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Product & Treatment Reviews

Product & Treatment Reviews

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THE cure for hormonal/adult acne (but it takes 4 months)
It cured me COMPLETELY after 5 or 6 months (cleared 90% my skin after 4 months; 50% after 3 months, I think...). My acne was no joke, I had a lot of internal pimples, clogged pores, the whole combo, and as everyone here, I tried everything under the sun, except to Isotretinoin. It TAKES at least 3 months to have effect, no matter the case, no less than that, I saw that information once in a medical presentation. BUT after 2 months I was seeing VERY good and solid results. Your acne will, at firs

By Carime,

great product
I recommend this to anyone with severe acne issues. affordable

By anuamah,

First week of YAZ - will be updating!
Okay so, i've had acne since i was around 13 and I have just turned 18 and nothing has ever worked for my skin. I've tried antibiotics, prescribed creams and even the microgynon pill but none seemed to work. My skin only ever clears slightly when I'm on my period, but most of the time I just have acne everywhere - it's never cystic, and I defo don't have it as bad as some people but it's still bad probably around 15 pimples on an average day but all different sizes.  Anyways, I started YAZ

By katiful,

Most effective acne treatment I have come across
Hi, I was not content with the results using Epiduo. It made my skin dry and negatively affected my complexion. I have found Aloe vera gel to be the most effective acne treatment. I wash my face with dove bar soap and then apply aloe vera gel once my face has dried. It does not dry my skin and my complexion has greatly improved. If you purchase an aloe vera gel tube please check the ingredients. I think it should only have two to four ingredients including aloe vera gel. 

By Zkay,

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