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Prior to taking erythromycin i has tried multiple antibiotics as well as creams and gels from my GP. I was prescribed erythromycin as a last resort before hospital referral on a very short course (around 6 weeks). The first week or so i didn’t notice a change, however by two weeks in my skin had changed dramatically. i struggled with clusters of acne however these were all gone by around 8 weeks. Now, 3 months later my skin feels amazing (i only get occasional spots). Erythromycin saved my skin!

By rosepetal7,

Dream come true
After suffering with acne and spending thousands of dollars from different stores not mention the time spent and the esteem lowered I finally got the perfect solution for my skin.I wore makeup every day just to cover my now turned into unpleasant skin,I looked twice older than my age...so unbelievable. Thanks to the scientists that invented this life saving regimen Solution for my skin,I finally feel young and flawless in a beautiful natural me. Black women this is the solution not bleaching cream lol!

By Cherilyfe,

I like it
Threading is great. really.

By OrangeHall,

Used it for 2 months and it helped my skin a lot! i had severe cystic acne and it got worse before it got better using the BP. It was like one day my skin was bursting and the next day it was 100 percent better.  I have ordered a new kit and now going to start using AHA. Hope it removes the red spots!

By emraldeyes,