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Found 500 results

  1. Day One Today is my first day on Accutane, more specifically the name brand Absorica. To be honest I am starting this new treatment quite suddenly. Just this morning I had my first appointment (ever) with a Dermatologist. I have had Acne since about eighth grade, and now that I am officially through my first semester of college, I definitely am getting tired of dealing with it. Throughout the years I have tried many different regiments and programs, some worked better than others, but never
  2. So it's been yet another week! If you're keeping up with my journey then you'll know that I recently went back to my 80mg a day. So far, it's worked fabulously. My skin has cleared up from my acne that I had before. There is still some there but not... a whole lot. My neck has majorly improved. I have some pictures in my album that aren't uploading at this exact moment but keep an eye out! Unfortunately, the paronychia has also returned. I've been trying to take my 2, 40mg pills as fa
  3. my skin is still improving more and more everyday. this weekend, i hung out with my boyfriend's brother and his girlfriend who i haven't seen in a couple of months. the girlfriend was like 'what did you do to your skin? it looks like porcelain now'. it makes me smile so much whenever i think about it! i wish i had taken progress photos. i actually would try to document my acne progress, but at the time the pictures would just make me sad and i'd delete them immediately.
  4. Two posts in one day?! WHat?! Yeup. 2 posts. 1 day. I just had a story (ok, more of a rant) that I wanted to share with you guys about CVS Pharmacy and Zenatane. So, if you're on accutane or isotretinoin, you probably... aren't on "accutane" or "isotretinoin." Instead, you're probably on something like "absorbica," "roaccutane," "claravis," or (like me) "zenatane." If you've been following my accutane journey, which is currently starting its 4th month, then you know all of the
  5. Officially in the second month. What can I say? The first month was hell. Still not sure if my initial breakout is over. I didn't wipe my face with a rag in the shower last night so there's a bunch of dry skin on my face and I wear makeup so when I ate lunch all the makeup on my chin cracked. Embarrasing. Anyways I literally probably have about 20-25 spots on my face. Only one of them is big though but most of them are on my chin so yeah. I'm just trying to stay out of anything social altogether
  6. acneissofun

    day 60

    still having a small breakout. they were all pimples that were just slowly developing over the past few weeks and just came to the surface. nothing too bad, except one popped very messily and is now a pretty unsightly red mark. i'm pretty worried about a couple on my right cheek, because i've been struggling with pih there and i'm really not too happy about adding more i'm starting to get impatient. i just really, really, reaaaaally want clear skin. it's been such a long time
  7. Hello! This is my first ever blog! Im excited to share with you my journey of my second round of accutane. This post will be long because I will share with you my first experience, so be patient My acne journey started way back in middle school, year 2007. I remember my face was always the oiliest in the classroom and a constant supply of face powder was always needed to "fit in". I was accustomed to going to the dermatologist for my eczema, so we finally started treating my acne when Proact
  8. I Love Cetaphil

    Day 82

    The clear up game is real. Haven't had any new big breakouts for a week now, just small whiteheads here and there. Red marks are slowly going away, but my face definitely looks more presentable now.
  9. Greetings ladies and gentlemen, So, it’s been yet another week but it’s been pretty easy I guess. I was off of my accutane for 6 days. Why? Well I guess my insurance covers accutane but only under the name of “zenatane” so every time my derm writes the prescription for “accutane”, my insurance doesn't allow my pharmacy to fill it and phone calls have to be made and it takes forever. So, it was not filled until the night of my last day to pick it up when I was completely unavailable so calls to
  10. I Love Cetaphil

    Day 78

    Skin is really starting to clear up! All of my acne is slowly fading away. Definitely the best my skin has been since my first initial breakout. A recap of how I'm getting through this: Sunscreen is not optionalIf you take hot showers, rinse off your problem areas with cold water to close the pores- this helps me prevent whiteheadsMoisturize well, but not too thick because not letting your skin breathe causes irritation and acneI had the most Accutane moment yesterday- I couldn't find my backpa
  11. I Love Cetaphil

    Day 76

    Face is starting to look better, only 2 or 3 whiteheads on my entire face. The rest are some raised bumps and redness. Honestly don't know if this is the end or not, but optimism can't hurt. I'm slowly regaining my self confidence and feeling better about myself. I'm just so glad to be so far into treatment and seeing great results on my back and chest, and now I just wait with confidence for my face to clear. What a great era to be a teenager with acne.. I shudder to think of what I would be s
  12. Okay so I had a little bit of what I think is an IB. What happened was I got a bunch of little pimples all around my mouth area. And then I still had some of the bigger ones I had before taking Accutane. So all in all I probably had a total of 15 pimples all along my chin/jawline and like I said most of them were little but anyways my chin mouth looks like a minefield on my face so of course I had to mess with them. :/ Yes, I tried popping them ALL. they look red now and some of them didn't even
  13. Okay so I've taken my second pill of Accutane this morning. I can say that I think it's already affecting my acne. I have a bunch of big spots on my chin under the skin and I can actually feel them shrinking. They kind of itch because of it as well. I looked in the mirror and they look smaller as well. Hopefully I can skip the initial breakout because I was on what my derm told me was the topical version of Accutane for about a month waiting for my Accutane to process and THAT gave me a ridiculo
  14. I Love Cetaphil

