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Fake, doesn't list ingredients anywhere online except on the bottle itself, it says it is mixed with almond oil but doesn't state the ratio but I'm guessing its like 20jojoba/80almond. Other than that, did notice some of the positive elements of jojoba oil so it's definitely present here.
I had taken lymecycline for a while and it took some time to kick in but once it did it make my skin so clear. However I didn’t realise how much it was benefitting my skin so I decided to try something else and my skin broke out bad☹� But now I’m going to go back to them hoping they will have the same effect again 🤞�( I found taking it with the tropical solution is a great combination)
I’ve taken erythromycin for over a month now and it has done nothing. When I first started taking them I had the worst pains in my stomach, headaches, and nausea however after about 4 days it stopped. Once I began taking them I found my skin breaking out worse than ever (although that could of been due to me not taken the lymecycline tablets anymore) anyways my acne usually came mainly around my time of the month but since taking these I have had constant breakouts. I used these tablets along with benzoyl peroxide and I found that didn’t help either. I have now decided to stop taking them and go back to lymecycline
If you have gone from having light to moderate acne onto hormone induced mega breakouts that just wont go away, I definitely recommend 2.5% Benyzoyl Peroxide. I had weeks of inflamed spots that just seemed to trigger new blemishes. Being anti-bacterial it of course is great for preventing the new spots from happening. It is very drying but that does get better overtime. I've been using this stuff since around October through the winter months, so haven't had to worry too much about the sun (very grey and cloudy here in the UK) but on sunny days do remember to wear sunscreen. Also it does bleach your sheets, which is a bit of a pain. I did use old cases but got a bit sick of having sheets that looked a bit sad. Some people on here use disposable cases for hospitals but I found these scratchy. There is a UK company that sells disposable pillowcases for people with acne and those ones are much softer, so for now that's how I keep my bed looking nicer,