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Stievamycin Tretinoin and Erythromycin Gel
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Stievamycin Tretinoin and Erythromycin Gel


Stievamycin Mild Gel
Active Ingredients:
Tretinoin (.01%) and Erythromycin (4%).

Inactive ingredients:
BHT, ethyl alcohol, and hydroxypropyl cellulose.

Stievamycin Gel
Active Ingredients:
Tretinoin (.025%) and Erythromycin (4%).

Inactive Ingredients:
BHT, ethyl alcohol, and hydroxypropyl cellulose.

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Stievamycin Tretinoin and Erythromycin Gel

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Stievamycin Tretinoin and Erythromycin Gel

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Anonymous, Canada
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Reviewed on July 15, 2010

I don't generally get pimples, but my derm prescribed me this a year ago for oil control. However, I stopped using it after my first tube ran out because it became ineffective after using it for a couple months.

A week ago I decided to go pick up the second tube in my prescription since i was getting desperate for a solution for my huge pores (which wasn't as big of an issue when I first used this product).

I have only been using it a week, about 2-3 times a day, but the pores on my cheeks have already decreased in size SO much.

With a bit of makeup, they're hardly even noticeable anymore.

I still have to blot the oil off of my face every few hours as well as having to deal with flaky skin around my mouth, but id rather have that than the awful texture i had before!

I'm really hoping it continues to work as well as it is, because for the first time in ages i can actually look in the mirror and be happy with what i see.

Reviewed on May 6, 2010

Worth a try, especially because the price is right. How much have we all spent on tubes of lotions and gels from the pharmacy only to have wasted $$$.

Even though it gets worse first, It's not the end of the world, drink lots of water, keep your face (and hands clean), eat nutritiously and it will heal up.

At this point I only use it 4-5 times a week, due to the speed at which it regenerates my skin. I find myself needing to really exfoliate to keep my skin from looking dull and do use eye cream at night around my under eye area.

I still do wash my face with Clearasil cream or PanOxyl bar soap, alternating and I use a non comedogenic cream during the day. I like Kiss My Face Peaches and Cream, which has AHA 4% in it, also helping your skin to regenerate.

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Reviewed on May 1, 2010

i got it and it worked but even though its been a year since i used it regularly. my forehead(where i had acne) is still all red and scared. I'm getting microdermabrassion so it will probably be gone. It is worth trying though.

Reviewed on March 23, 2010

Not recommended for acne treatment, but rather to treat Acne vulgaris ([link removed] the use of this cream will make your old acne scars become very visible (For me even the ones that were gotten rid of by Acutain acne medication which was a pill form medicine

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Anonymous, Ottawa, Canada
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Reviewed on March 4, 2010

I've been on this medication for almost three years now. While on it, I experienced significantly less acne then before, but only after a few weeks of use. During the first few weeks, there was irritation and flaking, but it went away after a while.

However, since my skin is incredibly oily (especially my nose), it hasn't been able to anything for my blackheads there. But since you can only notice them if you look really closely, it really doesn't matter to me. There's also been some acne that has developed, but that can be attributed to my sloppy job of applying the gel.

It's also helpful if you're like me and like to pick at the skin (I know it's bad, but I do it without thinking sometimes). While on the medication, my skin seemed to heal right up, no matter how much I abused it. I'm not sure if it will work for everybody, but I've had no permanent damage from the acne that did end up developing.

The instructions say that the gel should be used with regular washing, and only after the skin is completely dry after a shower. You should follow them if you choose this product.

All in all, it's good for people who have a moderate case of acne that don't mind waiting a bit for it to work. It is a very good exfoliant and may prevent scarring. However, it is not a sliver bullet and cannot solve all your problems.

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AudreyR, Brampton, Ontario
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Reviewed on February 1, 2010

I'm using NeoStrada Oil Free Gel Cleanser twice a day. In the morning I'm using Neostrada 8% Toning Solution mixed with 2% Clindamycin...then before bed, I'm using Stievamycin Forte 0.05%.

I'm 31 years old and I've always had problems with acne. I'm loving this product so far. I have lots of acne scars and I'm hoping to see a difference with those as well (as I've read on this website).

I strongly recommend this product to anyone that doesn't seem to find results in any other products they've tried.

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Anonymous, Calgary
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Reviewed on January 8, 2010

I tried it for 2 weeks and it made my skin horrible.I had dry itchy spots on my face that would not way, no matter what I did...discontinued use of it until the spots went away and tried it again and it's doing the EXACT same thing. These spots are extremely itchy and painful and a few very large ones on my face aren't going away. I didn't have bad acne to start with, at all, but my doctor prescribed it because I started to have a few problems areas on my face. I really don't recommend it.This medication has literally burned my skin.

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Anonymous, Toronto, Ontario
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Anonymous, Vancouver, Canada
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Reviewed on December 7, 2009

I really liked the medicine. I am not sure about it working on acne, but it worked really well for my problem.

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Werner, Vancouver
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Reviewed on November 25, 2009

i already have a good tanned skin colour and i have noticed darke blemish and i am very worried that it wont go away!