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Product & Treatment Reviews

Product & Treatment Reviews

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This ruined my skin and caused premature aging. My face is now wrinkling and my skin is damaged  

By bengalgirl,

Doesn’t make my face itch or burn
This is the only cleanser so far that doesn’t make my skin itch or burn. There must be a common ingredient in many of the “sensitive skin” cleansers that I am allergic to. The only thing is that it’s a little drying. But not as bad a some cleansers. I have to make sure that I moisturize immediately with acne.org regular lotion or the aha lotion. Hopefully one day I can find a cleanser that doesn’t make my skin itch but is less drying. I haven’t tried the acne.org cleanser yet but thinking of giv

By Acnemama,

Honey for scars
I use honey for my acne scars and it works really well. I sorta spot treat the acne scars, but only with Manuka honey and leave it on over night. I really has helped a lot! 

By Kayaat,

I never write reviews however I thought this was needed. I had always had very clear skin up until I hit about 27. I was on doxycycline previous for a tick bite and wow was that the biggest mistake of my life. I believe that the doxy seriously messed up my hormones. ( after I started taking these I had unusual chin hair also). Fast forward I have been struggling with on and off acne for about 4 years which has been totally killing my confidence. I tried stopping caffeine, I tried microdimerbrasi

By Sam121,

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