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Found 42 results

  1. What's new: It's been 20 days, so in the past 20 days my face has been pretty clear. Still get 1-2 pimples on jawline once in a while, but those come and go. Everything else is still clear. Start 80mg (40x2) a day once I get my new Rx tomorrow. My face: It's good. But derm said that since I still get 1-2 pimples sometimes that I should go up to 80mg a day to do away with it. So that's the plan. Skin isn't dry on face. Following same routine from the start. Lips are better, only apply aquapho
  2. A bit disappointed in myself. I used to read the accutane blogs on this site non-stop, maybe 5-6 times a day when I first started Claravis, and then around month three or so, my face cleared and I slowly started to not check-in as much. I'm dissappointed in myself as I feel that was a selfish move. B/c I know I used the site to read everyone elses daily entries, I lived on them. I wondered how this person will feel tomorrow, waited to hear how their derm appt went, hoped that zit of thier's w
  3. What's new: Two active pimples on face, on jawline, one on right, one on left. Nose is bumpy from all the blackheads surfacing. One side of my chin was really dry this AM. My face: My face is still very red. I'm still getting new pimples on my jawline that come and go, nothing serious. Bunch of red marks on jawline from past pimples. And my nose is still bumpy from the herd of blackheads. I used the Modern Friction exfoliator scrub on my nose again in the shower, and it feels a lot smoother.
  4. So I commented on Cat's blog (theCat25) today as she made such a great point about health, and how healthy you can really feel when you still have acne. So I wanted to post my comments here so I don't forget them when I'm all "totally" healthy and stuff - can't wait! Cat's comments that made me think (I hope you don't mind).... I figure that once the accutane kicks in, my face will look good and so will my body, and I'll feel really healthy again! I was saying something like that to my h
  5. Nothing new. My face: Unlike a couple days ago, yesterday no new pimples sprouted up during the day. And my face felt moisturized, not dry and not greasy all day long. I'm thinking it has something to do with the Cetaphil Restoraderm lotion that for the past 4 or so days been using at night and in the morning. So right now I have no active pimples. Only a handful of left overs from before, but they are dry and almost gone. I noticed last night in the mirror that the blackheads on my nose look
  6. Hi, everyone. I've been reading a couple other sites about experiences on Accutane. A couple people noted that people have experienced increased redness from taking an Omega supplement. Does anyone agree with that, or disagree? Before this morning, all I've read is that this is a good supplement to take while on this treatment. Second question, I had purchased Avene Anti-redness Dermo-cleansing milky fluid cleanser a few months ago to help with redness. I loved this cleanser, very soft and no
  7. Still feeling good. My face: This morning I have three new, very small whiteheads; one by the begginning of my eyebrow, one on the crease of the side of my nose and another b/t the area of my mouth and nose. They are the size of a needle top, so not so bad at all. And I can't do anything to them right? I don't think I've ever left a whitehead alone. What happens? It just goes away? Hmm. The one old cyst on my chin is nearly gone, and the newer one that came up, I think it was yesterday, is t
  8. What's new: Face is clear and has been for a week or so. Arms and hands are spotted with different types of rashes and bumps. My face: My face is great. No pimples at all and not dry either. So it's smooth and looks great. Woo hoo! Everything else: Arms are pretty bad. They're all scaley and bumpy, and then there's patches of rashes or really dry spots, sometimes they look like blisters. I was in New Orleans for the weekend and in the sun a lot, but every half hour I was applying heavy-du
  9. What's new: No active pimples on face. New skin rash on underside of wrists. My face: In the past three days my jawline has cleared up. Five or so days ago I had 5 or so active pimples on jawline, and now they're all dried up, dead and almost all gone. So that's good. The redness has gone down. And my nose isn't as bumpy anymore from blackheads surfacing. So all is well with my face! Very excited about that. Everything else: A few days ago I noticed some bumpiness, rash-like skin on the un
  10. What's new: One active pimple on chin. Jawline pimples aren't active for the past two days. A few small pimples on chest area. Still overly tired by mid-day. My face: It's going well. The jawline pimples that have been coming and going have just been going for the past two days. During that time I got a new pimple on my chin, kind of near mouth. It's not too big. Nose is stil clearing; can't see blackheads there, or anywhere on my face really. And no other active pimples on face besides the o
  11. What's new: Two active pimples on jawline. Black heads are disappearing on nose and all over face. Side effects are not bad at all. My face: So just the two pimples on my jawline, and those are new and then dead within 24 hours. The best right now is the no blackheads - it's so cool to look closely and see smaller pores and no black heads all over. Smoother skin by far. So the increased dose from 40-60mgs/day hasn't changed my skin in a bad way...yet. Lips are fine, only feel dry or hurt when
  12. What's new: Couple small pimples on the chin otherwise clear. Still very tired. Very small rash on arms, not every day. My face: A few days a go the tip of my nose was dry - I had a hard layer of skin that peeled off. And then my chin was the same way. So not flaky, just a small layer of skin came off. But that was just one day. Put aquaphor on both places and healed right away. Otherwise, for the past week, I'll have a couple very small pimpls, on and off. So everything is still good for my
