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At 29 years old, working a full time corporate job, I was using clindoxyl to manage my skin, specifically for large pustules and cysts (1-3 a week) on my cheeks. For context, I’ve had pustular acne since I was 14. However, despite the acne medication, I was still getting embarrassingly large and painful bumps every week and was just getting fed up having to work from home some days to hide my terrible bumps. I went to my doctor, who told me to use Retin A to reduce the scarring. Before I switched from clindoxyl to Retin A, I decided I should give my skin a break and use a very basic cleanser to prepare for the strong Retin A medication (I was previously using Cerave Foam). I stopped using clindoxyl completely, and started using Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser to wash my face. It has been 4-6 weeks now (can’t recall exactly), and I have not gotten a single large pustule on my cheeks (or anywhere else) during this time. My diet has been the exact same. My habits have not changed. Literally the only thing I changed in my daily routine was to wash my face at night with Cetaphil and my face has remained clear. No large pustules. No scarring. I still get pimples, don’t get me wrong, but they are tiny and go away within 12-24 hours or after I shower. After 15 years of dealing with this condition, having tiny whiteheads that go away in less than a day is like a dream come true. I will update my post in a couple of months to check back if this really is the product that changes my skin for good. But so far, its been nothing short of a miracle. THANK YOU CETAPHIL!
To be honest, I feel like I get the same level of exfoliation from this as I do from rubbing my face with a body sponge, except the Clarisonic leaves a lot more irritation. And yes, I'm using a light touch, and yes, I've tried the sensitive brush head. It's made my skin oilier, more acneic, and not done very much to remove my texture. I'm afraid I'll probably be returning this, as it seems to be making my skin worse, not better. Some people claim there's a "purge," but after over a month of consistent and conservative use, if this is still a purge then I suspect what my skin is trying to purge is this brush, not any impurities.
This is a big no for me. I have oily skin and I live in the tropics— so you can only imagine what humidity does to my skin. I’ve been using micellar water recently and to my surprise my skin cleared up. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and show off my clear skin by using this bb cream. Within two days, I had a massive breakout, especially on my cheek areas. It was horrible. Maybe this works for dry skin types but I would not recommend it if your skin is sensitive and oily. It’s a big no for me.
After 5 years battling my persistent moderate acne , i finally decided to look into accutane and decided that i would be willing to take as the pros outweighed the cons in my opinion. After having my bloodtests in two weeks i had got hold of accutane. I done 60mg a day for 6 months. I was one of the lucky ones who did not suffer from any sort on bones or muscles pain. However i did suffer a very bad initial break out , worse than any of the other i had in my life, Luckily the first 3 months of accutane i was unemployed and that was a blessing in disguise because it allowed me to stay home and focus on my skin only.( I understand why most people panic or quit accutane after that initial break out now).  throughout the 6 months i had extremely dry skin and lips drier than the Sahara and could not go 5 minutes wihout lip balm (Carmex). my face only started to improve around month 5 and i only got completely clear on the final week of my course , so if you still breaking out at month 4-5 do not panic and keep taking your pills positively. It has been a month now since i finished my course and thank God i am still clear and my face complexion keeps improving, Make sure to keep the same regime you was using as you did on accutane they will help you in the long run. PS DO NOT PICK YOU SPOTS WHILE ON ACCUTANE SINCE THE SKIN IS REALLY THIN , IT WILL LEAVE DEEP SCARS THAT WONT HEAL. Besides all that i can say that Roaccutane it was tough but it really helped me amazingly overall and i regret waiting 5 years to take it as i feel that i wasted few years of my social life to acne unfortunately..