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lfoster7911 Warner Robins, Ga
I am a 35-year-old wife, mom of three, and full-time teacher. For many reasons, dealing with acne all my teen and adult life has been a difficult road. The only relief I ever had was during pregnancy, but it always came back. I tried various products, trips to the dermatologist, and the natural road with oils. Nothing worked. I had come very close to giving up, until I remembered a sweet friend telling me about acne.org. I checked out the site, which led me to read about the non-profit side and that there isn’t a marketing department to keep consumer costs down. THAT is big, in my opinion! I was sold. I took selfies—front, left and right sides—on April 29. I received the regimen on May 5 and started that night. After only 5 full days of use, I am floored by the improvement. The proof is in the photos. I am so thankful for acne.org, for all they represent and strive to accomplish—helping others feel confident in their skin. Thank you acne.org!!!