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Found 29 results

  1. Hey guys! My name is Kenzie, I'm 20 years old and have had acne since middle school, both of my brothers had severe cystic acne and took accutane but I never did. My acne is the least severe out of all my siblings. I have some cystic acne, and some scaring on my face and back. I have taken almost every medication, from regular face wash, to duac and Retin-A. Mono cyclone, doxycycline and tetracycline, nothing has worked! Accutane, also known as Absorbica and Isotretinoin is also used for acne
  2. Hello all! Welcome to my week three check-in! This week was an interesting week in terms of how my skin was acting. I started off the week with my normal skin, more oily than dry, which seems typical since its about 100 degrees here. The dryness did subside and I was thrilled, hoping that would become the norm for the next four months that I'm on accutane. That all changed a few days ago, halfway through my third week. My skin went back to being extremely dry. The annoying thing is the dryness
  3. Hey there! I'm gonna try my best to stay positive throughout this post but these last few weeks have been a bit rough. So I'll try not to focus on the bad, as many of us know this is a JOURNEY and no quick fix. It gets worse before it gets better is a VERY true statement. Side effects: dry arms (some white patches are forming on them so I keep them moisturized), body aches (REALLY bad after working out for a day), eye dryness (very slight, I can still sleep in my contacts most nights), and in
  4. After 6 years starting accutane again due to return of oil and acne, of course. I was clear for a year after my first trial but then i started getting little white heads here and there and after 3-4 years i started getting blackheads, cysts and the whole enchilada. Recently i always appear to have something on my skin so i went to my doctor and asked to take acctuane. Last time i was supposed to do 6 months but i only did 5 months cause my lips got absolutely bad like its entire skin peeled
  5. Hello! So I just hit day 11 and am in hibernation mode inside my apartment until this delightful initial breakout clears up. Seriously I've been in my apartment for the last 2 days and thought that keeping a log here would be a better way to track progress and stay sane over the next few months. Some background: I am a 25 year old female with moderate, persistent acne on my face and back, and very oily, sensitive skin. I've had some form of acne since 8th grade. I've tried various antibiotic
  6. Hello everyone! Here I am to do my week one check-in on Accutane. This week has gone surprisingly well compared to what I have researched online prior to committing to the Accutane treatment. I was warned about EXCESSIVE drying of the skin and a major initial breakout. I'm happy to say, the drying is minimal and I have not had a major break out... yet! It was on day 5, after I did my daily makeup routine, that I noticed my face absorbing all the liquid foundation I put on it so that is when
  7. Hello all! My name is Stephanie and I am a 22 year old college student. A little about my acne background, I started getting acne in the 6th grade. Once I got it, I haven't been able to get rid of it. I started using topical medication in middle school along with regularly washing my face twice a day. On the topical side of things, I have used products ranging from over-the-counter medication such as Proactiv and Murad to prescription medication like Differin gel, Benzaclin, and Tazorac. I have
  8. Hello All! I just wanted to document when I really feel like my initial breakout is taking its toll. Last Tuesday I got one rather bothersome spot. It went away quickly, but now several others have popped up over the past week. I woke up today with new spots (cheek, chin) and have officially decided this is my initial breakout unfortunately. ARGHHH. Bright side: nothing cystic! Just inflamed white heads that won't budge unless I pop them. And they pop rather violently, lol, pretty graphic bu
  9. Hey guys so I've done one month of accutane now and I went back and got my dosage upped. So I started at 20mg twice a day for a month, now I'm at 30mg twice a day for a month and next month I will be going up in dosage again. Things have stayed the same as far as chapped lips, peeling face, etc. I've noticed that the drug is now attacking my back also so I have been breaking out on my shoulders and back but that's always the first step. I was looking at my face closely the other day and noticed
  10. So, I went in and before starting the medication there are lots of things to do. You have to sign up on this place called Ipledge. This is to track your medication and pregnancy tests. For this medication, you need to take a pregnancy test a month before starting the medication and then taking a pregnancy test the day that you start the medication. You have to take a test before starting the medication also on Ipledge. You have to be on "two" forms of birth control (actual birth control and then
  11. To follow up with my complaints about the side-effects: IT IS WORTH THE SUFFERING. My post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is fading faster than ever, break outs clear up quickly, and my skin is looking much better! About the side-effects: after an allergic-type breakout on my arm, I use eczema lotion and its gone in two days. If I put on Augaphor lip treatment in the morning after a shower my lips stay fine for most of the day, and continuous moisturizing helps that and dry skin. Still yet to ex
  12. I am a 24 year old female that has struggled with acne since middle school. My acne is not terrible and tends to seem a little hormonal. My dermatologist suggested accutane as our last resort to keep my skin clear. I have tried numerous topicals and oral antibiotics with no real results. I read a lot of blogs prior to starting accutane and hopefully have stocked up on all of the essential items: Cerave Moisturizing Facial Lotion PM Cerave Moisturizing Cream Systane rewetting drops Bag balm
  13. Hey guys so week 3 was pretty bad, insane peeling on my face, now my back, arms and legs are peeling, I have dandruff and I broke out like crazy. I need SOOO much lotion. But the headaches are gone and I'm feeling better. Hopefully all this peeling stops soon!
  14. As of yesterday, I've been on Absorica (accutane/isotretinoin) for 3 months collectively. It's been 2 months now that I've been on my maintenance dose, which is 60mg... (30mg AM, 30mg PM) I've been clear since starting the maintenance 60mg, which is amazing. This is even with skipping my pills on most weekends. I do this because I typically have a few drinks on the weekends and I don't want to mix this medication with alcohol because you are supposed to avoid alcohol entirely while on it. The
  15. Has anyone experienced itchy, dry, flaky scalp on accutane? I'm getting so much dandruff from it and it doesn't go too well with my dark hair. I'm forced to wash it daily unless I want to make a dandruffy fashion statement. Will this go away, get worse, stay as is? What can I do for it - product recommendations?
  16. Has anyone else taken Absorica and it didn't work? I used to have severe acne (large cysts on face & neck), so I went on Accutane once before, but took the generic Amnesteem. It worked, maybe not as good as it should have but by the end of the treatment course my skin was clear. About a year later, I started getting bumps again, not as bad as I had before but still a problem. After dealing with that for about 6 months, I went on a second course, but this time I'm taking the "fancy"
  17. So, I started Accutane (Absorbica, to be more specific) at the end of July, 2014. I am 26 years old, 5'8",145 lbs, and have suffered from acne since 4th grade. This past winter and really, since 2012, I've had on and off absolutely horrible cystic acne on my face, back, chest, shoulders, etc. Basically anywhere you can get acne, I have it. I wouldn't have sex with my shirt off, refused to go swimming, slept in my makeup because I refused to have anyone see me without it since even I didn't w
  18. From the album: Heather's Accutane (Absorbica) Progress

