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Product & Treatment Reviews

Product & Treatment Reviews

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Effected my vision
This product caused effected my sex drive increased tremendously which wasn't terrible lol but the blurred vision is why I had to discontinue using the product. I used it long enough to see minimal results but my eyes became very sensitive to light and my vision became blurry. 

By shariece88,

Baking soda isn't the best solution
Baking soda is promoted by numerous online entities as a “natural” way to get rid of blackheads. In theory, baking soda can indeed have a drying effect. Proponents back this treatment measure because of baking soda’s potential ability to dry out clogged pores. The problem with applying baking soda to your skin is that it can dry out the rest of your skin, too. Some users may even experience contact dermatitis, a type of eczema caused by adverse reactions to substances and chemicals tha

By Jojolady,

Not for me
I have mild to moderate acne. I started this regimen 2 months ago. I used the cleanser, BP, and lotion for a month, then I incorporated the AHA. My acne has not improved at all. I followed the instructions exactly. I am not sensitive to BP, but I feel that this particular formula made it so my face could not heal properly. Every time I would break out I would be left with large dry red marks on my face. This has never happened to me before using this product. I advise caution when using this pro

By eklainez,

Not for me
I tried almond oil with olive oil that i usually use... It made me breakout so bad. At first , i started seeing little bumps all over my chin and some in my check and the next morning a very painful pimple appeared under my lip

By Mariem91,

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