for some opinions as well. I have been having problems with pimples since I was in college, but it did not really bother me a lot since it's not that severe and I stayed mostly clear. Just a few here and there especially when I have my period. However, I think my acne situation got worse now that I am 25. I have tried loads of products, including costly visits to dermatologists. Some have worked for a short time until my skin decides to betray me a
  3. From the album: Results after 3 months

    Hi, everyone, I've been on the regimen for 3 months now and here is my progress. I don't have any photos before I started the regimen.
  4. I am looking for a moisturizer to mix with the Regimen lotion. The regimen lotion works great but my skin is very dry so im running out of lotion way before the cleanser and the BP. I am also using jojoba oil from acne.org for added moisture. I have sensitive, acne prone skin (obviously) so looking for something very mild and unscented
  5. I've been on the regimen for 1.5 months now, using the acne.org products (cleanser, bp and moisturizer). In the first month my acne cleared up quickly and everything seemed to be going great. I think I used too much BP 2weeks ago and it burned my skin badly. My skin was super dry and hard and flaky. The redness was unbelievable, looked like I was in a mask... I went off the bp completely for 4 days and my skin seemed to return to normal... I used a very small amount of BP last night and this
  6. Hi all For the past year I've used differin and lymecycline, Epiduo and doxycycline and now Duac and Epiduo. Apart from the Epiduo and doxycycline which worked for a few weeks none of these products have been working and I want to give the acne.org regimen a go. Will it work for me? Right now I have mild to moderate acne with very small bumps and whiteheads.
  7. I started using the regimen January of 2015. And stopped later summer of that year. When i started using it again this January, it didn't really gave a lot of difference to my skin as it did when i used it the first time last year. And when i started using the AHA this spring, it gave me allergic reactions to it. At first, i really doubted that it was from the AHA so i stopped using it just to be sure. And my allergies was gone. The puffiness and the redness of my face was gone. So i started usi
  8. Hello everyone, I just wanted to give a little update of my 4 month journey with this regimen. Quick background story: Hormonal acne, mild and I was on the pill Yasmin for more than 10 years, stopped, had a bunch of acne, tried a bunch of "natural" treatments, didn't stick to a routine, got scared, went back on the pill, it was horrible and now I stopped it again, 6 months ago, promising to stick to the Acne.org regimen. For the longer version, check http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/35
  9. Hi guys. Ever since starting the regimen two months ago, I have been trying and mostly succeeding with my horrible skin picking which has caused a lot of hyper pigmentation on one side of my face. Last night I picked badly for the first time in awhile. So badly there were and are indents in my skin where i ripped scabs off, one tear the size of a dime. They bled a lot. It happened within probably 2 minutes and the whole time my brain was telling me to "stop!!!! immediately!" but I just kept th
  10. Hey guys I've been using the regimen for a couple of months now religiously. I still suffer from extremely flaky skin but my biggest problem are my scars. I want to start dermastamping and I know its not recommended, but I have these pigmentation spots and scarring for over a year now. I'm glad to have my acne under control but I can't deal with these scars anymore. Please let me know if anyone here is using a microneedling device while on the regimen. How long do you go without bp to let t
  11. Ok, here's a little disclaimer before I explain my issues: I LOVE THE ACNE.ORG REGIMEN. It's a total lifesaver, I'm so glad I tried it out, it REALLY WORKS, I have mostly clear skin with maybe only 1 whitehead once in awhile. Ok, so now that know I absolutely love this and would recommend to ANYONE with acne, let me explain to you some issues I'm having. #1: Tightness. My skin often feels tight, and dry. Usually accompanied by itchiness, right before I go to do my regimen. #2: Flaking &
  12. Hey! I wanted to know if anyone on here with closed comedones has had any success on the Acne.org regimen (mainly, with the benzoyl peroxide), as i'm considering getting it, but i'm not sure if that would help at all with closed comedones. I have a lot of closed comedones on my cheeks mainly and near my chin. I have pores on my cheeks too, and a few blackheads here and there on my chin and cheeks (majority of the blackheads i have are on my nose) -- do you think the benzoyl peroxide would help
  13. 7 Month Check-In/Progress on Regimen I am now on my 7th month with the acne.org regimen. I have seen HUGE improvements in my skin, but I am still not where I want to be exactly. 1. I have not had a seriously active breakout for probably 5 months now. 2. My biggest issue areas are my pores and scars now 3. My skin is back to being oily now 4. My face looks so much smoother now when I wear makeup as opposed to before when you could see every single bump on my face. 5. I have yet to start
  14. So I’ve been on the Regimen for just over 2 months now - a point at which many, many people have said they’ve started seeing results to the point where their skin has pretty much stopped forming new pimples altogether, or they may get a breakout every week or so. I wish I could say the same thing. I’ve had moderate acne and very oily skin for 5-6 years of my life now, and I have tried countless treatments ranging from natural to chemical; different brands, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, zin
  15. Hi all, Little bit of background: my acne cleared up nicely with lymecycline, but now I've become resistant to it and my acne has been flaring up again (although not as bad as before thankfully). I've been using epiduo for almost 3 years and still want to continue using it. The thing is, I was considering trying out the acne.org regimen, but was wondering if I could try it out while using epiduo at the same time? Thanks!
