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I felt compelled to write a review after relying so heavily on all of the below to make my decision to go on spironolactone. Like many of you, I had taken as much as I can physically deal with in relation to my skin which I have dealt with for around 10 years. Nothing cleared it up. Blood tests for testosterone levels came back normal and hormonal acne was dismissed quite some time ago. Having had a new doctor who suggested that the acne is not because of high testosterone but because of a sensitivity to it I started to research the recommended drug spironolactone and here I am, 4 weeks after starting the drug. Week 1 i started on 25mg per day and was a week of getting to grips with side effects. Slight increase in wanting to wee and increased thirst. Week 2 I woke up with two huge painful cyst spots that took around 4 days to go down. Week 3 saw the cysts go down and a decrease in the rest of the spots on my face. I also upped my dosage to 50mg per day Week 4, I honestly can't believe what I'm seeing. My make up lasted a full 10 hours today which is a miracle for me, I'm usually a greaseball after 5 hours. My skin looks clearer and I'm only seeing the spots that I knew were there, but under the skin, come out. It is no where near perfect and I have a long way to go but this is the first treatment, medical, diet and cosmetic that has made any visable improvement. My dream of walking out the house without make up on seems a little less like a dream now! I really hope it works for anyone reading this. Good luck x
It is very nice sunscreen (don't leave you white, isn't greasy, doesn't smell very good but is tolerable), but it still causes acne for me! The acne appears a few days after using it, and has happened very consistently after each time I figure I'll try it again. This is the brand that the dermatologists recommend for avoiding acne, so it is quite a disappointment (the same thing happens for me with their "clear" line which is just for acne sufferers).