    First two photos are month 0, after taking an antibiotic for a month for anti-inflammatory purposes. Second two photos are after month 1 at 40 mgs/day. Third two photos are after month 2 at 80 mgs/day.
  19. Hello, I am new on here. I wanted to be able to write how I feel with others who understand what I am going through. I'm a 23 year old female, I have been struggling with acne since about the 6th grade. I have been on multiple prescriptions and all have failed me. My derm finally recommended accutane. I am on my second month right now I weigh 120 lbs my first month I was on 40 mg of absorbica then 80 my second month and now 80 again. I have not had any side effects besides dry lips. But my acn
  20. This last week has been a lot better, going in for blood work and a pregnancy test on Friday and getting more pills. The peeling on my face has gotten better, I've been using purpose soap to wash my face and some head and shoulders to control the dandruff. It's just mostly peeling on my arms and legs now.
  21. Okay, so, rough week, my face started to hurt and then just started peeling really bad. You can't wash your face or exfoliate at all or it will just keep peeling. I have dandruff now and I have never had dandruff in my life. I've had a good amount of break outs underneath my peeling also. Some very deep pimples, a lot of dried out white heads and black heads are falling out, but also a lot of plain old white heads popping up everywhere. It's not just my face that is peeling, it's my ears and eve
  22. So I have no internet (thanks Comcast) and am also really busy studying ~10 hours a day for this awful exam at the end of this month. Some of the side effects I'm experiencing might be due excessive hunching, stressing, and also the fact that it’s *that* time of the month. I can’t say I’m having terrible side effects so far – just some mild but annoying ones Dry, itchy scalp has been really bothering me recently. This usually results in dandruff – lots of dandruff – and they don’t
  23. Steph G


    Let me begin by saying that I have tried many many many different ways to cure my acne. From all different types of home remedies (applying tea tree oil every night does not work for our skin, guys) to prescription medications.Things I've tried (to name a few):apple cider vinegarhoney maskstea tree oil (my boyfriend really didn't appreciate the smell)antibactitial soaphomeopathic oral dropsremoving dairy from diet (torture)increase water intakewitch hazel acne pills from another county (DO NOT A
  24. Hey yall! It's me hehe. So 20 days strong on the 'Tane. It has been a wild ride! Definietly had an IB and am still purging pretty well. This lasted from weeks 2-3 and included 3 large pimples and lots of purging little spots. My skin is about 75% clear now though, not including hyperpigmentation/red marks from spots. I haven't gotten anything more than an inflamed blackhead in about a week. Improvement? I would say! I am also a recovering picker, so that has been difficult. Especially with s
  25. Hey homies! SOOO a lot has happened these last 11 days, but lemme break it down this way: Side effects: dry lips, some back pain (mainly when I work out), and thats about it! My eyes aren't dry at all and my face is still oily. Sometimes it's dry, and then I use a moisturizer and it seems like my oil production goes wayyyyy up so I am not even using a daily moisturizer yet. My skin is actually shiny and soft! Acne progress: I believe this is my IB week, which started around day 7. Kinda s