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Found 72 results

  1. Hi I am new to this forum, but I just read some posts that were very helpful to me so I thought I would post. I am a 50 year old woman who has battled cystic acne for 30 years. I had a deep dermabrasion in 1983, poor results for the pain that was involved and collagen injections in 1985 very unhappy with the results, and didnt last. I have researching lasers and I decided to go with Hartsough dermatology clinic. Very professional and helpful and are the premiere skin clinic in my area.
  2. I love 'em! Heh. I'm not really sure why, but I actually find scars quite attractive. Maybe it's part of the whole liking 'em rough and ready thing, but all of my partners have had scars and I find them really rather fetching. I also don't think scars detract from a girl's appearance, but I'm not a fan of the ladies, so I can't comment much on that.
  3. Faroutbrusslesprout

    Need some motivation/positivity

    Hey everyone, I know this may seem pathetic, and by no means am I looking for any sympathy, I just need some motivational words/positive stories in regards to acne and self confidence. I have had terrible self esteem issues for a long time now and acne doesn’t help! I’m incredibly pale and every blemish looks terrible. Not only that but the scars and hyperpigmentation left behind don’t make it any better. Talking about having incredibly fair skin, I’m also “blessed” (sarc
  4. Hey all! What I am needing is some advice on my acne scarring. I have read all about the different types of scarring, and I am still not sure what kind of scarring I have. I think it might be ice pick? Or boxcar? I'm not sure. Anyways, I have uploaded some pictures of myself for reference. Also, if your scarring looks like mine at all, what treatments did you find successful? I hear subsection is excellent, but does anyone know the cost? I am a poor college student with no money, but I am
  5. Mikey89

    Acne Scars

    Hi...I'm having my first appointment with a dermatologist soon and just wondering what they would offer me for my very embarrassing ugly scars ...................
  6. Hi guys! Just signed up today. I have been battling acne for about 10 years now. I have only started scarring about a year ago. I hardly get any pimples at all any more (using cetaphil cleanser and moisturising cream - no acne treatments) but these scars are here and bothering me SO MUCH. Some of them are still red and its been over 6 months. However, I want to know what type of indentations these are and what I could do about them. Will they get shallower on their own over time? Some are only a
  7. Op23

    Please help!!!!...

    Ive been dealing with acne and scarring for about 9 years, since i was 18. It depresses me more than anything else. Im done with acne and dealing with scarring at this point, what treatment should i get?
  8. bmatts

    Advice Please.

    6 months ago I had an horrific ordeal with the morning after pill. It completely screwed up my hormones and it has taken this long for my skin to calm down, even now it is still breaking out and I have literally tried everything to stop the breakouts, I honestly feel like giving up! I'm now on birth control and an antibiotic "Doxycycline" which is meant to break down bacteria found in acne. My doctor said it is hormonal, and it's on it's way to being solved now but thats not the problem. Before
  9. *takes a deep breath* Hi everyone, I have a few photos below of my scarring that I've been suffering from for the past 16 years - since freakin' puberty!! Unfortunately, it completely changed me from an outgoing individual to someone much more shy and self-conscious. I'm so tired of all the looks and of course getting asked THAT question as to what happened to my face (mostly children of friends/etc. at random moments) - SO EMBARRASSING!! It's sad, but I've almost accepted what I
  10. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and for quite a while now I've been looking into getting a laser resurfacing on my face. I had acne breakout during my teenage years and now that I'm 25yrs old, I want to get rid of the acne scarrings that's been left from the breakout. Being an asian ethnicity I pose of complications of hyperpigmentation that's why I want to take my time on this matter and take the safest route as possible but also enough to see some actual results. I've been researching abou
  11. Hello Erm I Have Bad Scarring. Ive Battled With Acne Through My Whole Teen.Life. I Hve Finally Gotten Rid. I'm Left With Horrible Scars. What Type Of Scaring Is It? And How Can Get Rid. What Treatments Are Out There? I've Attached Pictures . Please Help.Thanks The Scaring Doesn't Make My Skin Rough Or Anything Its Just Colored With Holes. Btw Thanks
  12. From the album: Week Two

    WEEK TWO Large cystic breakouts were diminishing. Flakiness and dryness continued. Hyper-pigmentation was still an issue. New breakouts were still forming, but slower. Still slow to heal. Redness still around mouth and chin. Whiteheads still occasionally forming on the jaw line and under chin.
  13. Tremaine

    My Acne.org Regimen Results!

