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Found 125 results

  1. Hello, I have this one scar on my cheek I'm super self conscious about. I think it's a boxcar scar (i feel like it's too wide to be an ice pick). I was wondering what acne scar treatments people would like would be the best for my scar type? Would TCA CROSS work (If i did that i would go to a professional)?? I included a bunch of different pics all taken in the same day with different lighting (harsh, natural) so you can gauge the depth and scar type. Any advice and guidance would be great. I un
  2. I traveled like crazy last year, and when I returned to the U.S. after being abroad for quite some time...I broke out like crazy. I've never broken out so much in my life. Thankfully, the breakouts have stopped, but I couldn't suppress the urge to try and "deal" with one of the bad pimples on my cheek... Of course, I was left with an indented scar (around October 2017). I know it may seem very minor compared to others, but I am very pale...so when I'm under certain lighting I get so stressed bec
  3. A week ago I got a really bad blemish and obviously I made the mistake of messing with it. Today I noticed the spot where the blemish was is indented. The mark is still new so I am not sure if it's still healing or if this will be a permanent acne scar, only time will tell but I'm curious to know what you guys think. Again it's only been a day since this has been indented and a week since the mark first showed up. I'll attach a picture so you can see and let me know what you think. This is the f
  4. About a month ago I developed a rather large red pimple on my nose. I attempted to treat it with hydrocortisone to calm the inflammation. After about 3 days, I attempted to pop the pimple before it was ready BIG MISTAKE #1. The next day I began to see a dark spot forming. It got worse until the point where I began to pick the skin BIG MISTAKE #2. I picked at it until most of the dark spot was gone, I applied triple antibiotic to it and went to sleep. When I woke up the dark spot had return
  5. I'd really appreciate if you tell me the type of my scars and the best solutions for treating them. I'm 29 years old. I've had this scars for 10 years and what bugs me a lot is the biggest linear scar which has ruined my life! So I'd like to know if there is any treatment to improve that one or it'is just a waste of money.
  6. Can anyone please tell me the best treatment for this type of scar and how many treatments you think it'll need.
  7. Hi guys, So I consulted a dermatologist regarding my acne scars and she recommended 3 sessions of Scarlet RF. When I told her I only heard about Infini RF, she told me that they are basically the same thing made by different brands. So my question is, is Scarlet RF as effective as Infini RF for pitted acne scars? She also told me that the treatments will be done by a beauty aesthetician, not by her. I am also worried about that. Does this machine require good technical skills to yield good re
  8. From the album: Before Accutane

    Left side has always been my "good" side, although I scar more on this side.
  9. Hi, Did you guys ever heard about Pist(Pneumatic Injection System Transcutaneus) treatment? My doctor sugested this treatment for my acne scars, so what your thoughts about that.
  10. From the album: Araz

