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Inga Nashville, TN
Dan, All I can say is God bless you! I actually started using your regimen in 2002 out of desperation for one last try before reluctantly returning to the dermatologist. I figured you had to be legitimate because your regimen was simple and you weren't trying to push a particular product. Well, all I can say is it WORKED! The first 2 weeks, I was peeling and red. After that, I found that I actually did have beautiful skin afterall. But I did have to stick to the regimen or my acne would come back. I had a relatively clear face for the next 4 years. Well, at one time, I decided to try some natural alternatives -- I had heard of tea tree oil having the same corresponding percentage strength to benzoyl peroxide. I found a tea tree oil lotion that seemed to work okay... for a while. Then I added a big stressor into my personal life, and my stress levels skyrocketed. Consequently, my acne flared up again, and the tea tree oil product was not keeping my face clear. I had acne again. It wasn't as bad as it used to be in the first go round, but it was bad enough to be noticable and very annoying. After almost a year, I got myself out of that stressful situation and into a situation that was more carefree. I also started your regimen again. I honestly know my testerone levels were elevated due to that previous stressful situation (I had blood tests done in the midst of it all), and just based on how my face responded to the regimen, it took a while for my testerone levels to get under control again. But sure enough, within a few months or less, my face was back to being ACNE FREE! Thank God! I'm 28 years old and still have adult acne. I am so thankful that you shared your regimen and that you finally offer your own product, as it is totally SUPERIOR and CHEAPER than anything else out there. All I can say again is, God bless you, Dan. PS - No touch ups were done on this pic, no make-up either! - just the REGIMEN!