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Found 12 results

  1. Hiya people! Was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with both Dermarolling and Salicylic Acid Peels to fade shallow acne scarring? I've had "moderate" acne for 3-4 years now! Approaching 20 in two months time so I know how much of a pain acne can be. Not just a pain in the bum, but it has literally wrecked my self-esteem to the point I've isolated myself behind the glow of my computer screen frantically searching the net for a glimmer of hope when it comes to removing these dr
  2. I started using PanOxyl gel (10%) 3 days ago and so far it's pretty much fine. When I put the gel on it burns a little and continues burning for a few hours but eventually stops, my whole face gets really red but that also stops eventually and my skin feels really tight and dry (moisturizer helps). On day one it just barely had a burning sensation but I've noticed it gets worse everyday. Although it doesn't really bother me that much.
  3. Do any of these interfere with the ability to acquire a tan? I am currently using the sodium sulfacetamide on my back and the duac and differin on other affected areas. I have mild acne on my back and very little acne on my face and chest. And yes, I am aware of how damaging the sun can be to one's skin but I use 50 SPF whilst tanning. Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone! I've been struggling with bacne for a long time, and I've tried many methods of getting rid of it- none of which seemed to work. Salicylic acid, gold bond, head and shoulders- none of them could clear me up. Now I'm trying benzoyl peroxide in the form of panoxyl 10% strength bar. I've seen good reviews so I'm hoping it'll work. My only worry is that the benzoyl peroxide in the soap will bleach my clothes. I've heard that it will bleach towels, which I am fine with- I'll jus
  5. Hello all, I am curious about everyone's opinion when it comes to 10% BP on the regimen. I used the search function and could not find any posts answering my particular question. A little history about my acne and previous treatments. I have been using 10% BP (prescription Perrigo 10%) for about 5 years in generous amounts 1x-2x daily. Until recently, simply washing my face and applying BP at night kept my acne at bay with only a few small pimples here and there. As of about 4 months ago
  6. I've been using Pan Oxyl 2.5% for over two years and love it. Obviously, it's stopped being made now and the only thing that's available in my chemist is Pan Oxyl 10%. A few people have mentioned using the 10% in small amounts with moisturiser might be OK. Do you combine the two? Or is it that you put moisturiser on first and then the gel, or the other way round? I'm not really considering Quinoderm Cream unless that would be a better alternative. Pan Oxyl took a long time for my skin to get
  7. I've been using Benzac AC 5% BP for more than 10 weeks now and while it's done an amazing job controlling my acne, I still break out. Right now My forehead, left cheek, and chin are clear but my right cheek has 5 actives (small but visible). Is 10% really not a good option? I've read that 10% BP's are way too harsh, is it true? How about if I just use it as a spot treatment after using 5% for my whole face?
  8. I live in the UK and can only find concentrations of 5% benzoyl peroxide and 10%. 2.5% is unheard of round here. And I don't want to fork out loads of money for the delivery for the acne.org products. Now that my 5% of benzoyl peroxide has run out, I can't find any more, it seems to be discontinued! 10% seems to the only thing on the shelves now, which is annoying as it's extremely drying and I can't follow the regimen precisely. Is it possible to use the 10% benzoyl peroxide with the regim
  9. I cannot seem to find any experiences of putting 10% AHA lotion on eyebrows. Does anything bad happen if you get the lotion on your eyebrows because sometimes I accidentally rub it onto part of my eyebrows when applying the lotion to the forehead area. Sorry if I'm being paranoid, but I just want to make sure nothing bad will happen to my eyebrows such as hair falling out or changing color since they're already thin to begin with. Thanks guys.
  10. Yesterday night I applied a tiny dab of clean and clear on the spot benzoyl peroxide 10% treatment to my acne and this is the result: see attachment below. When I say tiny, I meant a small TINY dab. I did not intend to apply the treatment and spread it so wide. Right this moment my skin is extremely red, burning, and itching! Is this completely normal? I read that itching and redness will go away overtime but is it normal to have red burning skin? Is Dan's 2.5 benzoyl peroxide for me?
  11. Hey guys, I already posted this in the Store brand Regimen supplies section, but I wanted to get this question out in as many places as possible. I was wondering what your opinion on what the purpose of Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser should be? I know it has "cleanser" in the name and in the directions it says to wash off face, but this website seems to say otherwise. When looking at the reviews of the product on this website, it lists it as an "Acne/Spot Treatment". Th
  12. Ok, for all that are here, I wanted to take your time to talk about my transition from glycolic acid 10% to glycolic acid 30% and my future progress to 50%. I started using 10% recommended by my dermatologist. I used it until i could tolerate it at him and i decided to move to 30% im a couple days ive been shedding skin a lot w some stinging but its bearable. Im not sure if its my optimism trying to persuade me but i feel like bumps of skin coming from my scars and i was wondering if its new sk