    From the album: Acne.org Regimen Results

    I wasn't going to post these pictures because it's embarrassing to see just how bad my skin used to be!!! However, I figured someone could benefit from my struggle. I've struggled with acne for the last 10 years. I've tried changing my diet, prescription meds, Proactiv, Murad, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, all-natural face washes, masks, scrubs, etc. YOU NAME IT, I'VE TRIED IT!!!! I even tried to cover it with makeup. But no matter how much concealer you use, there's just no covering a bumpy su
  14. A week ago I got a really bad blemish and obviously I made the mistake of messing with it. Today I noticed the spot where the blemish was is indented. The mark is still new so I am not sure if it's still healing or if this will be a permanent acne scar, only time will tell but I'm curious to know what you guys think. Again it's only been a day since this has been indented and a week since the mark first showed up. I'll attach a picture so you can see and let me know what you think. This is the f
  15. prettyreckless

    Laser Resurfacing

    In October, I begin my 1 of 5 sessions of Fraxel Laser Resurfacing for my acne scarring. I simply created this post to ask my fellow members on acne.org their experience with any type of laser resurfacing. Oh and here is my question rant: Did it go well? Any advice? When did you begin to see improvement? How bad was your scarring? Etc, etc. ANY answers relating to this would be highly appreciated. THANK YOU.
  16. AndrewRyan

    Call To Arms!

    Where to begin? Well.... "Now, this is the story all about how My life got flipped-turned upside down And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there" Seriously though, it started around age 17 when I had spots. They used to scar with the little holes, which I have come to strangely appreciated, almost under the influence of some form of scarring Stockholm syndrome. I didn't pick, poke or anything to irritate my acne, but alas they still left their mark. 21 now and I don't have acn
  17. allymjoan

    Personal Acne History

    I just wanted to write a brief history of my experience with acne before going into writing accutane blogs. I have had acne since I was nine years old. When I was younger it was only a few pimples but it got worse throughout middle school. It seemed to calm down in high school and college but I still never had clear skin. Now after graduating college it has all flared up again. When I was in middle school I used Retin-A and differin topical creams that were prescribed to me by my primary c
  18. Hello, this is my first post here I have mild acne scarring on my cheeks and its really been getting me down. I have had microdermabrasion in the past when my scarring was much worse ad it worked wonders, all my scarring left. But unfortunately due to stress and a lot happening in my life this year I broke out again and was left with more scars. Because I live in a new city I don't have access to my ex skin specialist so have been looking for other good clinics in my area. I found one the o
  19. I'm not even quite sure what "type" of scarring i have, and yes i still have some active acne here and there. but what would you suggest i do to get rid of the scarring? there are just so many choices and i'm not sure what would be best for me, and the kinda scarring i have. dermarolling? subcision? lasers? or chemical pill? please comment/ help xx
  20. adultwithacne

    Week 4? Picture Update

    I started working a new job last week and have been very stressed. The acne seemed to be getting better for awhile, but I went out drinking a few nights ago and woke up with some more cysts Some days I feel like I'm on the right track, and then other days I feel like it's getting so much worse. I've been wearing much more make-up than I usually do this past week and I'm sure that's not helping anything. But I have to wear makeup at work! Arg. I started washing my face with Jojoba oi
  21. In November 2015 I had a subcision performed by Dr. Morganroth in Mountain View, CA (Bay Area). I had a second subcision performed 4 weeks later in December 2015. The picture I attached shows before then 3.5 weeks after the second subcision. I have another thread you can look at where I documented the process starting with the first subcision. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/354675-post-subcision-results-wpicture/?page=1 questions I've been asked: how I cleared my skin: Yaz birth cont
  22. Just over a week ago I had subcision done. The doctor came in and marked my 40 worst scars (he charges for up the 40, then the next price point is over 40). The nurse came in and injected each scar with lidocaine, then the doctor went to town. I didn't feel a thing, but I heard the scars being broken up. He is very experienced with subcision, and told me he had just done a subcision on a man with 80 acne scars before he came into my room. After I was done, I looked like I had bee stings all over
  23. I don't know if this is possible, but I haven't had cystic acne for a long time now and I am convinced that I have new scars forming on my face. I am so depressed about it and I don't know what to do. I am avoiding any social interaction and I am having to go to the doctor in a couple days to organised depression help and counselling. I recently started using a BHA on my skin, so I didn't know if this could be causing new scarring? I'm too scared to use my 'simple refreshing gel facial wash' a
  24. SDJohnnyboy

    Acne Scar Infographic

    From the album: Acne Infographics

    Infographic showing the emotional truth of acne scars. Its sad, that's why I chose to do something about it and not be scarred-physically or emotionally!