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Jcara242Nassau Bahamas
In my early college years I experienced really bad acne. The only thing that helped me was roaccutane. About 5-7 years after stopping Roaccutane, my face made a U-turn for the worst. I decided to try a skin peel. Unfortunately it did not work for me. For you Caribbean persons reading this you would understand.... I looked like PANADO. I was embarrassed to even leave my house because my skin was horrible. My face looked like a roasted chicken. It was pink and the bumps were outrageous. I decided to give up on that company and tried getting regular facials.... worst idea ever!!! My face had been the worst in my entire life. I became depressed and detached from everything. I would pack on the makeup just to go to the food store. I went from being confident about myself to feeling very insecure. After much thought I decided to give acne.org a try. For the first two weeks I was very doubtful because the benzoyl peroxide had really dried out my skin and made me appear to be burnt/ dark. Then I started noticing BIG WHITE ZITS s on my face and I was traumatized because throughout my journey with acne, I mostly had black heads.... hardly any white heads. I continued the process and honestly I felt like once again I'm wasting my time, energy and money. Especially when I saw friends and family and their greeting was always "What's going on with your face?' :-( Or to see strangers and you can see that they are looking at your face.... it was terrible. I traveled to South East Asia and I did not take one photo of myself because I hated the way my face was looking. Fast forward about 1.5 months after starting the regime, for the first time in about 10 years I have completely clear skin. Its almost like a miracle!!! The dry dark skin is gone, I have no breakouts and my face looks and feels amazing. I have now started recommending this product to my other friends that suffer from acne because this stuff truly works. If you are on the fence, get off now and give acne.org a try. Its a process but its well worth it.