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my daughter is desperate so I'm going to try this for her. We've had stuff from the doctors they tell her to wash properly, she does, but her spots have increased over last 2yrs and now they're really bad. feel like not much point in talking to the doctors anymore its just demoralising being told to eat well sleep well wash well.....she is an active girl cleanses daily, eats healthy but she has a hormonal imbalance and is going through early puberty. we will give this banana idea a go - just completed a trial with tea tree which certainly helped inflammation and seemed to help heal more quickly but not noticeably to anyone else so maybe just because we were looking so closely for results. will post back in a couple of weeks and let you know how we go
I have been using and loving the three core products for about two years. Just like everyone else, I want something to clear the dark spots on my face. About a month ago, I began using the AHA and unfortunately it seems like all my progress I have made has gone to waste. I have breakouts almost everyday and my skin is dryer than ever before. I make sure to use sunblock every morning and understand there is suppose to be backlash period, but I'm wondering when I should see results. Also, anyone know of any other products to clear up dark spots?
Started forming a rash around my eyes and went to my PCP, opthamologist, dermatologist to try and figure out what it was. I checked out fine and they all chalked it up to dermatitis. I slowly reintroduced everything and finally figured it was this product. Coming to the see the reviews I can see I'm not the only one. Just a note, I've used this in the past and it hasn't happened. It formed after consistent use. Also if you're affected make sure to wash your pillows!
This foundation is a great choice. It didn't break me out and actually seemed to soothe my skin. It held up to all of the claims made by the company. I did get a little bit shiny but this never claimed to be a shine proof foundation. This held up to the medium coverage claims and gave my skin a great natural finish!