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Found 500 results

  1. Hey! 26 y/o female documenting my second round of isotretinoin/ accutane in the hope i can help others with the hardships of this condition I say “full” because I have had a previous full course and then a course which I didn’t take for long enough due to another condition Week 1 (Sun 28/06) Medication - 20mg isotretinoin, 30mg prednisolone daily Skin care routine - Carbon theory cleansing bar & moisturiser AM and PM Diet - Clean, minimal/no dairy, probio
  2. Hi friends, I am a 22 year old guy and I'm suffering from relapsed cystic acne. I took Isotretinoin for the first time 2 years ago ie. when I was 19-20 y.o. I took 40mg/day for the first two months and then increased it to 60mg/day for next 4 months. The cumulative dose came around 130mg/kg as I weighed around 75 kgs (165 lbs) back then. I was suffering from horrible cystic and nodal acne back then (So bad that I didnt dare click a single photo). Now I have deep scars and even tho
  3. Before going on Accutane/isoretinin get tested for Demodex Skin Mites and/or a Fungal Infection The very common, microscopic Demodex Skin Mites can cause acne like blackheads, whiteheads, pustules and papules. The mites eat oil. There are 2 kinds that live on humans. Demodex Brevis live in the oil glands. Demodex Follicularum live in the pores. The mites live and die on a 2 to 3 week cycle. The mite life cycle may make the condition appear to get better and worse on a cyclical basis.
  4. Hi, I have struggled with moderate acne since I was about 11/12 which has got severe in the past year (I'm 21). I am currently on isotretinoin (40mg per day) and am eating the foods I have always eaten (Wholemeal bread with butter, crisps, fresh vegetables, fish, hot chocolate which is my favourite drink, and a treat at the end of every day like ice cream or chocolate). Should I clean up my diet if I want to see the effects of isotretinoin last when I am taken off it in just over a mo
  5. Has anyone else experienced a rash looking a lot like keratosis pilaris on their arms and legs while taking isotretinoin? And how did you deal with it? I have never had keratosis pilaris before taking isotretinoin and i’m almost 25 years old.
  6. I promised to share my DD's experience after the ordeal was over. This review is not to recommend any treatment option because everyone responds differently to every drugs. We saw 3 dermatologists in Texas. All pointed us to Accutane after we tried the possible topicals, diet changes, and antibiotics. I spent months looking for user experience who took Accutane at this young age and found very few postings. It saddened to see my DD having to make choices like this at a very young age.
  7. Hello, I took Accutane for a year at the age of 17, I would be interested to know if others have the consequential damage of a soft glans penis during erection. So explained, the penis shaft is normally stiff, but the glans remains totally soft, dried and wrinkled if no more blood was flowing in it or the erectile tissue was broken. While lying on my back in bed and the penis in a vertical position, the soft glans is the worst, while I standing / horizontally a little better. A little
  8. I was placed on Isotretinoin in November 2017 with a low dosage of 10mg/day for a period of 15 months. It was till January 2019 when the dermatology specialist decided to stop prescribing me with the medication as he wanted to monitor my condition. Unfortunately, after couple of months, I started experiencing break out again especially around jawline areas. Despite that, he does not want to prescribe with antibiotic or a second course of Isotretinoin. So in early March 2020, I decided
  9. Does Isotretinoin Help with Acne Scars?

    Isotretinoin, often known by its brand name, Accutane®, is an oral drug for treating severe acne. It dramatically lowers skin oil production and can provide long-term remission of acne in about 2/3 of people.1,2 However, isotretinoin also comes with serious side effects, including the risk of birth defects, so you should perform extensive research before deciding whether to take it. You may have heard people mention that isotretinoin might reduce existing acne scars as well. However,...
  10. It's been 2 months since i've been off accutane and my skin is still amazing. I get the small pimple every now and then but it's NOTHING how it use to be. I miss my hair not getting greasy while on accutane but that's okay. I still have some dark spots and a red tint to my face but i have no active pimples at the moment.
  11. Hi!, I have been taking accutane for about 1 month for moderate (?) but persistent acne and acne is already improving. The main problem, in my opinion, are the red marks and redness (which were already there before). Am I right? Will accutane give me a hand in this sense? Do you see any scars? How does the general situation seem to you? Thanks in advance and sorry for my English.
  12. Hi!, I have been taking accutane for about 1 month for moderate (?) but persistent acne and acne is already improving. The main problem, in my opinion, are the red marks and redness (which were already there before). Am I right? Will accutane give me a hand in this sense? Do you see any scars? How does the general situation seem to you? Thanks in advance and sorry for my English.
  13. I'm so happy with my skin and so thankful!
  14. Haven't got a pimple since the big one from December. I think the little bump that stayed from it will turn into a whitehead in the next few days.
  15. Hi everyone, Im 17 , about to turn 18, I finished a 7 month course of roaccutane in September. In December my acne started to come back, and now in January it is bad again. I am devastated, its my 18th birthday in a few weeks, I have prom soon and I have 3 holidays I was really looking forward to and I am going to Uni in October. My acne is severe, and I am never myself with acne as my self confidence is shattered by it. I last saw my NHS dermatologist in September, will I have to be refer
  16. I got a couple dms on the products i used while on accutane. Here are the absolute lifesavers. Kept my skin and lips moisturized at all times without ever over drying. I used the cereve lotion on both my body and my face because it was thick and I needed that. However, post accutane I would not put that thick cereve lotion on my face. I got a thinner one to use. I never used any other acne treatment products or face masks in the chance of over drying my skin.
  17. I have been all over the internet trying to help my son and have only gotten more and more despondent and angry. My son took Accutane and is damaged. I was hopeful it would resolve after he got off of it, but more and more cascading issues are arriving. This drug caused Brain Damage. It is not "side effects", side effects are a upset tummy and a need for chapstick. No, brain and body damage is what this causes and the side effects are far, far more widespread than we all know. No, your Doctor wo
  18. I got 2 new pimples. I feel like this will never end. I notices a lot of small closed comedones again.
  19. Left side was almost percect until i got this big pimple. But to be fair I was expecting it because there was a big closed comedone. Right side is doing much better. I got a pimple like a week ago and it stil hasn't completely disappear.
  20. Guys, my heart actually hurts from the before photos. It reminds me of how low i was emotionally and mentally. it's crazy how clearing my skin has turned me confident and dare i say happy again. if you are going through this or decide to do accutane, do it. It's worth every second to get me where i am today. Today my skin is completely pimple free, only dark spots remaining. I couldn't be happier!
  21. Desperate for some advice! Suffered with bad skin for years and been back and forth to my GP. My acne covers my whole chin and above my mouth area but lately has appeared on my forehead which I have never suffered with! The prescriptions seem to work and then once I stop taking them my acne comes back with vengeance. Been on the pill since 2017 then was adviced to come off for health reasons (bare in my mind was skin was so clear) but omg once I stopped taking the pill my acne
  22. I’ve been self conscious of my skin for around two years now as I have very large and inflamed pores and I get spots on my cheeks and chin, overall my face is really red and I have some scars , I get a few spots on my chest and back too. After trying several topical creams and lymecycline and doxycycline and having no luck, I’ve been prescribed Izotretinoin but most of the acne I’ve seen on here is 10x worse than mine is, just wondering if my skin is bad enough to take it considering there are a