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Hey guys! I am gonna say it very simply, IT WORKS!! I have been suffering from bad skin all my life ðŸ˜'and I have tried all the products, contraception pills, diets and etc..Some of it did clear my acne a little but NOTHING has cleared it completely and if some product started to work, it was only temporary. When I first found acne.org on Internet I thought hmm ok, again some "acne product" for which I am going to spend my money on and I am gonna get 0 results, well, thank god I wasn't right and my skin has completely cleared after 2 months of using acne.org treatment kitâ�¤ï¸�I am getting compliments on my skin daily🙈what's sound so unbelievable to me as I have never even dreamed of having beautiful clean soft and glowing skin before, as I do now â�¤ï¸� BIG BIG RECCOMENDATION from me and MASSIVE THANK YOU to acne.org team for literally saving my life and giving me a chance to live fully without hiding behind tons of foundation â�¤ï¸�Please EVERYONE GIVE IT A TRY, ITS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!! Checkout my before and after pictures ðŸ'�ðŸ�½â�£