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Found 15 results

  1. So I finally went to a dermatologist yesterday. He gave my antibiotic( Doxycycline) and I have to take that two times a day for two weeks. He also gave me Erythromycin gel, Benzoyl Peroxide, Miconazole cream plus a hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic facial wash. So what can you say about this? Did your doctor give you the same? or some of these stuff? By the way, I have to use all of these for two weeks and after that, I need to come back. I have moderate acne.
  2. Hello. Though I don't want to be entirely sure of it yet, it seems like I might've found solution to the bad acne I was having. But I have a lot of PIH ranging from darkish colors to redness, along with scars. Anyways, I've read in other threads here that AHA helps to get rid of the redness and PIH. So I was just wondering if anyone can recommend any products they might've tried that helped them to get rid of em.
  3. Hi everyone thank you for taking your time to read this. In this article I will keep saying me because it worked for me. We are all different. But this might help you! so let's start! Little background first: I am 23 years old. My skin had lots of acne from the age of 20 till the age of 22. I lived in Florida. This is what helped me to get rid of my acne. There are 3 factors that played a roll in my acne. 1. Food 2. Products 3. Stress Food is a big part! what you eat, is who
  4. Hello beauties! I just recently wrote an incredibly lengthy blog explaining my acne journey, in which I included some regimens and products that really worked for me. However I realize probably no one wants to read an essay about my life, so here's a shorter version of products that have really worked and didn't work for me. Good cleansers: Skin essence - pure: A cleanser made up of different healing oils made specifically for the face. This is the only cleanser that has really helpe
  5. I have never experienced acne before until now that I am in my 20's. I have tried so many products and nothing seems to make it go away. I have used the clinique system, first aid beauty charcoal cleanser, neutrogena products, and am currently using the la-roche posay effacular acne system. I would appreciate any product recommendations that would help to get rid of my acne. Thank you!
  6. Hello All, My name is Natalia and I created this post strand to help you in your personal journey with over the counter acne meds and self esteem issues due to acne. I am fifteen and have struggled with painful hormonal breakouts and cystic acne mostly in areas where one would apply countour: in my cheeks, chin, and upper forehead and eyebrow areas. I struggled with self esteem issues due to my acne and would constantly cover it up with tons of foundation and concealer, while simultaneously c
  7. I have one of the WORST cases of acne. I'm not sure what it is. Depressed is an understatement on how I'm feeling. I've tried cutting out Dairy and everything. I've spent $30 on products; Clean & Clear BP 10% Wash, Neutrogena Salicylic Acid 2% Wash and I have every vitamin moisturizer you can think of. Dark spots, painful acne, under-the-skin acne... white heads calmed down due to the products but they still erupt (as you can see). NO RESULTS!! I don't think hormonal acne is THIS bad.
  8. Hi Guys! So I joined this site for myself to get some insight as how to treat my light acne. Thankfully, I got that under control now. However, my boyfriend has been breaking out lately and I can tell he is feeling insecure about his skin. I love him so much and want him to feel as handsome as I see him. Having struggled with acne myself, I know how depressing it can be to look in the mirror and see a face full of pimples. So I have come here to ask for help. I let him borrow some of my prod
  9. ...Advances in medical science, technology, pharmaceuticals, chemical ingredients, natural ingredients, and medical acne interventions continue to become more sophisticated and evolve, but the acne epidemic does not? And there have been no acne advances that have even come anywhere close to a long-term prevention. Why and how the hell hasn't the multi-billion dollar acne industry found a cure yet? ...no seriously! Why? Is it because there are so many different types of acne co
  10. Hello! I was just wondering if the acne.org regimen products are anti-inflammatory? My dermatologist suggested me that i should use acne products that are anti-inflammatory because of the small bump on my oily nose. I can't seem to find any description of the products this site offers. Thanks for your help!
  11. SO I was wondering is there any product that you can take which doesnt have your acne come back if you stop using it? if i take apple cider vinegar, and i stop taking it then i break out. the same goes for zinc. also another questionif i put air in my cheeks or make it puffy ( if you know what i mean) by looking closely you can see a black head or white head. how do i get rid of it?
  12. I went to my dermatologist today for my daughter who suffers from really bad acne and he wrote her a perscription for Accutane which I've heard good things and bad things about... Anyway, I went to Walgreens right after to get the perscription filled and the pharmacist looked at the perscription and told me that i should try an over the counter product called "Clear" instead that is made by aleavia. I was wondering if Pharmacists get paid to recommend products by companies. I know drug reps go
  13. After moving to NY at the age of 22 I started getting really bad acne on my forehead. At first it was diagnosed as rocsea and eventually acne. It would come and go every so often, usually when I least wanted it to be around. I tried prescriptions such as benzoyl peroxide, Clindamycin (which I later found out I am allergic to) and oral pills. Some things worked better than others, but nothing fully suppressed it. Fast forward to this past spring I started having really bad break outs and wen
  14. I am doing some research lately and I am wondering if someone can give me a hand. Based on your experience, what would be your recommended top acne products in general (package or kit ) 1. 2. 3. and so forth
  15. Hello, fellow Acne.org users. I'm writing on behalf of all the people out there suffering from acne; oily skin, pimples, dry skin, itchiness, redness, any of that stuff. I've had mild acne throughout my teen years and have usually tried to treat it by doing what people told me to do. So I'd wash my face with antibacterial soap, then moved on to facial cleaners and such. At first, everything was not so bad, but as time went on and i kept using acne products like benzoyl peroxide creams/sacillic a