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Zama U.S.
Hey Loves! Today i'm bringing you guys a video on how i got rid of severe acne. I have acne prone skin, and up until a few years ago i suffered from moderate to (at times) severe acne, which, through research i found out was hormonal acne as it would occur along my jawline. After trying many acne products such as Neutrogena products and ProActive and not being successful, i came across Acne.Org, upon research and seeing great results and reviews i decided to give it a try and i'm so glad i did! I bought the products online, received them within 2 weeks, and began using the right away. The active ingredient on the treatment is 2.5% Benzyl Peroxide, an ingredient which has been clinically shown to help reduce breakouts, it works by killing acne causing bacteria. It worked wonders, it cleared my skin! If you suffer from acne, please give this Acne.Org The Regimen a try, it costs U.S. $44.87. I hope this will help you in your journey to clear skin. Thanks for watching, and please SUBSCRIBE to my channel! And follow me on twitter: @zama_dlamin and Instagram: zama_dlamin