The Regimen

Get completely clear skin using our 3-step system - it takes just 10 minutes, twice a day. regimen products
  • Completely clears acne: Clinically proven to be effective against mild, moderate, and even severe acne.
  • Reduces redness and irritation: Powerfully calming extracts like licochalcone leave your skin healthy and even-toned.
  • Affordable: Our products are affordable and generously sized.
  • Bump it up with AHA+: After one month, add in AHA+ (10% glycolic acid) to take clear skin to "perfect" skin, and help quicken the healing of red marks left from acne.
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Below is a typical experience on The Regimen.

Week What to expect
1 Mild improvement. Skin is red, irritated, and itches while skin adjusts to treatment.
2 Further clearing, followed perhaps by a breakout. The breakout clears more quickly than usual. Skin is slightly less red and irritated. Red spots from old acne linger.
3 Skin is definitely improved. Some cases are cleared up. Others are well on their way. Red spots from old acne linger.
4 Skin is looking very good. No new acne is forming, but red spots from old acne may still remain.
5-8 Skin stays clear, with perhaps a pimple here and there which clears quickly. Red spots are slowly fading.
8+ Ongoing treatment keeps skin clear. Red spots continue to fade until complexion is beautiful and clear.
Week What to expect
1 Usually slight improvement, some people have reported an initial worsening of acne. Skin is red, irritated, and itches.
2 Clearing, followed by a breakout. Skin is still red, irritated and itchy. Person is considering other options.
3 Skin continues to clear and breakouts are minimized. Skin is less red and no longer itches. Red spots from old acne are evident.
4 For many people, skin is looking remarkably clearer. Others are still frustrated that their skin is not yet clear, but push on. Redness is gone. Red spots from old acne remain.
5-8 For many people, the skin is now clear. For others, the struggle continues with intermittent breakouts. Red spots are fading slowly. Despite the urge to deviate from The Regimen and experiment, the person sticks with it precisely.
8+ Usually by month 3 even tough cases are well on their way to becoming under total control. Many less severe cases now simply require ongoing treatment to maintain acne-free skin. Red spots continue to fade to nothing. An isolated pimple from time to time is normal and to be expected.


If your experience does not closely match the above descriptions, don't fret. Stay patient and follow The Regimen precisely and you should see results. If you get a random breakout at any point, look back over the two weeks prior to the breakout and consider how you may have irritated your skin or veered off The Regimen. It can take a while for acne to surface.

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Please take 5 minutes to watch the video, which details the steps thoroughly. It will be well worth your time.

3 steps of The Regimen:

  1. Cleanser
  2. Treatment (Benzoyl Peroxide - 2.5%)
  3. Moisturizer

Watch the video. It is essential that you follow the steps closely and vigilantly. Veering away from the guide will sabotage your success.

Detailed Instructions
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