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Found 500 results

  1. My doctor is going to use a C02 laser after performing my second subcision next week. Is C02 Laser considered an old type of laser that is not as effective as newer lasers? Should I reconsider? I hope someone knowledgeable can respond ASAP. Thanks
  2. I am planning to stop taking birth control soon, and I'm worried about my skin breaking out like crazy. Before starting the bc Loryna, my skin never had huge cystic breakouts, and I only got a few pimples on my forehead and on my cheeks before my period. I did not start birth control to help with acne, but ever since I have started bc, I have had more severe acne. Becuase I did not specifically start bc to help with acne problems in the first place, am I at risk for developing
  3. I said that I would post my current skin after showing you how bad my acne was in my last blog post. Anyways here’s my skin on month two! It’s a huge improvement from the pictures I posted the other day❤️ Does anyone know how I can get rid of my acne scars or help them fade while on acutane????
  4. BedeliaAmelia

    Update 7

    The past few days have been really great days. I think my skin is finally calming down. I’ve learned to notice the signs of an oncoming breakout so I can stop use of whatever caused it. I’ve also learned to distinguish the difference between breakouts and purging. I’ve learned about my skin’s needs, how to pick the right products for my skin, and overall I’ve learned how to make my skin happy. This week has been the first that my skin hasn’t had any new pimples pop up. I of course
  5. Hi! I do have a mixture of rolling and box scar with it seems to be like blue pigmentation on my temple with my other acne scars that are about almost 4 yrs old now. I have been doing microneedling (at home) for about 2 yrs, not on a regular basis tho. My doctor have advised me to undergo IPL + Resurfx but I am adamant about the treatment, one because it's $600/session and two I'm not sure if he's giving me the right treatment for my scar. He barely even touched my face too. I'm gonna attach som
  6. I have been using Nerium AD since February and love the product. It is a night time cream that I put on my skin and just wash off with cold water in the morning. Prior to application I wash my makeup off at night with Gano Soap which is a very gentle but effective facial soap. I personally use it twice just to make sure I am getting all my makeup off. By the way, I am not posting this to sell the product. I choose not to sell the product because I don't like talking about my prior acne issu
  7. Just one last word before I leave, I have been using a super good concealer called 'amazing cosmetics concealer'. You could get it from sephora and it's AMAZING. With just a tiny little portion, my face looks flawless without foundation. People couldn't tell I am actually breaking out. For those who are desperately in need of something good to hide your acne/scars, I would highly recommend this. It is a little bit pricey. The small one costs around $28 CAD and the big one costs $48. But it lasts
  8. Hello forum, 1st post here. I've had mild/severe acne about 10 years ago and haven't treated acne scars. My questions - what are my type(s) of scars?; Treatment options?; European doctors/clinics that people with my type(s) of acne scars and skin tone had positive results with (high sample sizes)
  9. Anyone here have any experience with the M22 ResurFX nonablative laser for acne scarring? I have mild shallow boxcars and icepick scars on my cheeks and forehead I'd like to reduce. Treatments cost about $400/session and require 3-4 sessions. Please share with me your negative or positive stories! TIA
  10. Hello, I have this one scar on my cheek I'm super self conscious about. I think it's a boxcar scar (i feel like it's too wide to be an ice pick). I was wondering what acne scar treatments people would like would be the best for my scar type? Would TCA CROSS work (If i did that i would go to a professional)?? I included a bunch of different pics all taken in the same day with different lighting (harsh, natural) so you can gauge the depth and scar type. Any advice and guidance would be great. I un
  11. Just had TCA cross done on some icepicks and large pores by a reputable dermatologist. When I say just, I mean I did them around 8 hours ago. Is it normal that my open pores immediately look like icepick scars? They have frosted and then subsquently turned into deep pits. Is this normal? I know they are supposed to scab in a few days but they immediately look punctured and way worse then before.
  12. I still have acne scars after 5 rounds of subsicion,tca cross and microneedling. The last one was 2 weeks ago,I did suction but I was getting the feeling that they look worse after which is weird because from what I read the majority of people say that it is lifting the scars. I’m not sure what to do next, I am thinking of getting laser but I really don’t know which one to choose. I had my subsicions with Doctor Chu (London)and I really recommend him because for a little more than 300£ I got mic
