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Please see my gallery for before and after photos  I’m 23 and had been suffering with hormonal acne since 19 (just come off BC pill and skin went crazy). I would have 7-12 cystic pimples on my face at any time, plus small pimples. They were very painful and deep and I cried often. I was extremely self conscious and always had makeup on. I tried for 2 years to cure my acne naturally (supplements, skincare, dermatologists, Chinese herbal medicine, change in diet) and absolutely nothing worked and I wasted thousands of dollars. I went back on BC pill at 21, but still no improvements.  I came across Spiro online and did months of research and read thru every single acne.org review on Spiro. It convinced me to try it. I asked my GP and she said yes. I started Spiro in May 2018.  I started at 25mg for a week and had no side effects. Then bumped myself up to 50mg for 6 weeks. Then 75mg for 4 months. I believe I did not get an initial breakout thankfully. I also don’t have any b... Read More

By Kselb,

Tried Everything, This seems like it may work
I got a hydrating facial 4 days ago and I was going to do the no wash caveman to rebuild skin barrier, but I went out with the lotions and stuff on my face from the facial and it started to draw too much attention by day 2. So I decided to do the water only method. I got out the shower and rinsed with Luke warm water until my face felt rubbery so I knew I was getting everything off. It still feels really slick 3 days later but probably becuase the facial lady used so much lotion! So I just finished my 4th wash (I wash morning and night 10-12 hours apart after I shower) and it seems the lotion is almost surfaced and off my face. Skin is still shiny on forehead but not on cheeks anymore. It looks good. I think by day 4 my skin will be balanced again and I can keep on washing morning and night 10-12 hours apart. 

By baboonmute,

This saved me!
I've always had amazing skin and then BOOM!  One spot after another started appearing on my face. These were under the skin, un-poppable painful little things and were leaving marks EVERYWHERE. I felt depressed, upset, hormonal and would not leave the house without makeup on. I went to a dermatologist who put me on Erythromycin and doxycycine and lymecycline for 7 months at a time and they weren't making any difference. After trying absolutely everything on the market from drug store to Mario Badescu to Proactiv,  must have spent thousands to be honest, my main goal was my skin. I stumbled upon this when I seen a YouTube review and thought I would give something one last try. After one month my skin broke out really bad, dry and painful but I stuck with it hoping it would work. I'm so glad I did as it's the best thing that's happened in a long while. I was persistent that it would get better,  things always get worse before they get better and this is so true. After 3 months spots were... Read More


i thought this was my holy grail but unfortunately it clogged my pores. When i first started wearing it i was inlove because it looked amazing, controlled oil, and i even got a few compliments on my skin. I was using the matching concealer too. 

By codysartony,