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Found 57 results

  1. notsashagrey

    Day 13

    My first entry is written on the 26th of May, the 13th day I've been on Roaccutane. I only had the idea of documenting this journey today, but better late than never right? Oh and my dose for the first month and a half is 40mg per day. The first week on the pills went by pretty smoothly, no significant difference in my skin except for a little bit of dry, flaky skin on my nose and chin. My lips started drying very soon too, but I bought a jug of Vaseline to carry everywhere with me, and so fa
  2. Day 35! I am currently finishing up my first week of month 2. I stopped spiro last week and since have had a breakout of like 3 cysts. not fun & not pretty. I am scared that without the spiro the cysts are going to be bad but I pray that the Accutane keeps them at bay. So this week did bring 3 active cysts but I am trying to stay positive. As for dryness, my face is not that dry. My body is dry, and some areas on my nose and by my ears are dry but I have been really really good about moist
  3. sbee242

    Accutane Day 1-3

    Hello! I am currently taking 30mg twice a day of Claravis for my acne. Days 1-3 of accutane I didn't really experience any side effects but a mild headache and being a little more sleepy than usual. No dry skin or dy lips. However, I did feel a little achey and weak.
  4. Right now i have about 7 active pimples. The one on back doesn't hurt anymore and it seems smaller. I'm still waiting for the bump on my right cheek to pop and disappear. Today i got a pimple on my forehead and two on the right cheek. One of them is a bit bigger and I'm not sure but it might be cystic. That made me sad because i thought my skin was looking better but now it seems like I'm "finally" facing the initial breakout. I'm not even sure if it's the accutane or the stress or the period bu
  5. Acne: - right cheek: the new cyst, the whitehead (that I popped) on my upper lip. I popped the old cyst and it finally flattened but it will obviously left a permanent scar. Do I regret it? Yes and no. I only regret it, because I am going to have another scar - left cheek: whiteheads, a cyst, scarring and redness from previous acne Skin: even more dry on hands Side effects: nothing new Mood: still the same
  6. I haven't picked at my skin at all...
  7. I'm happy because my skin is doing better. I still have closed comedones, some bumps from previous acne and scars but I'm trying to stay positive
  8. HEY guys so techincally it's day three of the tane. So ya ill keep u guys posted on everything and just keep up with me on this horrible/exciting journey. anyways heres my post on the accutane post section,. maybe u can help me with my questions? post: <p> likewatchingtv, on 13 January 2013 - 06:56 AM, said: SORRY IN ADVANCE FOR LONG POST AND QUESTIONS =) PLZ PROCEED WITH PATIENCE LOL Hey people =).. well ok so i'm new hear just registered today. Anyways i just started amn
  9. I'm so happy with my skin and so thankful!
  10. felicaam

    Month Uno

    so this is my first month on ... dun dun dun ACCUTANE. the big acne bully. i was "that girl" in high school that never got a single blemish. im talking, rub butter on my face if you want. then my sophomore year of college something happened... maybe stress? or hormones? i was a late bloomer; not really sure what it was but i started to get those deep painful zits on my cheeks. and since i had NO idea what the freak was happening i was horrible to my skin. . im talking HARSH. multiple w
  11. Kinda f*cked up with my BC and then the condom broke so I took EC yesterday.
  12. My skin gets better then it gets worse again. It's a constant cycle but it looks much better than a month or two ago. I forget to post all the time. I only remember when i get new acne.
  13. Haven't got a pimple since the big one from December. I think the little bump that stayed from it will turn into a whitehead in the next few days.
  14. Hi, I'm 20 years old, dealing with mild to moderate acne for about 7 years now. Tried many topical and antibiotics, birth control pill is the only one to make a difference but it comes with too many side effects for me so finally got put onto Accutane. Started last week on 20mg a day. I will be on 20mg for 2 weeks after which I will go up to 40mg until my next appointment with the dermatology nurse on the 1st June. Week one - I've been ill and so I don't know if some of the changes I've be
  15. Nothing has changed. I have one active pimple on forehead and 2 active pimples on right cheek.
  16. Today I slept very good but woke up with a massive red pimple on my back (i don't normally have pimples there). It hurts quite a lot but I strongly hope that it will go away in a few days. What's new on my face? Nothing special. I got a few new pimples, one of them is on my chin and it hurts a little bit if you touch it. I also got period today so there might be a possibility that I got them because of that. But who knows. I noticed that my lips got dryer and so did skin on my forehead. I
  17. Okay, let's see what's new. Acne: 3 active acne, others cleared, 1 small new bump on the right cheek. But those 3 are big and quite annoying. Two of them have a white head, the other one might be cystic but as I've said before I'm not sure. I'm trying so hard not to pop them. Skin: gets red faster. My cheeks aren't dry right now but my forehead and chin are. The skin around my nose is dry as well. Lips are dry but don't crack.
  18. Acne: 5 active acne. 2 whiteheads, 2 cystic acne (1 is dying, one doesn't want to go away)..1 that might be a cyst or a whitehead Skin: dry around the mouth Mood: better
  19. Acne: around 6 active acne. It feels like the big cyst might finally turn into a whitehead or smt so it will go away
  20. Acne: - right cheek: a lot of closed comedones, scarring, a cyst, bumps from previous cysts - left cheek: a cyst, whiteheads, a big red pimple on chin Skin: legs started getting dry Side effects: nothing new Mood: nothing new
  21. Acne: - right cheek: a lot of closed comedones, scarring, a cyst, the new bump gor a white head which I popped, bumps from previous cysts - left cheek: a cyst, whiteheads, redness from picking on pimple on chin and a whitehead...i need to stop Skin: skin under my nose hurts Side effects: really dry skin on arms Mood: nothing new
  22. notsashagrey

    Day 14

    As of today I will have been on Roaccutane for two weeks. I'm fairly sure the breakout I'm currently having is indeed my IB because I woke up this morning with four or five new whiteheads on my cheeks and jaw, but I'd rather have those rather than painful cysts any day. They look small and like they'll pass soon. The biggest and most painful cyst from yesterday has gone down heaps too, leaving an angry red mark. I also have a hella painful bigass bump on my right cheekbone next to my hairline bu
  23. The reason why my cheeks look weird is because i was trying to show you that i have many closed comedones..
  24. My skin has looked quite good for the past few days. I feel like it's because of Medrol pills. I have one painful pimple on the right side on my chin.