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Lemon Juice (applied topically)

Lemon Juice (applied topically)

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nakamp ·

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Sugar feeds to the bacteria on your face and can make acne worse. And because of the jagged uneven ways the sugar is shaped, it can be bad for the layer of your skin and cause more acne. If you decide to use lemon on your face, dilute it with water so it isn't as harsh on your face because your skin needs to have a certain ph balance or it can break out from lemon as well. For a while I was only using water to wash my face and I stopped using makeup unless it was a special day/night and it has cleared up a lot but now I'm trying to speed up the healing process from my old acne. I have hyperpigmentation and a lot of the things out there in store has a lot of bad ingredients in it even if it says noncomedogenic. So lemon has been my go to. And if I do have a pimple, I don't mess with it until it has a white head. Then I like it with the tiniest sewing needle and pull the skin outward. And there are foods that can contribute to acne as well. Dairy, sugars, and greasy foods.

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