Special thanks

I want to say thank you to all of the people that helped make Acne.org possible...

After 8 years of being entirely not-for-profit, we now make our own skincare products, using super high quality ingredients, in


  • Dad - For your support in everything that I do over the years and for your ongoing feedback.
  • Mom - For making me believe in myself and instilling a core of love and caring for others.
  • Rickey - For your marketing expertise and for looking out for me.
  • Kent - For your passionate support and gusto for the cause.
  • Mikell - For selflessly listening to me over the years and providing tough love and valuable feedback.

The Team

  • Joel - For putting up with me for so many years. Oh, and for your patient genius. I don't know what I'd do without you.
  • Brandy - For your generous heart. For caring so much. And for somehow reading my mind and being there for everyone when I cannot.
  • Paul - For your boundless talents. For your trustworthiness. For being a friend. And for having the best accent ever.
  • Kory - For patiently putting out fires and stepping in when I need you.
  • Casey - For showing me how a big thinker can buckle it down and really get things done.
  • Veronica - For making my life so much easier. Whew. Thanks.
  • Diane - For your humor and your kick butt graphic design.
  • Shawn - For lending your expertise to the team and blending so seamlessly. We're all really happy to have you.

Mentors and fellow soldiers

  • Dr. Fulton - For your lifelong passion and deep caring for people. I am inspired.
  • Debi - For giving and giving and giving and keeping the faith.
  • Laura and Pat - For working to tirelessly improve lives one at a time and by teaching others to do the same.
  • Rebecca Gadberry - For teaching me so much and for being so darn fun to be around.


  • Moderators - What can I say? You are superstars and I count myself blessed every day to have such a great team of people looking out for the community.
  • Product Volunteers - For your honest feedback. For keeping it real.
  • The Community @ Acne.org - For keeping the site jumpin'. For your honesty and opinions while at the same time caring so much about one another. You are the backbone of Acne.org.

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