  13. hey I've been using the regime for a year now. Some of my acne has cleared up but not all of it. My skin is oily in some areas and unbearably flaky and dry in some which all started after i used the regimen. MY skin still stings from using BP. I use two pumps because I've been using the regimen for so long but i don't think its still suppose to burn. I follow everything exactly also i use AHA. should i decrease the amount of bp that I'm using? for reference I'm 16 years old with moderate acne t
  14. Hi all, First post but long time lurker. I recently called Dr. Rapaport's Old Bridge office to schedule for a consultation. However, the receptionist indicated I needed a phone call consultation first, which costs $50, before seeing the doctor in person. I asked about their virtual consultation, but the receptionist seemed to not know about it despite me mentioning that it was on their website. Anyone who has gone to Dr. Rapaport can provide their experience and if the above is true? Tha
  15. Hi. This is not my photo, but I'm dealing with the same type of acne scars. Do different types of acne scars get treated differently or just the same? Also, what do you recommend? I have lost weight in 2016. It's not even a big weight loss and I wasn't overweight, just 20 lbs. But I feel like my face has looked older, my acne scars look bigger and I lost the "bloom", I look like I'm always stressed. Please help!
  16. i've been using extra virgin olive oil organic for about 1.5 month.. i got my acne scars worse and my skin looks dull.. i mean, olvie oil supposed to do make your skin brighter and acne scars fade away but gratefully i dont get acne even tho im really acne prone.. i apply olive oil at night and rinse it off in the morning with water and tissue.. where did i do it wrong? am i use it too much? or am i applying for too long?? please helpp...... but the positive side are my skin is not oily anymore
  17. I have this potentially great idea that I have not tried yet. Burning the edges/borders of boxcar/rolling acne scars!! Has anyone tried doing this? I have moderate acne scars (mainly small to medium sized boxcar scars) and when I got my laser treatment done a few years ago, the plastic surgeon told me next time he can go in with the laser and selectively burn off the edges of the larger scars making the overall scar look smoother. This makes sense because your scars have lower floors and rai
  18. Hello, I'm 20 years old. Been thinking of treating my horrible forehead acne scars and not really sure where to start. I look like a burned victim under harsh lighting If you turn your screen brightness up you can see how bad it is. My skin is really really rough. What kind of treatments should I be getting for this? Any suggestions? Thanks a bunch. under extreme angle I will post clearer pictures if needed.
  19. I’d like to know the condition of my scars, what treatments would be effective and also what type of scars they are cause i still haven’t figured out. Thank you.
  20. I am looking for treatments, oils, masks, pretty much anything you can buy online or in store to treat those pesky pitted scars left over from acne. I want to find everything possible out there before reaching out to dermatologists and or high end treatments.
  21. From the time I was about 11 all the way through high school I had terrible acne. Come to find out it was because our well water had a bacterial problem and when I moved to college my acne magically disappeared for the most part except occasional break outs. Now I'm 23 and I've been left with these horrible acne scars (see pics). I'm so embarrassed by it and I hate leaving the house without makeup. It makes me soooo self conscious. They're concentrated on my cheeks and forehead. Does anyone have
  22. I got Deep Fx about 2 months ago. My esthetician put me on a Vitamin C/retinoid serum, but it is not controlling my comedonal acne. I was hoping to swtich the serum with Epiduo, as Epiduo has worked for my skin in the past. But I'm not sure if the ingredients in Epiduo are okay to use after Deep Fx? Will they inhibit my collagen production or my skin's healing? I have young skin, as I am only 18, so I am very prone to breakouts. I need something stronger than a vitamin C serum to control my a
  23. What kind of acne scarring is this? Is it a mixture of ice pick and boxcars?
  24. Sorry if this posted in the wrong forum or anything...just would appreciate some help. If possible, treatment and advice would be helpful, thank you
  25. Well well well, here I am. Back again. Back in the early 00s this community gave me so much support. I thought I would come back and give an update. Back then I was known as "Guardedly Optimistic" now i'm "Guardedly Optimistic 2017" This is the thing, it's a journey. My skin is still very damaged; mostly visible under harsh over head lighting. But...and get this...I ended up pursuing my dream of being an actor and filmmaker! Yes, acne and scars and insecurities and all that crap was not goin