  13. First, to anyone who reads this blog, I apologize if I overshare. Part of noting everything(!) everyday(!) is for me to remember where I came from (and a helpful tool if I ever do another course and want to compare). What's new: Nothing (in a good way). My face: A new pimple popped up on my chinline yesterday afternoon, but it died sometime before this AM. Stuff happens while I'm snoozin'. Staying super moisturized. I go to bed with a good layer of moisture surge on my face and I wake up
  14. What's new: Face is extremely red around my nose, lower cheeks and chin. And no new pimples. My face: Very red. Still red bump on bottom left of chin and neck. The one on my chin is a bit sore still, and same with the one on my neck. They were new yesterday, but they aren't that sore, so hopefully gone tomorrow. Used Clinique's moisture surge extended thirst last night (instead of cetaphil cream/lotion, just to try it out, got it yesterday), layered it on, let it soak in, and no peely skin th
  15. Sidenote: I'm not sure I mentioned before that my face was pretty much clear before I started the Claravis since I was on Doryx and birth control pills. My face: I didn't wear any makeup yesterday. Going to try and do that when I can. Yesterday afternoon I noticed a pimple was growing near my bottom lip. Last night during my face wash I got rid of it. I know I'm not supposed to, but it's hard not to. This morning it was dry and on its way out. Otherwise, I had a pimple on my lower chin/neck a
  16. What's new: One active pimple on jawline, blackheads are disappearing on nose, not bumpy either. Side effects, minimal. My face: So it's tough to update once or once every other day b/c so much changes for my skin within 12 hours. For the past few days I've had only one active pimple, and it may not be the same one. For instance one died last night, but I have a new one this AM. But one active pimple is no big deal, at all. Everything else: Nothing new. It's been 4 days on the dose of 60mg
  17. What's new: Started taking the 30mgs 2 x a day. One active pimple on jawline, that's it! My face: All looks pretty good. Still red, but not as bad as weeks 1-2. Dryness isn't that bad either, not as bad as week 3. Just have one pimple on jawline, and then some dead ones, red spots just hanging out on the chin/jawline. Don't mind those at all though. Everything else: I just feel more tired. Around 5:30pm on the train ride home I'm ready for bed. I've been going to bed/sleep around 9pm an
  18. What's new: What I thought was a cyst growing on chin yesterday, turned into a wimpy whitehead overnight. No active pimples now. My face: Yesterday my chin was sore like a cyst was brewing, but this morning I woke up and it was a small whitehead. So I got rid of it. With accutane your skin is so thin, so everything is right on the surface (for me, at least). I just poked it a little with my tweezer (tmi) and now it's gone. So right now, no active pimples. A few red spots from old ones, but th
  19. What's new: Cyst brewing on my chin (only active pimple). Pimple cluster on neck/lower chin are dried out. Peely spots on chin. My face: Not a whole lot is new besides the cyst I can feel in the middle of my chin. It's not very big right now, but I think it hurts b/c it's kinda close to my lip. The pimples that keep coming and going around my chin/neck region are all on their way out. No new ones there. Woke up with dry eyes, but blinking a few times did the trick. I got the Avene Thermal
  20. Nothing new to report. I just took my 3rd pill with some eggs and bacon and water. My face: I woke up and my face feels smoother on my cheeks. I never had acne on my cheeks but they feel smoother this morning. It might have to do with the Cetaphil that I started using a few days ago - I'm not convinced that it's the Clavaris. Otherwise, still the same problem areas on my chin. Although a couple have lessened or dried out. But I do still have the large cycst that hurts, same size and intensit
  21. I'm a 30 year old female and I've been struggling with acne for about 15 years. Like everyone, I assume, I've tried all the oral and topical acne cures, and none of them did the trick for good. My biggest problem with acne medication is that I'm one who once the acne is cleared b/c of a medication or treatment I then think I'm cured forever and stop taking the medication. Then it comes back full force and I have to start all over again (grr!). I've moved around a lot in the last 5 years which me
  22. What's new: Two active pimples on jawline, dryer skin than yesterday. My face: Instead of one pimple on jawline (how it's been for a week or so), I have two today. Maybe b/c of the new dose of 60mgs? And my face was dryer, not peely, but when I put powder on I could see some dry skin. Nothing crazy. Everything else: Fine, nothing new. This tired thing though is strange, I feel like a grandma. By mid-day I'm ready for a nap; just feel drained.
  23. What's new: Well, nothing....besides Katy - 1, acne - 0. One month down, acne. WHAT?! My face: Really nothing. The stuff on my jawline just keeps going down. Face is less peely. Lips are fine. Everything else: Just fine. Nervous though, about starting the 60mg tomorrow. I assume something will have to happen with the increased mgs, it's just a matter of what and how much. Of course, just when I'm getting used to this level of accutane in my body, I have to go and mess with things agai
  24. What's new: New pimples on jawline (total of 5 active pimples on jawline); new pimple on lower cheek near nose (only one not in jawline area). Face is dryer. My face: Seems like the jawline is getting hit now, some pimples seem to heal or die (or so I think) but then they come back. And then news ones come. So the jawline is just "active" all around - but nothing too bad. Can handle it. And my face half way through the day is dry/little peely in my chin area, and side of nose. Same face ski
  25. What's new: Same old. New pimple on my jawline, which came yesterday, went last night. My face: Face is still SO red. I think it's getting more red. Is it possible? Sure it is, it's Accutane. Who knows what's going to happen next. In the shower this morning I used a gentle exfoliator (Origin's Modern Friction) on my nose as I had such bumpy skin there since all the blackheads are just hanging out on the surface. And that smoothed it out/yanked some out? Not sure. And then new pimple on chinl