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Syneron Matrix RF/Sublative Rejuvenation
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Brand: Syneron

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Syneron Matrix RF/Sublative Rejuvenation


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Syneron Matrix RF/Sublative Rejuvenation

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Syneron Matrix RF/Sublative Rejuvenation

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Reviewed on August 2, 2011

I already had my 3rd treatment and there is no visible improvement.... just sad to waste money

Reviewed on July 27, 2011

I wouldn't recommend it to be honest. If you look at all the pictures online, you will only see post treatment pictures 1 week after or 1 month after; never several months after. Additionally, I don't see any updates of people who initially had the procedure. I too researched online and never found any negative reviews and that made me decide to have this procedure. I wish someone like me had posted a negative review for people to read so I wouldn't have done this procedure.

Reviewed on July 19, 2011

can i recommend it? yes and no. Maybe it works better for you maybe not. all treatmens for scar is the same, for some it works for some it dont. I have looked for treatments in many years you cant find any treatment that 80-90 % of the people have hade a succesful treatment, allways 50/50 .

Reviewed on March 20, 2011

I had acne scarring from major pustule subdermal acne (the kind that you can't get rid of - never comes to a head and just sits under your skin creating havoc for weeks to months). The acne had left pretty horrible scars and oh, did I hear about it constantly - "what happened to her face" or "she's so ugly", or "She has a nice body, but an ugly face". I put up with that BS for many years, trying to ignore it, but gosh, did it make me feel so yuck!

Friday, March 18th, I had the Matrix Sublative Rejuvination done. I see in some posts where numbers are referenced and I did hear the nurses speaking to each other saying the number, 50 among other numbers. I don't know what that means, but I'd have to say that overall, I'm pretty satisfied with this laser treatment. I have never had laser treatment done before, but did have a micro-dermabrasion* done twice and it does nothing. Today is Sunday and my swelling and redness have gone away completely. I'm feeling some scabbing coming along, so I guess that's good. My face looks so much better and I'm so happy! I know that I'll have it it done again, but it's rather expensive, so I'll have to wait. At least it didn't cost $1500.00 or $2000.00 like the CO2 and the 2 week social downtime.

I just wanted to post this so that others know what to expect.

Reviewed on August 23, 2010

Update to my earlier review:

I've since had 2 additional treatments completed, both at the C treatment level. The most recent being at the highest setting. I'm slated to have a 4th treatment next week. I've noticed improvement in my scarring. Many of my scars have "filled up" with collagen from the bottom. The scars ARE still noticeable, just not as deep. Some scars are responding better than others. My rolling scar on my left cheek is pretty much gone, however, it was mild to begin with. With each treatment, I've had improved healing each time, as I believe my skin has become "familiar" with the procedure. It's my understanding that collagen remodeling can take up to 6 months, so I won't have a 100% accurate assessment until December. I just wanted to be faithful w/ an updated review.

Reviewed on June 24, 2010

I had this done on a Monday and it's now a Thursday. My swelling is nearly gone and the matrix dots from the treatment are now scabs that are starting to flake off on their own. I had the mid-level treatment (Treatment B at 48mj), as this comes in tx. levels A, B, & C with 3 different microjoule settings per level. I only had my cheeks treated for scarred pores & mild ice pick/shallow scarring. This is a relatively new treatment for fractional ablation that has been on the market for over a year. It DOES NOT use heat or lasers. The technology is dual-mode radio frequency that penetrates to a depth similar to Fraxel laser. It works by creating small pinpoints of skin ablation using a 64 point grid hand piece approximately the size of a postage stamp. I will continue to update my review as time goes on. The recommended treatment plan is a minimum of 3 treatments spaced at 4 week intervals.

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