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Jasmine boudissa London
So i have been continuously using these products for a little over a year now and I must say this has TRANSFORMED my skin for the better. I literally followed the instructions of how to use the products to the T and started to see improvements after the first month. Initially, I must admit it was very drying but I had really dry skin to begin with, so I just had to make sure I continuously moisturised throughout the day using the moisturiser in the regimen. My skin eventually got used to it until it wasn’t an issue anymore- it takes a lot of patience. It’s got to the point where people always comment on how dewy and clear it has become and always ask what I use. For this reason the acne.org regimen has easily become one of my holy grail products and I’m afraid to use anything else to replace it. I have inserted a couple of bare faced pictures before and after using the 3 step regimen and the AHA+ after incorporating it after the one month period to help fade my scars (as stated in the instructions). I feel so confident to go to places bare faced and I would 100% recommend it to anyone!