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Found 18 results

  1. So. My drying of my skin on the side of my nose is gone just about. Two pimples that the WHITE vinegar had made into a skin colored bump finally decided to come up and say "HELLO!" They're tiny, but surrounded with redness????? I've never had that before or at least never paid attention...I don't know. I'm scared considering every time I get a pimple I get a scar. Urg, awesome... Don't let me lose faith in this. Haha. I have actually adjusted to the smell now. It doesn't smell gross
  2. So. The ACV made my skin...extra dry. Along one side of my nose is sooo dry. It looks so gross. Nothing else to really say about this. Might take...3-6 months to see a result...
  3. Uhhh, sooo... My nose has like three little skin colored bumps on it. :\ The two zits i had the came up are starting to go away now. Some of the other skin colored bumps are gone (three on the side of my cheek) Others are still there (Two on my cheek.) Three other bumps are going away that came up around my nose. Well. I hate that all these zits are popping up...but I guess it's better to get it out of the way since they were probably going to come up anywho...
  4. Sooooooooooooooooooo, It's going well now. The little bumps are gooone. BUT i am switch soon to ACV. I just got some. I don't know exactly when I will be, but soon!!! I do notice and improvement of my indented scars. They seem to not be as indented!!! Or...is that just my wishful thinking?? I haven't exactly studied the difference to see if there truly is a difference by comparing the pictures I had taken before. I will sometime though. Wish me luck!!!
  5. I have only missed ONE day of ACV. I was having a baaaad day and just fell asleep at the foot of my bed. I totally spaced it. I still haven't checked it yet. I wiil post pictures whenever I do check IF IT HA WORKED!!! I PROMISE!!! I hope it has. Even a little improvement would make me happy.
  6. So, I don't do the ACV in the mornings. I wait 'til after i'm done with my day. Plus, classes are coming up...and I don't want to smell like this stuff...haha. Still haven't looked closely yet for it will depress me and I give up if there's no results yet. Haha. I'd rather not know! It's only been two weeks...it feels like it's been months! Gah! OH well. I want to start drinking it...but it freaks me out to start that now... :\ grrrs. I HATE SCARS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. UGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! It was just my imagination. NO CHANGE AT ALL. ZERO. ZIP. ZILCH. All it did was birng out those future zits. :\ Sighs... I feel like crap...i really really do. 21 days...of nasty white vinegar...FOR NOTHING AT ALL. Ugh... This just really depressed my mood. How freaking fantastic. ACV all the pressure is on you now... 3 weeks of ACV Braggs UNDISTILED/UNFILTERED starts now... Wish me even more luck. Indented scars must DIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!
  8. So, last night I put on a little ACV on the side of my face...woke up...ANNNNDDD....nothing happened!!! Haha, I was just making sure I didn't break out like crrrazy or something! Then, this moring I covered my face with it using a Q-Tip. I just dipped it in and swabbed my face. I did put some Witch Hazel in with it. I don't know how much. So, it really wasn't diluted too much though. It was mostly ACV. It smells like throw up...or feet. Hahahaaa. But i covered my face in it, then wai
  9. SSooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..... I looked... I didn't study it too much...just a glance... To me, it seems there is a difference, especially with one of them! It seems less deep! Could it be just wishful thinking??? DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNN....I don't know and won't know until i compare the before and after photos...GULP!!! :\ Sighs...I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  10. I've just been doing the ACV at night. Wow, it's been a month? It feels like it's been like...4 months. Haha. Sheeesh... And yes...I still haven't checked...I try not to pay attention to it.
  11. So, I didn't put it on today because I was going out to dinner for my grandpa's birthday. Today, he pointed out my scars, "Oooooo, someone's been picking!" He poked some of my scars as he said that... My heart was CRUSHED. I wanted to crawl in a hole and just die. I felt the urge to just cry my eyes out right then and there. It was clear that my scars did show and I have just been and idiot to believe they would fade. I went to the bathroom later and looked at myself in the mirror. I wante
  12. So, for three days I have been using ACV. I haven't paid any attention to it because I don't want to be disappointed with it...I like to believe it's working. Haha. The smell is gross still. It makes my eyes water... I did get my cyst back (?) I don't know if it was the cyst or just a huge pimple since it did come to a head...but the hardness underneath the skin i've had since June is gone! Woot!
  13. So, two of the little pimples can to an actual red pimple. Joy... But last night I switch from patting my face with a washcloth with the vinegar and witch hazel to mixing it in a bowl and splashing it on my face. I woke up and It didn't look or act differently. But I will start doing that now though. Ps: My eyes reeeeeeeeeally water now that I am splashing it or wiping it all over my face. :\
  14. So, last night I went to sleep with it on after I showered. My face is so soft. There are not issues. Not yet at least. I will continue the same way.
  15. I have heard so much about Apple Cider Vinegar and how it DOES cure INDENTED/DEPRESSED/ROLLING/BOXCAR scars so I have decided to give it a try. But I am starting off with WHITE vinegar since I read ANY type of vinegar could be used. It is diluted and has 5% acidity. I tested it on the sides of my face two days ago and nothing happened. This morning I covered my whole face in it. I am desssperateee! I want these indented scars gone or at least less noticeable. I applied it by mixing i
  16. Yes, I still haven't checked it. Some of you guys might be curious and like, "WHY ON EARTH DON'T YOUR FREAKIN' CHECK IT SO I KNOW IF IT'S WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!???!?!?!?!?!??!?! " oh well. I'm hoping it is working. Even the slightest bit of difference will make me happy. I have noticed my face...is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dry. I mean...SO dern dry!!! Ugh...it's annoying.
  17. It's July 22 and 1:02pm... My face is still soft. Still had the smell. And still do not know if there's an improvement. I am starting to think I need to move on to the NON diluted vinegar now. I think my face can handle it. I've read that the diluted version doesn't help everyone and the non diluted one works waaay better for intended scars...hmmm...
  18. So, I had an issue two days ago. I got little white bumps from it. Just like 4. They were small so no problem. My face is still soft. Sometimes it does itch. I still hate the smell. I haven't truly checked my face yet. I don't want to get my hopes up just yet...