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Found 9 results

  1. 50 DAYS! That means if I'm only on a 4 month dose I'm half way through and only have to be pally with accutane for another 50 days. My skin was really good today, I took some photos this morning to share but they didn't turn out very good so I'll take some more tonight when I've taken my makeup off and then I'll upload them into my gallery. I'm finally going to attempt to 'down-thicken' my foundation by getting a lighter sample than Estee Lauder Double Wear. It's called 'Double Wear Light',
  2. Today I'm back to my old pessimistic self so I'd like to have a minute to vent...URGH I HATE LIFE, WHY DO I HAVE SPOTS? WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE IT? WHY DIDN'T HITLER OR STALIN HAVE SPOTS? WHY CAN'T IT JUST LEAVE ME ALONE?!?!?! p.s. kittens are evil. My skin is peeling from my finger tips again which makes it hard to write as it can be painful, and this weather ain't helping. It's so cold. Apparently it's going to snow tomorrow too which will probably transform me into a snow beast made up
  3. So I haven't posted in a while but, well, nothing has really happened...apart from developing the watery moustache. The watery moustache is the name for the phenomena where my upper lip sweats non-stop all day. That, along with my watery eyes and dry, crusted lips, gives me that 'nervous sexual predator' look every self-conscious, desperate-to-fit-in teenager wants. I don't understand why I'm all of a sudden getting this though. I did get it a little when I over-exerted myself or became too
  4. I'm going to post today's blog in invisible bullet points. Chic? I think so. Indie? Kinda. Plan B after normal bullet points appeared in random places, deleted original post and lead to a mental breakdown? Yes. In yesterday's blog I wrote how happy I'm feeling in life, so my life has decided that that's just weird, Renn having a positive outlook? Let's fix that. I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been run over by the stampede that killed Simba's dad. What was Simba's dad called again? I
  5. Hi everyone, back in november 21, 2012 i got off accutane. Since then i have never had one day go by without me sweating and feeling SUPER HOT, if theres one thign i hate more than anythign its sweating, it ruins my clothes, makes it uncomfortable to drive and random burst of hotness through out my whole body. What can i do about this over heating its driving me insane, i cant stop sweating .
  6. No5tarfish

    Day ?

    Hi again everyone, not much to report Im just a bit bored and thought I would update. No weird dreams in the last couple of days, same old story aswell dry lips, my nose is buggin me feels like I got boogers all the time but its just dry, ya know same stuff blah,blah, blah!! I haven't been eating real healthy either (whooops), hey I had to quit drinkin so I have substituted it with junk food. . Im starting to miss beer a little bit. My mood in general is much better tho, even tho my skin is stil
  7. What have I done today to make me feel pro-o-oud? (Miranda reference) Well, my computer kept freezing on the 'Welcome' screen so I went all techy and investigated (by 'I went all techy' I mean I bashed the keyboard with two fists, then out of desperation rolled my head across it back and forth for 5 minutes) I clicked something good eventually and safe mode turned on without freezing on a black screen. I fired up Nortan and found 3 tracking cookies which is nothing really, but 6, yes, 6 Trojan.M
  8. I have uploaded skin pics into my gallery if you're interested in how my skin's looking. I've uploaded one in my regular light, one in a strong light and one in natural light. What can I say? I'm just a talented photographer. It's freezing cold here in the North of England and I'm wearing three pairs of socks because my toes feel like icicles. My dad is very stingy about heating costs so we have to just wrap up as best we can and hug the nearest fluffy dog for warmth. The weather combined w
  9. Hi guys, This is my first post ever on this forum. I have never used this before, so please help me. I am a 19 year old chinese boy. Have been having just the rare pimple appearing since 16-19. But about 5 months ago. I started noticing that I looked to have swollen lymph nodes around my neck area. Also, I noticed some skin coloured lumps appearing near/below my ear, and around my jaw line. I still have the occasional pimple and huge zit. So I used BP and SA on both of them, including th