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Found 112 results

  1. It took me a few longer days than expected to get on my Accutane because of my pharmacy, but I finally got it. My official dosage of right now is 30mg in the morning and 20mg at night. Before I started this process I read a lot of other reviews of people just starting out at 20mg and then their dermatologist increased the dosage over time and I think the reason for my higher dosage is because of the severity. So far I don't have any severe side effects but when I did first take it I felt a littl
  2. Here I am at 4 months and a week into my Accutane journey. Have to be honest, it has been a lot of up's and down's. Sometimes my face is really starting to look good but then the next day, I'll have a hard, under the skin bump rear its ugly head & old cysts that just wont seem to vanish. I should mention that I have been on 60mg for my entire course, I weigh 135+/-. The entire course I have managed to not get that dry. My lips are horribly dry but not really my face. I do moisturize my f
  3. Preface: Hey guys/gals, I'm Natalie and I am now 2 days away from picking up my first prescription of accutane. I have to say waiting this past month has been really difficult. I honestly wish I could just pinky promise that I won't come in contact with a penis while I am on accutane and keep it moving, but the FDA has to protect themselves from possible lawsuits and we must protect the potential tiny people, so its understandable. I've had acne since I was 14. It's peak was when I was 16, it w
  4. Hey there! I'm gonna try my best to stay positive throughout this post but these last few weeks have been a bit rough. So I'll try not to focus on the bad, as many of us know this is a JOURNEY and no quick fix. It gets worse before it gets better is a VERY true statement. Side effects: dry arms (some white patches are forming on them so I keep them moisturized), body aches (REALLY bad after working out for a day), eye dryness (very slight, I can still sleep in my contacts most nights), and in
  5. Day 50 wow almost two months on accutane complete! My skin is looking really good lately and I don't feel like i need to wear makeup at all really. I havent gotten a new spot in about 2 weeks, its amazing. I'm still struggling a little bit with blackheads but its getting better and better everyday and so is my scarring. I saw my dermatologist over the weekend and even he said i am looking good. This is so exciting I havent felt this pretty and confident in a very long time. I can finally fee
  6. Sooooo like i've been reading alot on this site, its very common for people around day 15-21 to get like an exersion of blackheads :/. Welp this is currently happening! I knew something would have to come up sooner or later!!! I've read almost every comment on them and people say they should just completely fall out in a few weeks. Hopefully they do because this is terrible and the most i've ever seen on my face at once. Ofcourse i'm staring an inch away from the mirror examining, but it's hard
  7. So I've been taking progress pictures which I intend to upload at the end of my round of accutane if all goes well. I don't have the confidence to post pictures of my skin at the moment, not sure how others do it before they see dramatic improvement! Lately I've been focusing on getting rid of the strange bumps on my skin while I wait for the accutane treatment to begin. I've done plenty of research and tried literally everything. Lately I've been seeing some improvement and this morning
  8. sbee242

    Accutane Day 1-3

    Hello! I am currently taking 30mg twice a day of Claravis for my acne. Days 1-3 of accutane I didn't really experience any side effects but a mild headache and being a little more sleepy than usual. No dry skin or dy lips. However, I did feel a little achey and weak.
  9. Right now i have about 7 active pimples. The one on back doesn't hurt anymore and it seems smaller. I'm still waiting for the bump on my right cheek to pop and disappear. Today i got a pimple on my forehead and two on the right cheek. One of them is a bit bigger and I'm not sure but it might be cystic. That made me sad because i thought my skin was looking better but now it seems like I'm "finally" facing the initial breakout. I'm not even sure if it's the accutane or the stress or the period bu
  10. Acne: - right cheek: the new cyst, the whitehead (that I popped) on my upper lip. I popped the old cyst and it finally flattened but it will obviously left a permanent scar. Do I regret it? Yes and no. I only regret it, because I am going to have another scar - left cheek: whiteheads, a cyst, scarring and redness from previous acne Skin: even more dry on hands Side effects: nothing new Mood: still the same
  11. From the album: Accutane Journey (Zenatane)