    Day 65

    Sorry I haven't posted for a week. Too much stuff going on. After a horrible breakout around day 50, things are starting to clear up: Redness is going awayForehead is clearing up from around a 6 cyst breakoutCheeks are clearing from an uncountable amount of cysts and whiteheads (20+ on each side)Back and chest are completely clear I generally feel better about myself, but sometimes I can be SUCH A BITCH. And I'm a guy too, so my friends are like "dude chill". For me, the perfect routine right
  15. Nothing really occured this week tbh, maybe just a small breakout
  16. So I am done with week 3 and going in week 4 already ! time is passing by so fast which is a good thing while on roaccutane . So sadly I am in the bad phase now, the past week I had break outs and it seems like acne are taking longer to heal (or at least to puff down). The past week my nose was very bumpy and rough, it seems like the blackheads on my nose are coming out which made the texture of my nose very rough and weird. Even though I know I am not suppose to do any scrubbing while on ro
  17. I've had sebaceous hyperplasia on my chin for thirty years, after three high pressure tanning bed visits in one week and having my chin too close to those bulbs, I noticed a rash of skin colored bumps on my chin, right side worse than left side, and they never went away. I have tried blue light levulan therapy, all types of creams, and several laser treatments, and nothing but accutane ever made it better, and the accutane improvement usually regresses months after I am done taking it. But, th
  18. Day 1 - I am starting of at a low dosage of 10mg/day as told by my dermatologist. I just took my first pill right after a heavy meal as I heard heavy meals help the pill to absorb better. My routine consists of gentle cleansing, toner, and moisturizer day and night. I will wear a cc cream with SPF 50 if I go out. Day 2 - I have not experienced any side effects, nor has there been any change in my acne. My friends tell me to try rubbing raw potato on my skin, as it can help clear acne fast
  19. Day 13, almost end of week 2 Still havent noticed much. Skin is not any better but I don't think I've had an initial breakout yet either (knock on wood). Lips definitely feel very dry but aren't cracking or peeling. I put bite beauty lip mask or Vaseline on like literally every 15-30 mins though. A guy at the gym asked me how many times I was going to put on ChapStick, lol. No use trying to explain to him! No dryness yet on body but I put lotion on twice daily at least. I did lightly pick at o
  20. So here is my story. I've been battling acne since the age of 18. Initially my acne was not too bad, i had few breakouts on my forehead, but still it made me feel very uncormfortable.I went to see a dermatologist and he prescribed tetraysal antibiotic for almost 2 years, which has helped me a lot. No blemishes at all while taking it. I stopped taking it and my acne was under control until i got married at 22. since then my acne has changed. i started having small cycts on my chin. I' ve used a
  21. Minks

    1 month done

    So it's been a while since I posted but it's the end of the first month! As far as side effects go, my skins been REALLY dry, lips aswell, and my eyes have recently started getting dry as well. Kind of sting to open in the mornings when I wake up. I also got really bad shoulder pain the other day. My backs been hurting and today my tailbone felt like it had shocks going through it, weird stuff. Also it hurts to extend my back /: on top of the that, I got a throat/sinus infection around the 22nd
  22. It has been one week since i started taking the 10 mg pills twice a day, so 20 mg. There hasnt been many changes yet, but i have had stomach pains twice, but I took paracetomol and they went away. The ores around my nose have become very visible and large, and Ive been getting tiny little bumps around my chin and forehead where i dont usually get them. Havent experienced any dryness in the lips and skin, although I feel more thirsty. I hope my skin will start to clear up soon.
  23. I currently have no new actives, hoping this continues! I did drink maybe 3 drinks this weekend so I only took 20mg on saturday & sunday instead of 40mg. I'm going to start taking 40mg every other day before I start it everyday. Besides that I don't see any differences. Everything is going pretty smoothly so far. My skin is peeling & dry but not unbearable, maybe because I used Epiduo as a topical before starting accutane & my skin was already dry. The blackheads on my nose are
  24. I am a 20-year old male. 176cm. 61kg. And I'm taking 10mg/day of isotretinoin for the past month. At first, I was so scared to take this kind of medicine because of the bad reviews that I see online. What made me courageous and decided is when an online shop posted that this pills that they're selling are easily sold out even though the buyers that they have don't usually own a prescription from a dermatologist. So I kinda thought, maybe it's not that dangerous when taking it on a low dose. So I
  25. Minks

    Day 5

    Today's the day that my face has started getting drier and a bit itchy. Acne seems a little calmer though. I picked like 5 scabs off from pimples that I popped yesterday. Surprised they were ready to come off that quick. My lips haven't really had the chance to get dry as I've been moisturizing them like crazy with blistex. Still super thirsty. I also forgot to mention that Accutane delayed by period by like 4-5 days which is no biggie, but it did make me worry a bit. My hands are getting really