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I combine this with my benzoyl peroxide when applying to my skin and leave it over night on acne prone skin and it works wonders!! Usually gets rid of all the bacteria causing me to break out and its gentle enough for my skin. Love it.
Best cleanser I have tried. Gentle with your skin. Cleans makeup. Wont clog pores. My skin feels great
It has really worked well for my face. I have tried sooo many products that did not work for me until this one. It requires some patience though. The results will be worth the wait. My skin is so clear right now with no bumps at all. Only like two dried out pimples. It took 6-8weeks to completely clear my face. The first week I experienced a lot of drying and also it used to sting when I put it on my face. After my skin got used to the medication, it stopped stinging. In the second or third week pimples will surface on your skin. This is so as to bring all the pimples to the surface before clearing them. In week 5you will notice a huge difference. Just be patient and give it a try. I am much more happy and confident.
Please don't risk it! I don't even know how could they possibly sell this product? My skin was EXTREMELY dry and itchy after 2 days. I stoped using it right away and will return it pretty soon. Maybe it didn't work out for my type of skin but i wouldn't recommend it to anyone!