  16. I've only been using the regimen for a week now but I've noticed that my skin pigmentation has gotten much darker where my neck is a much lighter skin tone than my face. I think it might be the moisturizer due to its tint but I'm not sure. Is anyone else having this problem? Even the skin around my mouth where i don't usually point the moisturizer to make sure it doesn't get on my lips or in my mouth is visibly a lighter colour than the rest of my face. I don't know if this is supposed to ha
  17. Hi guys! i just made an account and just now found out about acne.org and really wanted to try out the three step regimen. The problem is i wear foundation every single day due to the acne scars i have and acne but, i didn't see anything about removing makeup. I know acne.org stress es not to irritate skin when using the regimen but i don't think i can go out without makeup but i also want to see results! I remove my makeup with cotton pads and the garnier miscellar water but even that makes m
  18. Big fan of the acne.org products, but I'm wondering if there's any remedy to the huge amount of shine the moisturizer leaves on my face after using it. I feel like if I don't use more than a modest amount my face will be too red from irritation and as a result it's certainly shiny. Although even when it's a fairly modest amount there's shine. Any fix for this?
  19. Im going to share my story bc i need help. Okay i've been having acne since halfway of 7th grade (middle school) I was 13 then and now im 14. I have always been one of those people who didnt get even one pimple whatever I do. But then i totally break out. I dont know what happened first I got like maybe five pimples to my forehead and I didn't like how it looked so I started to use some shitty foundation which was a huge mistake because my face went really bad condition but I just continued to u
  20. Hey guys! I've been using the acne.org regimen for about a month now, and recently, people have been commenting about how tan my face looks and asking if I've gone anywhere on a trip. Honestly, my face feels anything but tan. Whenever I look in the mirror it looks red. This could be due to the fact that the benzoyl peroxide makes your skin more prone to the sun and I haven't been using sunscreen on a daily basis just because it's a pain and makes me look pasty white. Have any of you had a s
  21. So.... I started the regimen almost 6 weeks ago. I will for sure say that I have seen an improvement in my skin, however that is only with whiteheads. I don't really get them anymore, and if I do, they are quite small and go away super fast (thanks to the BP, I'm assuming). My experience does not really follow what it says on the what to expect page, as I thought by now I wouldn't really be getting new pimples? OH, i forgot to mention that I switched from Dans moisturizer to Cerave because
  22. I want to start a new regimen since what I've been doing for the past few years isn't doing anything. I currently have adult moderate-severe acne. I can get acne almost anywhere on my face, but I mostly get them on my chin and nose area. My acne is also very painful and red when I get the cystic kind. I've read great reviews for the Acne.org regimen, but I also looked up Clearogen and that has some good reviews as well. I'm on a budget, but if it can help gain my confidence. Then anything
  23. Hi all Well, I'm finally starting The Acne.org Regimen tonight. I'm going to go out and buy the store bought alternative products this afternoon. I really wanted to start off by using Dan's BP and I wanted to get the AHA+ too, but I can't afford the shipping. Hopefully I'll be able to get the acne.org brand products at some stage, but for now I'll be using alternatives. I've seen some people here have had really amazing results using store bought alternatives so hopefully I'll see great res
  24. i have been on the regimen for 8 weeks now and my skin is still dry. i thought by now it wouldn't be dry but it is. my skin never got really really dry but it's just bugging me so much that it's not getting better. when will it get better?? idk if it's also the hot weather but oh my goodness I'm just tired of my skin being like this