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Found 14 results

  1. lillysimyhair

    1 month on spiro

    So I can officially say that it has been a whole month of taking spironolactone. I've decided to keep my dose to 50 mg as I have noticed major improvements on my face - starting with forehead which was filled with cystic acne just over a month ago and now I have none. I still have a small number of breakouts on my cheeks and a couple on my jaw but it is not as worse as how it was before I started taking spiro. I am however left with a lot of scars and pigmentation which I know can be sorted out
  2. Hexagon

    Week 19 50Mg

    Got a cyst on my chin, massive cyst on my forehead, and a small pimple on side of my head. I don't know why I let myself get excited whenever my skin gets a little better, because I always end up back at this point My pores are becoming more visible again and my nose is so oily what the hell is going on I'm also very very sick with a stomach bug, feel so horrible The corner of my mouth split again and have annoying dry patches near my mouth and chin that won't go away Absolutely nothing h
  3. Hexagon

    Week 16 50Mg

    A bit early but I need to update, so I went on holiday with 1 active cyst, felt 2 more cysts and a few pimples developing during the journey there. I felt horrible and couldn't believe I was getting such a severe breakout just as I was going away, nothing could describe the despair and anxiety I felt stood in an airport with everyone looking at me and my boyfriend and hs family who have never seen it so bad. Howeverrr, something really unusual happened, by the end of the day, every single cyst
  4. Hexagon

    Week 15 50Mg

    I'm 15 weeks in and I've come to the conclusion that although I no longer get oily skin or hair I'm still breaking out as much as I did, if not more, before accutane I'm going on holiday tomorrow and I although I would like to just hide indoors I have to go and just deal with it, I have one active on my forehead and lots of healing wounds and dry peeling skin. I don't know if this is some kind of delayed initial breakout but I'm simply fed up and kind of beginning to think that accutane just is
  5. So i haven't been blogging very often (apologies) as i've been busy and forgetful! I have now done 4 weeks starting on 30mg and my dose has now increased to 40mg and I've done that for around a week or just over i think (losing count) My skin was getting better, people were commenting on the improvement, then when i upped my dose i got a small breakout on one of my cheeks which is about 5 whiteheads- they're not huge ones or anything but it's quite sore. Anywho, symptom wise= still nada (prett
  6. Acne since around 14 years of age. Im now 29. Visited my GP about my acne when 16 and was told it's not bad enough for prescription and to continue working towards finding a OTC routine that works. This is is why I assumed a doctor couldn't help my acne and it wasn't until 29 years old I decided to bring it up again with a Doctor. GP prescribed Doxycycline 50mg once daily. I am documenting progress as by day two I have notable results!!! I'm counting days as 24 hours post Doxy. So this
  7. Hexagon

    Week 18 50Mg

    So I ran out of 10mg pills and started taking alternate doses doses of 40mg one day and the 60mg, averaging out to 50mg right? a few days into this my skin suddenly got very very oily again and was a horrible reminder of what I had to deal with before, but has now settled down again I'm very anxious as since I've got my copper iud, although hormone free my menstrual cycle has become irregular and I really hope this doesn't have an impact on my skin I haven't got any pimples since last week, ju
  8. Hexagon

    Week 14 50Mg

    All was going well til I bought and tried cerave am moisturiser, this stuff is the worst moisturiser I've ever used in my life it's like rubbing old pva glue on your face. It immediately blocked my pores and I've gotten a cyst on my forehead, might not be because of the cerave but I'm pretty sure it is. The acne I get does not last long it's just the marks and scars left after that bother me so much, I'm so fair skinned that every single little mark is so obvious it looks so bad, and because th
  9. Hexagon

    Week 12 50Mg

    Maybe I spoke too soon, as I am sitting here with a bleeding, weeping cyst on my forehead Since upping my dose to 50 my skin has taken a turn for the absolute worst. Comedones popping up again, pores visible, extremely dry, slow healing skin and red marks are so prominent Feel like sh*t basically However I have to admit I have been under extreme stress and have been eating nothing but junk food which could be the reason I can promise you now I will not being going any higher than 50mg becaus
  10. Hi there, I am into my third week of my fourth course of roaccutane been prescribed 50mg to start with. 23 year old male from the UK. The dryness has started again. I have been using given doublebase gel which works really well on the body but not ideal for the face. So after looking alot online I decided to go with Cetaphil moisturising lotion. Bad move. It lift my face really shiny/greasy looking. The cetaphil cleanser is really good however very gentle on the skin. So looking for recomme
  11. Hello everyone... I have just started to take Minomycin which was reccomended from my GP (Two 50mg tablets daily so, = 100mg a day), as i'm starting to get light acne. I'm actually worried about taking medication to get rid of acne as it doesn't seem natural. I was just concerned about the side affects - I have researched the medication but i'd like some personal experiences. When i stop taking the medication would the light acne come back worse and stronger? As i'm still developing (u
  12. Recently took vitamin A 10000 iu vitamin e 400 iu vitamin d3 2000 iu and zinc pciolmnate 50 mg and skin got clear no new pimples but had to stop because my stomach got inflamamted and was worried too many pills a day, well me thinking it was the zinc alone doing the job because i had previously taken vit a and e and nothing but i have new pimples today after stop taking eveyrhting else but the zinc, so now i am back on the vit d 2000 iu and we will see if that was the cure for me in a couple of
  13. Hexagon

    Week 17 50Mg

    I do not have any actives and I can say my face looks its best since starting accutane, it has been a good couple days without anything new popping up which is nice. After the big breakout things changed a lot, dryness kicked in full force, I suddenly got dry flaking skin on my face, ecxema increased everywhere, I got dandruff, my cuticles and skin around my finger are dry and peeling, eyes are dry again, even dandruff on my eyebrows, soo dry! Unfortunately my joints have started acting up aga
  14. Hexagon

    Week 13 50Mg

    I have no active acne again but my skin still looks a state it's doing this really strange thing where it will inflame and blister in places as if its acne, only it's not. It is red, dry and absolutely nothing will heal. Pores on my forehead, cheeks and chin are almost non existent, my nose however is still a little clogged Im still loving not having to wash my hair so often or carry blotting papers around anymore Another strange thing is my period was a couple days late this month and my h