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Julia Maine
At first I was skeptical before trying to regimen. After spending countless hours on youtube and on the acne.org site reading success after success story I figured because my skin is at the worst stage it's ever been, so what do I have to lose? and I couldn't have made a better decision. I have been struggling with acne for the past 3 years. I tried everything from doctor prescribed pills & creams, proactive+, Benzac, the list goes on. I will say that Proactiv did clear my skin when I started in fall of 2014, but save your money because it was only clear for about 6 months until it came back in Spring 2015 even worse than before I had started it. I started the Regimen in June 2015 and although i did not see immediate results I will say that stay strong because it does get better. I wore makeup through the entire regimen and I believe i would have seen faster results if i chose not too. It is now the beginning of November and my skin has completely made a 360! If your not sure about trying the regimen, my advise to you is DO IT because it DOES work and your acne WILL vanish if you are patient. Good things come to those who wait! To Dan and the entire acne.org team, thank you for changing my life!