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Product & Treatment Reviews

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By AllAstronauts,

I rarely review products but I feel this is a must. I know exactly how your feeling and I just feel compelled to share. This is a long post but worth the read.  Quick background story. I've always had clear skin all my life until 2 months ago I broke out into the strangest rash which I self diagnosed as folliculitis linked to fungal infections. I did not suspect acne as I've never had a single spot till the age of 29.   I've went through a very stressful house move so I thought maybe it could be the the stress triggering a fungal infection all over my forhead which turned into pustules. Just  overall disgusting! It's also worth mentioning that I did use 1 or 2 new products on my face. Grapeseed oil and another cream which I don't regularly use. I would sometimes use Johnson and Johnson baby lotion on my face too? Perhaps these triggered the acne and maybe it was acne cosmetica....well I don't know! Just a thought! So me being me refused to go GP and decided to ... Read More

By Nina2019,

Amazing Results
I started using this regimen out of desperation. About 2 months before I started using this product I had switched from the pill birth control to an IUD. Within a short amount of time the switch had thrown my hormones out of wack. I developed cystic acne and it grew and grew. It got to the point where I would only leave the house to go to classes and that was it. I was incredibly self-conscious of my skin and the acne on it. I was uncomfortable in my own skin and i knew something needed to be done. I started with some topical medicines that didn't work. That is when I started this regimen. And it CHANGED MY LIFE. I have been using it for around 9 months and I can go days with no makeup and feel completely comfortable. I have a combination of dry and oily skin. But, this regimen is a great use for it all. Thank you Acne.org!

By kbam222,

Awesome stuff mixed with moisturizer
Left my skin feeling even more hydrated and super smooth. Bottle top can get messy though. Highly recommend. 

By Eric98,