    HELP! Can someone identify what these are and what would be the most suitable regimen for treating these? Hi. I,m 23 and had absolutely spotless skin before Jan 2016 (no breakouts even in teenage). Fast forward, due to relationship problems and financial struggles during this year, my break out kept on getting worse. I NEVER had a simple pimple on my cheeks and now they are spectacularly marked. I tried lemon juice, honey, apple cider vinegar, egg whites, aloe vera, cucumber at different time
  11. I had subcision (2nd treatment) and TCA cross (first treatment) yesterday. Initially after TCA cross was done, each spot turned white but became red later on in the day. This morning the inside of each ice pick scar where TCA cross was performed was a little pinkish but no scabbing. My doctor said I could put makeup on right after treatment if I wanted and told me there wasn’t any post care for subcision or TCA cross. Seem correct? Thanks in advance!
  12. I have a lot boxcar, rolling scar and some ice pick, my face is lije a mess!!! Previously, i have used derma roller and salicylic acid to peel and stop for sometime. Recently i just purchase a tca 30% + salicylic acid 5% solution, last friday i just patch test my face, now just in healing time. I have read a lot tca cross and tca peel review and results, now i wonder should i test the tca cross first and see the result? Or direct for a peel? Because i search from the web, doctor is using thi
  13. Okay. Im a teenager 14. I have acne, not bad at all like others, 1 spot of my chin, 4 on my cheeks (2 per each one) but a lot of my forehead. I was just looking at my forehead which makes me very sad:( and some of my spots didn't feel bumpy like usual. I have been using medication from my doctor tablets and 2 creams and I'm not sure if some of my spots of my forehead is spots, its like red freckles, it use to be spots but it is it scarring? Will i have my very mild acne forever? Im constantly up
  14. This scar first appeared a week ago, it was a pimple that I popped it & then this appeared. The first picture is a day ago, the 2nd picture is from today. I have been using a scar cream on it, something similar to mederma. How long should this take to heal?
  15. Help! I misused apple cider vinegar while treating an acne spot, and now I have what might possibly be a burn on my skin from it. The skin around the (now dried out) pimple is very dark, red, and somewhat raised and rough to touch. I now realize I didn't dilute the vinegar enough and left it on my skin for too long. What is the best recommended treatment for this? How do I heal the skin and reduce the redness from the burn quickly?
  16. Hi, I've been suffering from acne & acne scars since high school and during my stay abroad (Canada & Aussie), I got a severe troublesome on my face. By the way I'm Korean woman. The troublesome looked like severe cystic acne and it itched a lot. As I came back to Korea, I got a treatment from Korean oriental clinic, which is similar to derma needing therapy. After the treatment, luckly, I looked a lot better than before, but many ugla scars remained. Because I used to work at sea, I
  17. does anyone else also feel that "real scars" look nicer than acne scars. I feel like acne scars make me look sick or something - btw I have them in the cheek. I hate are the bumpy texture and would rather a straight scar
  18. Hello I'm about to buy the pruducts Dan sell.. I was wondering (and hoping), does it help with acne scar also? I don't have much acne but I want my acne scar to vanish I would like to have you guys answering! Thanks!!
  19. Hello All, i am still on the regimen it has been almost 2 months, my skin has somewhat clear up although i still have acne scars "i think " because when i touch my face where the acne was, i still feel a bump as if the acne grew in and not out, i hope there are solutions for this, will it ever be erase? i did add jojoba oil into my regimen, Thanks for reading and Thank you in advance
  20. I was just wondering if anyone knew roughly how long the average pimple should last? So from the time in starts forming and you notice it, and then as gets bigger and forms a white-filled head, and then flattens. How long is a healthy time for this process? And at what point would you consider that pimple to have stuck around too long? I know some people say that the longer is sticks around the more chance it has of forming an dented scar, so after how long should you start to worry abo
  21. Hi, I was wondering if anybody had experience with TCA peel over 30%. I have used 30% TCA peel from MUAC, but my acne scars are way too stubborn. I have combination scars (boxcar, icepick, rolling) that are pretty deep. I read a comment on Amazon about using 50% TCA peel. The guy almost died initially, but in the end, it helped him with acne scars better than everything he tried beforehand. I was thinking about doing maybe 45% TCA peel, but this can be very risky. Has anybody tried t
  22. I'm a 28-year old, dark-skinned Indian lady living in Columbus, Ohio. I was on Accutane last year and all I looked forward to was being able to attack these scars once enough time had passed. After mustering up the courage and a couple of consultations I am getting subcision tomorrow! I am SO nervous! My doctor thinks I should do fillers for the instant gratification, but I will be doing subcision + suction and I will keep you all updated on my progress. Attached is a picture of t
  23. I've decided to take the plunge and consult for my acne scars. This is how they look like I have some on my temples, my forehead and my cheeks. I will be consulting two doctors next week: a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon. I am considering subcision, and the laser, and also perhaps microdroplet silicone injections. What questions should I ask during the consultation? I want to be well prepared and be able to cover all the bases when I go.
  24. Hello all, Preface: Many companies like Avita (spray on stem cells) are still under FDA approval so I was shocked to find this company doing something even more invasive. Today I called into MetroMD. You can find them by doing a video search for "stem cell acne scar". I expected them to offer what most places around the world were doing, spray on stem cell with CO2 Dot Therapy. They have only been doing business for one year now which makes me wary of this company and would like to know if