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Heart25 Massachusetts
Im so glad i found this product. Ive been trying different kinds of acne treatment even while im still in Philippines. (Btw im a Filipino ) my pimples get worst too since i arrived here in Massachusetts because i always use hot shower and maybe the weather too. I always spend time in google trying to find ways to have my skin back to normal even natural remedies but none work. After 2 months staying here i go look again til i found this blogger posted about acne.org she seems genuine so i didnt doubt it. Honestly so many bloggers and videos they do for acne treatment so im confuse what to choose.anyway after watching her video i look that product acne.org then Dec 30 2017 it was delivered. I stared using it that night straight away and even for couple of days only i can see it that its working. Im so happy finally theres a product helps get rid those sharp rough bumpy skin i had in my face. Honestly right now its so soft even theres still redness but not that bad .i love touching my face so smooth so much different before i use it. This is such amazing and true. Im still using it continuously but once a day only .ill buy for sure again once its all gone. But maybe not for acne as i don't have it anymore. Acner.org i would love to know product of you to use daily for wash and moisturizer etc .anyway thank u a lot.