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Alesacne2017Huntington Park
I am so happy to say that Acne.org has changed my face!!!!!! ðŸ'• For anyone trying to find a difference, this is itðŸ'¯ No reason to doubt! PATIENCE IS KEY!!!ðŸ"' I doubted myself at first because I had wasted about $1000 on products that affected me and that only worked for awhile. Once I took the chance of buying this product, I was satisfied to the fullest. I have been using it for 3 months, and the change it has done has been so great. My acne was severe🙈, and I've seen that for others, they have seen results quite fast, but for me it took almost the 2 week mark. If you truly and honestly want results, don't stop using it. My self-esteem is way better! I'm still using the product to get a complete clear face, and the key ðŸ"' is to be consistent! Not giving up is what truly matters, and just trust the product. I'm going to always use this product until my face is clear, and even after that. This is part of me, and part of my life FOREVER!!!!!♥ï¸� I truly want to thank the creator of this product, and honestly from the bottom of heart appreciate how you have changed my face little by little, and still more to go.