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Aaron Iowa
My name's A-A-Ron. When I was in high school, I usually had worse acne than anyone else there. Then when I was 16, it got really really severe. My family members and friends would look at me funny. It was a serious fight to stay positive and not go anti-social. I wish I had good before-pics! My acne was worse than ANYONE'S that I've seen in person. I made myself depressed. OTC Acne Meds didn't work and I started to despise them. I researched diet, cut out all my sugar intake, stopped eating bananas and other random things (haha), but none of that had a noticeable effect after months. Then I found the Regimen and Acne.org. It looked very promising, so I decided to try it. I admit I put on WAY too much of the Benzyl Peroxide to start, but I could see the results almost immediately from then on. I had another breakout 2 weeks into using it, which I heard was to be expected. It took 5 weeks of diligently applying the regimen (not skipping steps) before all my active zits were gone. All that remained were red marks and scars. Happy as I was with the results, I still made myself depressed about the red marks and wondered if they would go away. I did a ton of research on it. I tried using Apple Cider Vinegar and a bunch of other random things. They didn't noticeably affect my skin. After about 5 months, my skin got a lot better on its own. With prayer I was also able to kick my habit of being depressed. 4 years later, I'm still happily using the regimen. It's the ONLY thing I know of that's reliable for clearing acne fast.. except for Accutane, but I don't want birth defects ;)