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Found 16 results

  1. Hey guys!! Haven't done an update in a couple of months, so I thought I better let you all know how things are going! So I have been on Oratane (Accutane) for 5 & a half months (25 weeks, 172 days) now and I had a dermatologist appointment last week. He told me that once I have completed the rest of my pack that I have left - I'm done!! Only 8 more pills left! So that's 6 months, 3 on 20mg & 3 on 10mg. & I couldn't be more happier to be back to normal!! He told me if I wa
  2. DainBramaged


    From the album: Forehead scar revision

    gets quite indented when puckering
  3. Hello everyone! I'm Tyler and I'm going to be chronicling my journey on Accutane (Isotretinoin). First off, let me give you so background information. I am 16 years old, a male, 6'2, and 165 lbs. I'm very active, with basketball taking up my days almost everyday after school. I've had acne since (my guess) 6th grade. I think that is when someone first said something to me about my acne, and man did it feel belittling. But people get older and more mature and people stop saying things!
  4. In 6 days I will have been on Accutane for 6 long, hard months. I am a 24 year old girl. I am 5' 7'' and weigh about 125 lbs. I have always had issues with my skin- ever since puberty. For the most part, my main problem was cystic acne that would flare up around the time of my period. I have been on birth control (yaz and then beyaz) since about 15 or 16. After trying retina A and various antibiotics over the years without the results I was looking for, my dermatologist suggested Accutane.
  5. Hello to all, I have started this log based upon my current accutane regimen, which to be honest im not entirely sure im ready for. But here it goes anyways . My name is Jason and I am a 29 year old male who was recently just put on accutane again. Now let me give you a little bit of a run down of my history. When i was probably around 15-16 years of age, I had severe cystic/nodule acne on my face, back, and chest area. After trying numerous remedies or possible solutions the doctor finall
  6. Well... I guess I need to change the description on this blog. It's not going to be a 4 to 5 month process... it's going to be a 6 to 7 month process and maybe even longer... [email protected]!% I met with my dermatologist on Tuesday (today is Thursday) and she told me that based off of how badly the side effects are affecting me, especially the paronychia (ingrown nails), it would be better to lower my dosage back to 40mg a day. She's still prescribing me the 2x 40mg pills a day but only wants me to take th
  7. I am into my third month!! Wooo so happy about that. So I'll start with the good news: I am still completely clear! It almost seems years ago that I was obsessing over & so upset about my skin, & no matter the side effects I get I have to remember that it's the whole reason I'm on Oratane & it's doing what I want it to! But there are definitely side effects I'm getting. At the moment the main ones are: Eczema: It is OUT OF CONTROL!!! It's the worst it's ever been in my who
  8. Hi guys! So I am at work right now & I'm not wearing any make up! (From the photos I am obviously wearing lipstick but I mean no make up to cover my skin ie foundation or concealer!) I just wanted to share a quick update with everyone, because I'm so so excited about this! I have never come to work without make up on, even before my skin got bad. So this is an AMAZING step for me & my confidence! It's been 2 weeks since I've had even a small pimple & my face is completely cl
  9. hi, im 24 years old male, try a lot of diffirent things for my acne like Dan's regiment, salicylic acid, Benzoyl Peroxide 5%, water only cavemen regiment (the worst of all lol), etc. I always had mild to moderate acne problem since im in a adult years (the acne really kick out when I was around 21). I dont think mine is hormonal, I believe is more a mixed of irritation, oily skin, stress, and most of all some bad products that left my face strip of is protection My current regiment for the
  10. Hello everyone. I was on accutane for 5 months for my acne. I decided to go on it after suffering with bad acne for about 4 years and was fed up with trying everything the doctors gave me. It went well! My skin was clear but had hell of a lot of scarring but I knew i could treat that after being on accutane. I was very happy with my skin. So clear and spot free! Until now. It's been 6 months nearly 7 since I stopped my accutane and my acne is coming back?! i had shingles a mo
  11. So I have been on The Regimen since March 2016, but suddenly I've started breaking out again on my chin and upper lip after 6 months! I take saw palmetto, zinc, vit. d and c, as well as Olly superfoods and fiber supplements daily. I eat pretty well and have upped my water intake to 70ish oz per day. I did recently started working out more and I've cut back on sugar, but I thought that was supposed to help my skin! I'm super frustrated because my skin was flawless until now! Anybody else have thi
  12. Where to begin?? My name is Nicole, I'm 20years old & from New Zealand. Since I hit high school (13y/o) I've always had a few spots on my face. I tried a few topical treatments & antibiotics from my GP, which worked well at the time. I wouldn't say my skin was any worse than anyone else my age though, and it wasn't until I had finished school & got my first job that it really became a problem. After my first 3 or 4 months of my first job, I started breaking out like CRAZY. Nev
  13. DainBramaged


    From the album: Forehead scar revision

  14. Hello! So I've had body acne for almost a year now, I'm about to start Accutane and thought I'll do a log to not only see my personal improvement but to also show you the process of this drug. I'm about to do my blood work tomorrow before I could get the drug. I'll be on Accutane for 6 months, not sure the dosage yet. I'm 5"10 5/8 tall and I weigh 160 lbs. I've been through many treatments but it hasn't really helped it. This is a list of what I've taken so far. LIST: - 2 courses of Ery
  15. Hey everyone So I have just been reading some of the topics on here & noticed a few people talking about Cumulative doses. I'm on Oratane (accutane) at the moment & I have never heard of this! It's got me worried that my course isn't going to work for me. This is my 2nd time on Oratane, the first time I was supposed to be on 20mg for 6 months. But I stopped after 3 months because I was finding it too hard & my skin had completely cleared up. This time I'm on 20mg for 6 months &
  16. DainBramaged


    From the album: Forehead scar revision

    looks good under this lighting