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Smile's PRID Homeopathic Drawing Salve
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Shortens cyst's lifespan

Oily cystic acne-prone skin. This stuff works great for shortening the lifespan of a cyst. It helps draw the pus to the surface, allowing me to pop it cleanly, or if I apply it early enough the cyst disappears. The deeper the cyst, the harder it is for the salve to draw it up. It does NOT prevent new cysts, but it does not cause them either. It's a viscous brown goop that can be applied with a q-tip directly on the skin. I apply it at night. Over time it will absorb into the skin. It also helps redness of old marks. It is more effective than BP cream for me! I love it!

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Hi! I know this was posted a while ago, but I'm currently on day 3 of using Prid's and it hasn't reduced the inflammation or redness of a cyst on my chin. The spot is becoming more red if anything, and is still painful. Do you know how long it was before you saw results with this on cysts? Thank you!!
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