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Found 15 results

  1. lillysimyhair

    1 month on spiro

    So I can officially say that it has been a whole month of taking spironolactone. I've decided to keep my dose to 50 mg as I have noticed major improvements on my face - starting with forehead which was filled with cystic acne just over a month ago and now I have none. I still have a small number of breakouts on my cheeks and a couple on my jaw but it is not as worse as how it was before I started taking spiro. I am however left with a lot of scars and pigmentation which I know can be sorted out
  2. FEAR ME! Yes! I quit benzoyl peroxide cold turkey.. One day I just .. STOPPED. OK. Well, I am at 1 month. I thought my acne was bad while on the REGIMEN. HOLY COW. This last month has been awful. I've broke out on my forehead and on my chin; places I've NEVER EVER got acne before. Not on my nose, however...strange. Not to exclude my cheeks and the sides of my face. During this last month I've had to prepare myself for college which means being out in public and showing them my ugly mu
  3. I’ve just completed my fourth week on 30mg of roaccutane. I have my dermatologist appointment tomorrow morning so I might do an extra post about that afterwards to share what was discussed. My symptoms are much of the same but because I haven’t reacted that badly to the 30mg (at least I don’t think I have) I have a feeling she’s going to up my dose. Things are about to get interesting. Not in this blog post though, sorry. Day 22 Thursday10th August Overall my skin is good, I kee
  4. Hey guys, just wondering if it is possible to be clear on one month of accutane? I'm just wondering because I will be meeting up with some old friends in around a month and I really don't want acne on my face. Oh and I've been on acccutane for 5 days now at 20mg (but I will go up to 40mg in 5 days) and my acne is about a 6 out of 10 with most of the congestion on my cheeks and forehead. I'm a 15 year old guy btw. Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, just wondering if it is possible to be clear on one month of accutane? I'm just wondering because I will be meeting up with some old friends in around a month and I really don't want acne on my face. Oh and I've been on acccutane for 5 days now at 20mg (but I will go up to 40mg in 5 days) and my acne is about a 6 out of 10 with most of the congestion on my cheeks and forehead. I'm a 15 year old guy btw. Thanks!
  6. Hey guys I'm a 16 year old guy and I'm on my second month of Accutane. I have moderate acne primarily on my chin and nose. I've been on it for a month and 4 days. I won't go into everything I've tried before I tried accutane because I know whoever takes this medicine has tried everything already. I'm taking the "Absorbica" version which is apparently a new product. Ever since I started Accutane my face has been a mess. Just in the first 2 weeks I got 5 big cysts on my chin and after that, o
  7. I have seen a lot of changes this month. I am so excited I will attach pics. The first image is day 1, the second image is day 30!!
  8. Hey everyone! So I have finally started Roaccutane, I've been on it for just over a month now. Started on the 5th October - 20mg a day. I didn't really have any side affects until the end of the first month, my lips and face got slightly dry but I was also blaming that on the cold weather! I also got really itchy legs from them being so dry (I have quite dry legs anyway) but that stopped after I started using moisturiser on them. I'm now a week into my second month - 50mg a day. My face
  9. Today, i´m doing 1 month on Diane-35. Here are the changes I´ve experience yet. -More appetite = getting fatter -Feeling much better with my emotions, in general, except the days of "resting" , when i have my period. My mood changes like crazy! I feel moody and angry, I don´t know why. - My breasts are getting bigger, too - My acne is slowly improving -My hirsutism... i´m not seeing improvement yet. -I don´t tolerate alcohol as before. I don´t know why. Maybe it has nothing to do with the
  10. Tomorrow starts my 6th week on the regime! So i got over that episode i had where i wanted to quit. Im starting to be super gentle with the steps of the regime, I'm incorporating AHA into my regime but it stings a little still so I'm only using a little less then half AHA and the more moisturizer so my face isn't red in the aam I broke out from the exfoliation but today my pimples were big, and now at night i can already see them shrinking. I think my acne scars are starting to fade! Ive be
  11. PREFACE Hey guys so ive always been roaming around acne.org the past 2 years. I'm 17 years old singaporean-canadian and i first started getting acne when i was 14 y/o. i only had it on my forehead for several months then boom one day it spread all over my face and it really caught me off guard. I tried everything, i first started with salicylic acid creams to no improvement, then murad sulphur spot treatment which helped a bit but not much, and when my acne was moderate mainly on the sides
  12. Before accutane... http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=dcsg7d&s=5 1 month into accutane http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2dtst29&s=5 http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=15yvv2v&s=5 http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=rhin8l&s=5 im not rly sure if im seeing improvement or if its getting worse.. soooo im gonna ask the internet people lol and yea im still breaking out prtty bad and idk if i shud moisturize or just let my face dry out ive tried both ways but
  13. Greetings fellow acne haters! So I have completed ONE MONTH on Zenatane (accutane)!!!! Gonna talk about two things today. 1) this past week and 2) my dermatologist visit. 1) This past week: My skin is still persisting in the dryness department. My forearms and legs are suffering the most and I'm still seeing the white, flaking circles/patches everywhere. I spent Monday working while on my knees a lot and when I got home that day, I noticed that there was piece of skin that was dried out
  14. Hello there, I would like to hear from you some opinions/advices. 7 weeks ago I started to use Lymecycline capsules (recommend by gp). 2 weeks later ( exactly 1 month ago) I started to use acne.org regimen. First week after using regimen I saw some improvements - pimples has been burned-out but arround 2- 3 weeks ago it's started to getting worse. My forehead and upper cheeks are clear and also before haven't had serious problems in those zones. But lower cheeks and especially on the sides