Regular 100% hemp seed oil Hemp Seed Oil reviews

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Regular 100% hemp seed oil Hemp Seed Oil
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Brand: Regular 100% hemp seed oil

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Regular 100% hemp seed oil Hemp Seed Oil


100% hemp seed oil

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Regular 100% hemp seed oil Hemp Seed Oil

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Regular 100% hemp seed oil Hemp Seed Oil

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Reviewed on November 9, 2017

If you look up the oleic acid, linoleic acid and linolenic acid contents of each oil, it's suggested that certain balances of these result in a less comedogenic oil.... hemp and argan are pretty even with how least pore clogging they're supposed to be from my research, and sure enough I tried them and they were fine. Other oils I've tried that did cause acne even if slightly:

sweet almond oil

beef tallow



sunflower oil ( this can be okay if you find one with a high ratio of the one type of acid - sorry I forget but its an easy google)

rosehip oil

coconut oil

olive oil

emu oil

avocado oil ( what a foolish mistake hahaha)

I'm positive there's even more that I'm just forgetting about but feel free to ask. A better hemp oil brand that has the option of a small amount of essential oil is: Love hemp . co (the one from BC not California which has just lip balms and doggy treats) - They're pretty new and local so they don't have a comprehensive online ship, it's mainly to natural food stores and main grocery chains fairly local to my canadian province, but if you contact them I'm sure they can ship. They also make every size you can think of its kind of insane, as low as 5-6$ canadian for the smallest if you just want to try but not commit to a giant bottle.

Best moisturizer for oily acne prone skin
Reviewed on January 17, 2016

I was almost about to give up on moisturizer's until I found hemp seed oil. It's light and thin in consistency and absorbs perfectly into my skin leaving it feeling moisturized but non greasy. In fact it has even helped balance out my oily skin! also more importantly its never broken me out. Hemp seed oil is rated a 0 on the comedogenic scale, which means there's nothing in it that can clog your pores , so it is very safe for acne prone skin. Also I've found my hemp seed oil stays fine being out of the fridge for up to a week. What I do is keep my big bottle inside the fridge and pour some into a small little plastic bottle that lasts me around a week. Beware this might not be the same for you as hemp seed oil can go rancid due to factors such as how much heat and light are where you are storing it. You should definitely know if your hemp seed oil has gone band as there will be a change in smell or colour.

Best topical oil I've used on my skin.
Reviewed on May 28, 2015

I've used coconut oil, cocoa butter, and jojoba oil on my skin before as moisturizers, but I never noticed any difference. Hemp Oil is pretty awesome, and it doesn't clog pores the way that jojoba and coconut can. Do a bit of research comparing it with jojoba, it has all the same benefits but is less likely to clog pores. I honestly don't know if it had much effect clearing up my acne because I started using it after most of my acne was gone, but it absolutely does improve the overall appearance and feeling of my skin. It has a sort of natural, grassy smell (not like pot, don't worry), and it's not very expensive. Definitely worth a try if you're looking at topical oil options. I often wear a few drops on my face overnight. Skin is much softer and smoother in the morning. My partner uses it every day, too. I try other, fancier, more expensive night creams sometimes, but I keep coming back to this. Heavenly with a couple of drops of tea tree/lavender essential oil diluted in the bottle. Even if it doesn't cure your acne it will still most likely make your skin look more supple and healthy.

Quick tip: Don't buy anything marked "hemp butter". It's not like cocoa butter, it's just like green grainy gunky gooey slush and I have no idea what people use it for. Stick with hemp (seed) oil.

Great and cheap
Reviewed on October 14, 2014

Read on it.

its great and fixing my skin (in combination with AHA+), which I thought was unfixable.

Moisturizing for the right reasons. High in alpha-linolenic and linolenic acid, which your skin needs and a deficit is linked with acne.

Can be used as a cleanser and moisturizer. No clogging and can clears sebum filaments.

Apply topically (it's also one of the best omega-3 / omega-6 supplements orally).

WARNING: some may have a initial breakout and some may not respond well.

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