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Chelsie United Kingdom
I suffered from acne throughout my teenage years, no medications really helped but I was't judged to have severe enough acne to warrant roacutane. In March of 2018 my skin flared like it had never done before, a combination of stress and hormones meant that my face from my eyes down was completely covered in big cystic acne as well as small whiteheads. I had never experienced anything like it and it just kept getting worse. My confidence was at an all time low and I was seriously bordering a deep depression. The doctors prescribed different antibiotics and topical creams for months with no improvement and as I felt lower and lower and my skin got progressively worse I began getting desperate for a treatment. A friend who works for a private dermatologist (in the UK) suggested the Acne.org regimen as her daughter has amazing results and I HAVE NEVER LOOKED BACK. The products ARE INCREDIBLE. BUT you have to STICK WITH IT. The kit took a solid 6 weeks for me to see improvement and in the beginning it my skin did get worse. But please, if you are considering this product I can assure that it will be the best thing you ever do. The treatment is very drying on the skin and my acne really didn't respond well to that for a while, but the Jojoba Oil is incredible and when it says on the instructions to use it for dry skin...USE it. It will helps SO much. This was actually the turning point for my acne. Beware the skin will get flaky and painful and my god ITCHY but persevere. It was at about 4 weeks that I thought it would never work but it really really did within a week my spots were disappearing by the day!! My skin is now totally clear. Only downside for me being in the UK is the shipping costs are crazy money but for clear skin and a happy me I don't think twice about it. Follow the instructions to the letter and this product will change your life. But STICK with it. Amazing product.