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No more CoverupCleveland OH
I'm 34 years old & After about 2 months using the basic 3 piece regimen kit, I have zero acne for the first time in over 10 years. I had medium to mild but ugly (sometimes painful & cystic) spots on the jawline, chin, neck, and occasionally every other possible place on the face. I'm flabbergasted & thrilled to not have to wear makeup anymore to cover up all the spots. If you have sensitive skin (I do) I'd recommend every other day use at first, as it did dry out my skin for the first 3 weeks or so. I still avoid putting the benzoyl peroxide product anywhere near the lips. I've tried prescription medication (except accutane), proactive, expensive Dr gross & Arcona, and just about every drugstore product you can imagine with zero success. I didn't take before photos because I fully expected no results. The only spots left are either permanent moles or old scars. I hope this lasts till I'm a hip old lady & am beyond thrilled.