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Diane-35 Oral Contraceptive

Diane-35 Oral Contraceptive
Brand: Diane-35

3.3 920 reviews

AcneIsABieeetch ·

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Congrats Shev!!!! I am so happy for you. I can't agree more with your tips and everything. My acne was cleared up around the 2nd month, but I am afraid that it would come back if I stop. I am planning to take the drug for 6 months, and then see if I can stop it/switch to another birth control. As I read through your tips, I just can't agree more and wish more girls can see this. I did pretty the same thing, except I took less vitamin A, and megadose B5. For hormonal acne/just acne in general, stress can be a major cause. Ever since I have come back home from uni, and started doing a lot more yoga and pilates, my skin got so much better. I guess my tip would be doing a lot of relaxing exercises and stop criticising yourself all the time.

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