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I started using the kit in mid December 2017. I saw so many reviews before deciding to buy the item. My face had started breaking out bad, I was getting cystic acne all over my cheeks, I didn't want to use accutane as my next option I opted for this and birth control (pills). The first month was the worst, my skin was SUPER dry so I definitely recommend getting some jojoba oil I bought mine from Amazon, and that helped, the CeraVe Night cream also helps a lot and didn't make me break out. I really liked the cleansing soap and the actual treatment, the moisturizer however, I didn't really like it was so slippery and i feel like it made me oily in my t-zone. I was breaking out still for the first and second month however when i hit the third month i saw a MAJOR difference, now all I have are scars for the most part. I'll have one or two but the peroxide will help it by the next day. Can't wait to see if the acid helps long term as well for the scarring ( i started using the acid after a month )
This wash is PERFECT for skin purging. It brings all your pimples to surface so that your skin can start heeling! I does make your skin red and sensitive but after a few weeks your skin will feel and look so much better. I have oily skin and have always struggled with acne, I just have to power through a few weeks to get the skin I want.
Okay so first of all if you’re reading this contemplating whether or not you should give the Oil Cleansing Method a go. Don’t. Run the other way. Go use a mild cleanser instead like Physiogel (what i personally use) or something your skin works with. BUT if you’re stubborn (like I was) and thinking to yourself, “well maybe i’m part of the LESS THAN 50% that has great results with this method! Plus I’ve already bought a bottle of jojoba and i dont wanna waste it” Fine, Its all up to you. BUT I strongly suggest this is the order you try it at: NEVER USE COCONUT OIL OR OLIVE OIL OK JUST DONT (Day 1) Patch test. (Day 2) Try adding a little bit of the oil of your choice to your daily moisturizer and see if it doest give you a reaction. (Day 3) Oil Cleanse Day and pray to your god that it doesnt break you out (my blend was Grapeseed oil, Jojoba, Rosehipseed, and a little hemp) (Day 4-17) Its the “Observation Phase” PATIENCE MY FRIEND. It’ll save your skin. Dont use the oil for 2 weeks, wait it out in this timeframe and go use your normal cleanser first to see if the ocm will give you more breakouts than usual. I saw 3 new pimples 4 days after the ocm trial day, then 5 new ones and a monster cystic one a week after it and decided never to try it again since I almost never get pimples prior to ocm. I say wait it out 2 weeks after your first ocm because pimples take an average of 2-6 weeks to appear on the surface of your skin. Thats why some of the positive reviews on here are from people who have used it for 1-2 weeks reporting they’ve had smoother skin after just one wash, and the negative reviews are from people who have had initially good results within the two week timeframe, then suffered for months. So its very important to use it ONCE then wait it out for 2 weeks and use your usual routine pre-OCM during this time, if you get more than your usual breakout forget the Oil Cleansing altogether. This isnt purging only AHAs and BHAs and scrubs and peels can cause purging. If it didn’t break you out congratulations unicorn! But dont stop observing your skin. Slowly incorporate it into your routine, do it once a week and not daily. NOW IF YOURE LIKE ME AND YOU JUST WANNA END THIS NIGHTMARE OF A CLEANSE ONCE AND FOR ALL, here’s what I did: 1. Go back to your normal routine and toss that oil blend bottle into the bin (I assume you already have by now) and stop blaming yourself for the outcome! Blame those darn youtube reviews or something 2. Patience. The healing process might take two months. Dont go out and panic buy all the harsh spot treatments and chemicals that might make your condition worse. 3. I did two weekly masks (that I still do now) One is a clay mask, Aztec healing clay plus apple cider vinegar (Yes that one the green one everyone talks about) Now note that this might make you purge because ACV has malic acid which is an AHA. But it’s only removing the damage that OCM has done. Do this once a week. The other mask I swear by is a ground coffee and honey mask. Grind some coffee beans, make yourself a cuppa coffee, use the strained grounds and mix with raw organic honey to make a scrub. Steam your face with 6 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar and 2 cups water for 5 minutes, wipe off your face, and gently massage the honey coffee mask onto your face in circular motions. Leave this mask in for however long you like. I leave mine for 1-3 hours before washing off. Dont use the clay mask and scrub on the same day of the week. 4. SPOT TREAT those pesky pimples and acne by mixing on the palm of your clean hand, 3 drops of water, 2 drops of apple cider vinegar, and 1 pea sized amount of honey. Mix em all together and use as an overnight spot treatment. Dont use during the daytime as the apple cider vinegar might be less effective if exposed to sunlight. The healing process will take a month or more but hey its worth it. As for ACV and honey and coffee grounds, you might be thinking, oh hell naw im not putting more natural products in my face anymore. Shh. Go check out the reviews on this site for those individual ingredients and see the difference in the percentage of good reviews from this OCM bs right here. Anyway, let me know if it worked for you guys! And remember, patience is key to undoing this mess. x
A lot of people are saying it broke them out. I had the opposite effect. Over the 3 Years I’ve been using this my skin has cleared almost completely. And I don’t really break out. BUT THIS PIECE OF SH*t LEFT ITS BEADS IN MORE PORES AND NOW THEY ARE COVER BY A LAYER OF SKIN AND U CAN SEE LIKE 3 blue spots on my face. It’s literally in there and they won’t come out. So if u want u some clear skin but instead of red u get blue spots by all means pick u up this