    About 3 1/2 weeks in, wearing make up. Not much improvement but I don't have as much cysts as before. Skin is beginning to dry up more making it harder for my make up to not look so cake-y. I have my dermatologist appointment this week so hopefully he prescribes me something topical for my scarring and hyper pigmentation. Not bad for the first month.
  12. From the album: Accutane Journey (Zenatane)

    About 3 1/2 weeks in, wearing make up. Not much improvement but I don't have as much cysts as before. Skin is beginning to dry up more making it harder for my make up to not look so cake-y. I have my dermatologist appointment this week so hopefully he prescribes me something topical for my scarring and hyper pigmentation. Not bad for the first month.
  13. From the album: Accutane Journey (Zenatane)

    I had met with my dermatologist for the first time and was prescribed the antibiotic Doryx (doxycycline hyclate) and had about a month to wait for my blood work reports to show that I was able to get on accutane. Since I was only on these for a month, I never fully saw results just the initial break out which was the worst break out I have ever had. I had cysts popping on my cheeks and jawline, areas where I don't usually get cystic acne. I wasn't too worried about it though because I knew that
  14. I haven't picked at my skin at all...
  15. I'm happy because my skin is doing better. I still have closed comedones, some bumps from previous acne and scars but I'm trying to stay positive
  16. I'm so happy with my skin and so thankful!
  17. So here's just another update and happy 3 weeks on accutane! My skin seems to be doing really well, alot of all those blackheads I saw coming out have dissappeared and I couldn't be happier right now! I saw my derm on Saturday and my blood tests and platelets were perfect and wrote me a script for my next 30 days! yay! So skinwise everythings looking pretty good, wayyyyy less blackheads, seems to me my pores are looking smaller and my skin and hair are barely oily at all as oppose to how
  18. 16 days on accutane! I can't say i notice much of a difference skin wise. Still only 2 or 3 very small barely noticable pimples, showing up in kind of the same area, not bad though. Everywhere else is pretty smooth. My skin seems to be getting dryer and a little more tender and red. I should probably stop using the topicals soon, but it is just such a hard habit to get out of. My lips are definitely very dry and chapped but i just keep applying chapstick/aquaphor/carmex/etc. !!! Still no
  19. So i've been on accutane for already 11 days! I am still not experiencing any severe side effects, just the common chapped, dry lips and slightly dry skin. Also i've had no sign of an initial breakout (yet). Again this might be because of the antibiotic i'm on- Ampicillin 500mg twice daily. I've had maybe 2 or 3 very small active spots that have came and went in about 3 days, not even. I'm feeling pretty hopeful and this is probably the best i've looked in a long time. So far my face sti
  20. Yvogue

    Day 1

    As you can see I have moderate acne, I will get maybe 5 cysts a year. I usually wake up to 2 new pimples every week which leave very bad hyper pigmentation that will last for more then 6 months. I am lucky in that I do not get bad acne on my forehead, back, and chest. I get all of my acne on my cheeks and recently it has been leaving ice pick scars, that is when I got serious about tackling my acne. Today is my first day taking 40mg, and the one thing I am nervous about is dry lips and eyes beca
  21. Holy heck it is closed comedone time, my dudes. They are everywhere. I didn’t used to break out on my cheeks but now I am. I still believe that it’s the comedones being expelled because I shamefully picked one of the more painful spots and a small, teardrop-shaped hard piece came out of my pore, almost like a small piece of uncooked rice. From previous experience, that’s similar to what is in closed comedones - really hard semi-spherical bits (don’t judge me, this is science). Good news: nearly
  22. So I think my weeks may be one off on these posts, but when I go back and look, I can’t see where the mistake is… idk. Ever since my dosage was upped, I’ve been getting a long and irritating breakout. I know it’s probably my body expelling the deep acne in my skin, but it HURTS and my skin picking has become a lot more challenging as a result. My closed comedones have become more numerous and obvious, yet all of my mirrors in my room are covered to dissuade my picking sessions so I’m not exactly
  23. March 15th, 2016. After a month of birth control, today was my first official Accutane appointment. My routine blood was drawn and I took my second (the first was taken when I was prescribed the birth control) pregnancy test. I was there for about two hours and it was utterly exhausting. After the long talks of Accutane side effects and the whole run through, I went home to fill out the iPledge questions before my Accutane prescription could be filled at the pharmacy. Unfortunately, I have to