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Hello Acne.org Team I'd like to thank you for this wonderful product. I first got acne in 2016 at 28 years of age needless to say I was a huge mess mentally ,spiritually. For the first time in my life I lost a bit of my confidence. I tried everything possible to no avail till I YouTube'd acne stories and in no time I came across your regimen. Now it's quite expensive to get your products from all the way in the US to here in Kenya. However I saved and somehow managed to purchase and have the products shipped. I started using them shortly and I've never looked back. I was almost sinking in depression but these products saved me. A big thank you is all I can muster for now. And if you ever need a spokesperson for your product in Kenya , here I am passionate as it can get !!! Again,I'd like to thank your team from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!