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Maria Manchester
I've been meaning to write this for ages-i'd never suffered with acne throughout my youth, but when i decided to come off the contraceptive pill to have my daughter I suffered with a really severe bout of acne. It was described by the doctor as severe pustular acne and if I wasn't trying to conceive, the doctor said I would've been prescribed accutane. I tried just about everything else including 10% benzoyl peroxide which the doctor prescibed (which hadn't worked) so when i came across your regimen i was sceptical to say the least but i was desperate and so i thought i'd give it a try. Initially i suffered with some dry skin which even flaked a little, but i persevered and i must say i'm glad i did.....within weeks my skin was improved and after about 6 weeks i no longer had spots just red marks and scars (because i couldn't resist picking the spots!!). I still use 2.5% benzoyl peroxide when i feel any spots coming up but my skin has definately improved 100%, so i just wanted to say thank you and i hope that this might encourage other people to try the regimen. Unfortunately i don't have any pictures to prove it because i wouldn't allow anyone near me with a camera when my skin was at its worst-i just hope people take my word for it!!!